So that on a wet rainy day you don’t have to go on foot, because the car will not start, you should upgrade the batteries. Not only how the engine starts, but also the operation of electrical equipment depends on the reliability of the battery. The battery should not only be charged (if it is described in the instructions), but also changed to a new one when the battery life has already been used up.

From time to time, the best battery needs replacing.From time to time, the best battery needs replacing.

5 battery tips

1. First of all, it is necessary to observe the polarity. It is European - when the plus sign on the battery case is located on the right (0) and Russian - if the plus is on the left (1). Signs of polarity are located on the same side as the battery terminals.
In winter, the density of electrolytes in the battery increasesIn winter, the density of electrolytes in the battery increases
2. The battery must meet the requirements for electrical capacity. This indicator should be close to that stated in the data sheet of the car - there is no point in buying a stronger battery.“Warming up” the car in the cold “extra” charge will not help, and the car’s resource will be spent faster. The second parameter is the value of the starting current, it must also be equal to the recommended by the manufacturer. The starting current of the purchased battery should not be less than that of the one used previously.
Some batteries can be charged with electrolyte.Some batteries can be charged with electrolyte.
3. When buying a battery, you may not know its size - buy or equivalent of the battery that you just removed from your seat in the car or take a measuring device, measure the length, width and height of the box and inform the seller. Inspect the battery mount, as it comes in various forms. All manufacturers label batteries for cars according to the general rules, so that the data can be found on the battery case.
The capacity of the battery is indicated in the instructions for the car.The capacity of the battery is indicated in the instructions for the car.
4. It is important to choose the type of placement of terminals on the battery case. In the car, the wires for connecting the battery can not be confused or pulled through half the engine compartment as you like. For example, in Korean cars, batteries are placed to the right of the engine and the plus sign should be on the left. If the wires are not in place, they can stick out and prevent the hood from closing properly.
How to choose a car battery
5. When choosing, do not be lazy to visually inspect the purchased battery box. It should not be stains and dents, there are no signs of rust on the terminals. Batteries can be dry charged or flooded. the first will require pouring, charging and preparation for work, the second can be included immediately after purchase. Editorial recommends that you also get acquainted with the tips on.

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