18. Egyptian Pyramids, Valley of Giza, Egypt

On our planet, along with modern, technologically and industrially developed metropolitan areas, there are many places created by ancient masters or by nature itself. On Earth, many mysterious places Each such landmark has its own legend and, of course, a lot of what is..

How to make latte

How to make latte? Latte is a type of coffee-based beverage. From the Italian "latte" is translated as "milk". Milk plays an important role in this hot drink, since not only milk but also milk foam is added to coffee. If you do not..

Ranetka Anya Rudneva showed grown children 11.11.2017

Participant of the female pop-rock band delighted subscribers with a cute photo of their son and daughter. “My little pencils. From today, Sonya is engaged in gymnastics. Sports. The child is happy, jumping-tumbles very well, let's see how it will end. Suddenly the gymnast..

In the New Year, Olga Buzova made a tantrum 02.01.2018

Olga Buzova, the star of the Russian Instagram segment, on New Year's Eve showed that she is standing behind a strong woman’s facade. A budding singer posted a video in which she could not hold back her tears. It was at a party on..

Nastya Zadorozhnaya became the love of Baskov 13.12.2010

In St. Petersburg, in the musical “Morozko”, of the TV channel “Russia” Nastya Zadorozhnaya played a major role. Parodies of all popular genres of modern television — sports competitions, programs about medicine, paranormal phenomena, judicial reality shows, and, of course, musical numbers — were..

Russian girl married a pet Rodriguez 10.08.2009

In Hollywood, the boom of Russian brides with musical education. Mel Gibson left the family for the singer Oksana Grigorieva, and now Cheech Marin showed that the sense of beauty is not alien to him either. The star of the television series "Nash Bridges"..

Ukrainian winner of Eurovision 2016 Jamala got married 04/26/2017

Ukrainian singer and actress, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, 33-year-old Jamala married. Susanna Dzhamaladinova (this is how the real name of the singer sounds) showed herself in a wedding dress on her Instagram page. The husband of the performer was an economist..

How to communicate with the child

Our children, we love very little. Parents are sometimes busy making money and are torn between two or three jobs. Therefore, time for your beloved child simply does not remain. As a result, many moms and dads have a complex for life, due to..

Jude Law breaks off in night clubs in Moscow 01/30/2010

The other day, the “most closed” party of the year, All That Glam, organized by Martini, took place in Moscow. On this occasion, a Hollywood actor Jude Law, who is the face of a drink in Russia, was invited to Moscow. Of course, only..

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