Actovegin: instructions for use

With many vascular and metabolic disordersdoctors prescribe Actovegin. The instruction for the use of this medication indicates that it is also prescribed for the healing of burns, wounds, radiation injuries, etc.

This drug activates in tissues exchangesubstances, improves trophic, stimulates regeneration. Its active substance is deproteinized hemoderovate, which is obtained from calf blood. It contains low molecular weight peptides and nucleic acid derivatives.

To increase utilization within cells, to increasethe energy resource in them, the acceleration of cellular metabolism leads to the use of the drug "Actovegin." The instructions for use clearly indicate that this drug effectively affects the healing and regeneration of skin in those cases where increased energy consumption is required. This drug is used in hypoxia, ischemia of various tissues and organs, lack of substrate, because actovegin helps stimulate the energy processes of anabolism and metabolism (functional). In addition, it enhances blood supply.

If metabolism and blood supply are disturbedthe brain (craniocerebral trauma, ischemic stroke, cerebral insufficiency syndrome, etc.), if the transfer through the GEB of glucose worsened and its cellular utilization worsened, actovegin may be prescribed as a doctor. Its application in this case will lead to normalization of these indicators, improvement of transport and utilization of glucose, besides, oxygen consumption will increase. Similarly, this drug acts in arterial angiopathy, ulcerative lesions of the lower extremities. That is why actovegin (instructions for use unequivocally on this indicates) is prescribed by the doctor when there are significant peripheral (venous or arterial) circulatory disorders.

Apply this medicine when you need to speed uphealing of wounds of different etiology: radiation damage (mucous, skin, nerve tissue), trophic disorders (eg, pressure sores), burns (thermal, chemical), etc. In this case, actovegin (indications for use clearly indicate this) contributes to the improvement of granulation, that is, the level of hydroxyproline and hemoglobin, the concentration of DNA increases, and the morphological and biochemical parameters are improved. This drug is prescribed and, if necessary, secondary healing of the skin. Use Actovegin, instructions for use on this gives a link, and for skin transplantation.

Since the active substances of actovegin arephysiological ingredients, which are usually found in the body, it has virtually no contraindications, except for hypersensitivity to the drug. Even elderly patients, infants under one year old, patients with hepatic, renal failure, pregnant and lactating are prescribed this drug if there is evidence for it. The only side effect of the use of Actovegin, and then extremely rarely, can be an allergic reaction. It can manifest itself in fever, hives, swelling, increased sweating, a feeling of heat.

Dosage and method of drug use"Actovegin" (instructions for use contains such information) depends on the severity of the course of the disease and its form. Dragee usually appoint to take a day three times for 1-2 pcs. before eating. It does not need to be chewed, but simply should be washed with water (a small amount).

Actovegin the doctor can appoint and intravenously, andintramuscularly. Also, this drug can be administered drip or jet, but all these types of administration are carried out strictly under the supervision of medical personnel. Dosage varies depending on the form of the disease.

The effect of this drug can be seen as early as thirty minutes after its administration parenterally or after an internal intake, and reaches a maximum after about three hours.

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