Aman Tuleyev offers to fine strayers 11/20/2013

The governor of the Kemerovo region, Aman Tuleyev, called on State Duma deputies to consider the creation of a bill aimed at combating parasitism. “This (parasitism - ed.) Is dangerous both from an economic and moral point of view. A stratum of “professionals” was..

Bilan confused Belarus with Ukraine 01.07.2009

Dima Bilan clearly has problems either with memory or with geography. The Russian singer surprised journalists at a press conference before a concert in Gomel. Dima Bilan said that he spent the whole day in a hotel room. “Actually, when I come to Ukraine..

Ex-commentator NTV-Plus called Utkin intriguer 12.08.2015

Former NTV-Plus commentator Oleg Pirozhkov commented on the story of Vasily Utkin’s ostentatious departure from Match TV. “Utkin is trying to arrange another farce: a battered, burnt-out lighter puffs. Maybe at least once you act like a man? How is a man of his..

Plastic twins Valeria and Joseph Prigogine are back 21.05.2018

The web is arguing again about where the two infants have from an age pair. About six months ago, the public studied the instagram accounts of the singer Valeria and her husband, producer Joseph Prigogine, trying to figure out who they were two kids..

Singer Vitas is seriously ill: Producer gave details 11.03.2013

On Monday, March 11, new details about the state of health of the 32-year-old singer Vitas appeared. According to Sergey Pudovkin, the producer of the artist, the singer’s condition is assessed as stable, and emergency hospitalization was associated with the effects of the flu..

Personal life of Cheech Martin

Cheech Martin's Biography Cheech Marin is an actor who has become a true symbol of the American comedies of the seventies-eighties. At first, he gained considerable popularity in the United States as a comedian and parodist, and then he took another confident step in..

Treatment of alcoholism in a narcological clinic

Chronic alcoholism has literally become the scourge of the last decades. From the pernicious addiction suffer, as a rule, the alcoholic himself and his family, who are painfully looking for a way out of this situation. 3 stages of alcoholism The disease does not..

Chanson Novikov accused of embezzling 35 million 12/23/2016

The famous bard Alexander Novikov is accused of embezzling 35.6 million rubles. These funds were “through abuse of trust” were withdrawn from the equity holders of the Yekaterinburg Bay of Queens residential complex. Alexander Novikov charged under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (“Fraud”)..

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