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7 loser habits

1) A loser has a feeling of inferiority and self-pity. He believes that he will not be able to succeed, because he (or she) lives in the province, because he is of the wrong sex, because he doesn’t have the education, because his parents didn’t like him, because he doesn’t have such a figure ... In general, usually a loser has reason to feel sorry for himself, and to believe that it is because of this that he is a loser.
2) A loser likes to whine and complain. Loser whines and complains withamoabably, he really believes that everything in his life is bad and hopeless (and if not everything is bad, then he will focus on the bad).
3) A loser compares himself to others. He doesn’t have an internal “touchstone”, and he doesn’t have the mind to compare himself today with himself as yesterday. He can only evaluate himself by comparing himself with another person. In this case, the loser often chooses people who are obviously more successful, which gives him endless reasons for whining and complaints (see the previous paragraph).
4) A loser spends more than he earns. He does not calculate expenses, he lives on credit, he borrows money from friends and relatives, he sits on the neck of his wife or her husband ... There may be many options, but they have one thing in common - spending more income.
5) Losers are stingy. Not economical, namely, stingy. He does not like to part with money and therefore he tries to find a “freebie”, a discount, a sale, he tries to choose the cheapest option of all. As a result, he looks appropriately, and feels lousy, and if the loser manages to open a business, the owner’s stinginess will not allow this business to grow.
6) The loser chooses immediate profit instead of deferred. He does not know how to work for the future. He does not go to study, because he wants to earn now. He does not make a career, because beer and TV can be enjoyed immediately, and from inadequate work - when you still wait for that pleasure? Such a person is like a peasant, who in winter drives a booze made from seed grain, without thinking about what to sow in the spring.
7) The loser is engaged in a business that he does not like.Of course, many of us have to do things from time to time that we don’t like - for example, getting up by the alarm clock. But a loser is engaged in things that are unpleasant to him globally - he works in an unpleasant job for him or, worse, leads an unpleasant business to him. Naturally, he does not seek to progress in this area - because then he will have to do even more unpleasant things. And one more bonus item. The loser does not value his own time. Because of this minute, hours and days spill between his fingers, and he doesn't even notice this loss. If there is a choice, the loser prefers to spend time, not money.
If you have discovered one of these habits in yourself - do not feel sorry for yourself and do not cry. Better take a look at this positively - now you know what to work on.

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