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22 practical tips to simplify life + funny video

Forgotten and very useful tips for young housewives and householders from our grandmothers.
• In water, in which rice is boiled, pour a tablespoon of vinegar - and the rice will turn white, crumbly.
• Vinaigrette will acquire a delicate and pleasant taste, if you pour into it 1 tbsp. milk and add 1 tsp Sahara.
• A pinch of salt added to the coffee before the end of the brew gives the drink a special taste and aroma.
• If you add some milk to sour cream, it will not curdle in the gravy.
• Cabbage for the filling, chopped, first pour over boiling water, then pour cold water for a minute. Squeeze well and fry in a frying pan. Then the cabbage will not lose color, will not turn brown.
• 2 pieces of sugar, pre-dissolved in a small amount of vinegar, can replace white wine in a sauce.
• To make rice white and crumbly,pour it into boiling salted water by adding a few drops of lemon juice or citric acid dissolved in water. Do not cover the dishes in which rice is cooked.
• To protect the open tomato paste from mold, apply a little dry mustard on the lid.
• To preserve the taste, aroma and color of fresh berries when cooking jelly, juice pressed from the berries do not boil. Boil only the pressed berries poured with water and add sugar and starch to the resulting syrup. Pour juice into ready-made jelly when it is removed from the heat.
• Beets cooked for a very long time - 3-3.5 hours. And you can only boil it for an hour, then remove it from the heat and set for 10 minutes under a stream of cold water. Beets will be ready.
• To pickle pickled cucumbers, add amaranth herb leaves to the jars.
• You can easily and easily replace mayonnaise with sour cream, adding to it pounded yolk of hard-boiled eggs and a teaspoon of mustard.
• To make the window sparkle, wash it with water and starch. Frozen window can be cleaned with a solution of salt. Opaque glasses are washed with hot water and vinegar.
• Defrost the refrigerator every 3 weeks.To do this, remove all products, then unplug the refrigerator, leave the doors open. Ice and snow should melt themselves, do not accelerate this process with a knife. Wash the refrigerator with a solution of baking soda (1 tablespoon of soda for 1 liter of water), wipe with a soft cloth, and when it dries out, plug it back into the net and put the food into it.
• To make the painted floors glisten, they can be washed with water and ammonia (1-2 tablespoons per bucket of water). Ammonia gives the paint shine. You can not wash the floor with soap and soda - from them, the oil paint fades.
• In order to serve carpets for a long time, you need to properly care for them. Carpet is best cleaned with a vacuum cleaner 1-2 times a week. If there is no vacuum cleaner, get a separate broom for the carpet.
• In no case should dust and dirt from lacquered and polished furniture surfaces be removed with a wet rag or hot water. It is necessary to wipe the furniture with a soft, dry and clean flannel, cloth or a special “Cosiness” napkin.
• To make the scratches on furniture less noticeable, take a small brush, moisten it with a weak iodine solution and wipe the scratches.
• On polished tables of hot objects may be white spots. They can be removed as follows. The stain is rubbed with a piece of paraffin with wax, covered with a pass paper and pressed down with a hot iron. If the spot does not come off the first time, this method is repeated. Then a good wipe the table with a soft cloth, and the polishing will be restored.
• To keep things from moths, soak a cotton swab in kerosene and put it in a coat, hat or collar.
• Wash the bath or sink after cold water immediately hot or vice versa - should not be. From the unequal expansion of the material from which these objects are made, and enamels on the enameled coating, cracks form, then they turn black.
• A few tiles bounced off the wall in the bathroom. Clean them of cement, grease with white oil or any oil paint and press firmly: the tile will hold very firmly.

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