A difficult profession called the meat lager

Meatman is a very specificA profession that not many can master. The reason for this is that not everyone is able to carve the carcass of an animal and yet not experience discomfort. And besides, in order to become a good observer, you need to develop knife skills at the level of a high-quality surgeon, and also have the body of a real athlete.

Nevertheless, annually over the country, not one hundred young specialists are accepted for this position. So who is the meat lover? What are the characteristics of this profession? And how relevant is it?


Profession meat lover

Before the meat gets to the store shelves,it passes a long way of processing and cutting. Part of this chain is the escalator, whose job it is to trim the meat from the bones, and sometimes from the tendons (then this position is called the snowman-diver).

In his work, the meat lender usesA special knife, which, like a scalpel, removes flesh from bones. The complexity of the process lies in the fact that it is necessary to perform all this precisely, so that there is no flesh left on their surface. In addition, at large enterprises, this work needs to be done quickly, because it depends on what kind of salary will be given this month.

who is the meat cheater

In some organizations, the work of this specialist can be slightly simplified due to partial mechanization. For example, installation of a conveyor belt, circular saws or automated lift.

Where can you master this profession?

Before you get this position, you need toto pass special training. The meat rascal is a technological profession, therefore, you can learn it in a college or a technical school. And it is not necessary to choose this profile, the main thing is to get the necessary knowledge about the anatomy of animals and the norms for processing meat.

More important are practical skills, becauseto get a job on a large production, you need to have a decent speed, as well as the accuracy of the cutting. And without experience this can not be achieved, therefore, in the first stages, one will have to be an apprentice for a more experienced meater.

By the way, many meat processing plants and factories havespecial internship positions. To get there, you do not need to have a diploma from a specialized college or college. It is enough to have a zeal for work, as well as a desire to master a new profession. But, the truth, wages for the period of training will be reduced.

What qualities should the lender have?

The person claiming this position beforeeverything, must be very hardy and strong. After all throughout the whole shift you will have to stand on your feet and at the same time to work with a knife that has a decent weight. If the scavenger is engaged in cutting a whole carcass, rather than its individual parts, you should prepare for the fact that it will be necessary to drag heavy pieces of meat.

But more importantly, such an expert shouldcalmly endure the sight of blood and the smell of dead flesh. If at first it seems not too difficult task, then after a few weeks many can not stand it.

training a meat lager

Well, an important quality is the desiredevelop, because in this position there is an opportunity to grow professionally. To be more precise, the collars are divided into six categories, each of which indicates the level of skill. For example, the sixth is the highest and gives access to work at any meat processing plant.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Let's start with the positive sides. The first place is that in the labor market this profession is in high demand, moreover, in large regional centers ads always hang: "Requires a meat lager". Kiev, Moscow, Minsk - in fact, in any city or country this specialist will always be in business. At the same time, their salary is quite impressive, at least for middle-level employees.

As for the minuses, it is dominated byincreased risk to life. Not only that you have to work with dangerous knives and blades, so also the bodies of animals can carry many diseases. However, all legal supplies are checked by veterinarians, and this reduces the risk of contamination of meat.


Where to find work?

The best place to work for a meat rascal is a large combine or slaughterhouse. There and the salary is more, and the manual work is less, because most processes are automated.

But small businesses and meat shops canbecome a good shelter for the meat rascal. In particular, for someone who wants to gain experience and develop skills for further work in this difficult field.

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