"Advantan", ointment: instructions for use, indications, reviews

Pharmacy chains are overcrowded with different drugs for oral administration. They are in great demand. Less often, consumers turn to pharmacists to purchase funds for injections: intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous. Medications applied to the skin surface are not applied more often. Such drugs are designed to eliminate a bacterial or viral infection, have a healing or regenerative effect. Separately, one can say about medicines applied for the purpose of eliminating allergy and irritation. This group includes the drug "Advantan" (ointment). Instructions for using this tool, its characteristics and features will be presented to you in the article.

Varieties of the drug "Advantan", their composition and price category

Medicines are produced with the trade name "Advantan" by the Italian pharmaceutical company. There are several types of medication. The main component of all drugs is methylprednisolone. As additives, giving the drug a certain consistency, there are different additives. In the pharmacy, all of the above funds can be purchased without a prescription.

  • Cream with 0,1% active substance content. Cost 650 руб. for 15 g. The substance has a white hue with yellowish patches.
  • Emulsion concentration 0,1%. Produced in 50-gram tube and costs about 1200 rub. The consistency of the preparation is dense, but low-fat, has a white color.
  • Ointment usual is issued in the same dosage, but has an opaque shade (yellowish-white). It is worth about 1500 rub. for 50-gram bottle.
  • Oily ointment. It is a yellowish substance of translucent shade. Sold for 15 grams per pack. Has a value of about 700 rubles.

Let's consider in more detail, what tells about "Advantan" (ointment) the instruction on application. This is attached to each unit of the product.

Advantan Ointment

Brief description of the medicinal product: characteristic

The drug "Advantan" (ointment) instructions for use called an effective glucocorticosteroid agent, intended for external use. In the composition of the medicament there is a basic substance: methylprednisolone. In one gram of the drug contains 1 milligram of the main component. As additional substances the manufacturer uses soft white paraffin, paraffin liquid, beeswax and emulsifier. Distinguishes the usual ointment from oily that in the latter contains still castor oil, and in the first - water. There is also a difference in the volume of the bubble. "Advantan" - ointment, whose price is about one and a half thousand rubles - is sold in 50-gram tubes, sealed in a cardboard box. Fatty substance is released in a smaller volume: 15 grams. Both preparations must contain instructions for use. Study it before using the compounds.

Ointment "Advantan" from what helps: indications for use

Do not use this medication yourself. Many consumers are asking themselves: "Is the ointment" Advantan "hormonal or not?". You can answer it in the affirmative. Indeed, the drug refers to steroid drugs. Therefore, do not use only on the advice of a doctor, considering all the individual characteristics. The doctor can prescribe you a drug for the following diseases:

  • Neurodermatitis or atopic dermatitis;
  • eczema is true;
  • contact or allergic dermatitis;
  • microbial, degenerative eczema;
  • the dyshidrotic character of eczema.

If the usual form of the drug is clear, then the oily ointment "Advantan" from what helps? Indications for the drugs completely coincide. As you already knew, only the consistency and the presence of one substance in the composition: castor oil or water distinguishes them.

Advantan ointment price

Contraindications specified in the instructions

Even if the drug "Advantan" - ointment (the price of fatty and ordinary substance you already know) or another form - appointed by a doctor, be sure to read the instructions. It often happens that the consumer finds one or several items in the list of contraindications that coincide with his state of health. If this happened to you, then you should stop using the medication and pick up a substitute.

Do not use external medicine if intolerance of the main or additional components. Do not forget that they have more fatty ointment. Contraindicated use of the drug for tuberculosis or syphilis of the skin (at the site of application). It is forbidden to impose applications in viral diseases of the dermis (for example, such as chicken pox, lichen). If the allergic reaction has occurred due to the introduction of the vaccine, then such areas are not treated. Prohibited use for perioral dermatitis.

ointment of Advantanum during pregnancy

Ointment "Advantan" in pregnancy, lactation and for children: is it permissible to use

Often future mothers have to face a variety of allergic reactions, including their skin manifestations. This is due to a decrease in immunity, a weakening of the body's resistance. It's no secret that pregnant women like to pamper themselves with all sorts of unusual foods, which, in turn, can also turn into an allergic reaction to the skin. Is it permissible to use the drug "Advantan" (ointment) in such situations?

Instruction for use informs you that before using the drug in future mothers, you need to weigh the pros and cons thoroughly. If you can not choose a more sparing treatment, and the result of therapy promises to bring more benefit than harm - treatment is permissible. But you need to carefully monitor your health. It is not recommended to use the drug for a long time and cover it with large areas of skin. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid getting the substance to the mammary glands. If possible, stop the lactation for the duration of treatment. The drug is prescribed for children only from the age of four months. Earlier apply "Advantan" (ointment) instructions for use not allowed.

Advantan ointment reviews

The way of using the medication: what the instruction says

How correctly and safely to use the drug "Advantan" (ointment)? Instruction for children recommends the duration of therapy not more than 4 consecutive weeks. The medicine is applied to clean skin or the hairy surface with a thin layer once a day. For adults, the frequency of application is the same. If necessary, the duration of therapy in individuals after 18 years may be increased to three months (12 weeks).

Often, patients ask themselves the question, buying Advantan: "Cream or ointment - which is better?" If you look carefully at these preparations, you can conclude: the ointment has a more pronounced therapeutic effect than the cream. It can be used for long-term non-healing dermatitis and eczema. If the affected areas become wet or have secretions, then it is worth choosing the "Advantan" ointment. Indications for the use of oily ointment: very dry, cracking skin, lack of lubrication and purulent secretions.

Therapeutic action of the drug: how does corticosteroid damage work

As you already know, the medication "Advantan" (ointment) instructions for use is positioned as a hormonal steroid for the treatment of various allergic skin reactions. After application to the damaged surface it has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Also, the drug removes itching, irritation, softens the covers. The composition has a glucocorticoid, antiallergic effect. How does the medication work?

Many consumers believe that the drug regulates the work of the adrenal glands and affects the level of their own hormones. But this is a big mistake. Even with the treatment of large areas of the skin, the use of dressings and the application of compresses, the medication is not capable of disrupting the functioning of the adrenal glands (including infants). According to laboratory studies, the level of cortisol remains within normal limits throughout the treatment period. The active substance of the preparation methylprednisolone aceponate is able to bind to glucocorticoid intracellular receptors. The drug affects certain parts of the DNA. This causes a series of biological interrelated effects. As a result of the medication, induction of macrocortin synthesis is achieved. This, in turn, prevents the formation of arachidonic acid, which causes inflammation.

ointment Advantan from what helps or assists

Overdose and possible unpleasant consequences of therapy

What will happen if you use the drug "Advantan" (ointment) several times a day? Reviews say that a single increase in the daily portion does not lead to negative reactions. Studies have shown that if you use the medicine for a long time on large areas of skin, it can threaten the thinning of the dermis, the appearance of striae or damage. Restorative therapy provides for the abolition of the drug, the appointment of sorbents and additional regenerating agents for external use.

Medication "Advantan" (the composition of the ointment you already know) can also provoke and side reactions. If you have intolerance of one or more components (pay attention to additional components), then the condition can only worsen. In addition to dermatitis and eczema, additional signs of allergy are added: skin pigmentation, rash, itching, burning and so on. Cancel the drug and see a doctor if you happen to encounter them.

ointment Advantanum hormonal or not

Interesting and important information about the drug that consumers should know

  1. Often consumers stop the purchase of the drug "Advantan" (ointment) price. Analogues in this case, buyers are looking for more affordable. Preference is given to agents based on the same active substance, for example, KomFoderm ointment. Also, Sinaflan is often used as an analogue. Immediately it is worth noting that all substitutes for medication should be chosen in conjunction with the doctor, and not independently.
  2. The medicine is well combined with other medicines. But do not put it on the same skin immediately after using antibacterial, antiviral and softening agents. For more information about the time interval for the use of drugs, contact your doctor.
  3. Avoid getting into the eyes, do not take ointment inside. If this happens, be sure to use large amounts of water for rinsing and seek medical help.
  4. With prolonged treatment, there is a risk of glaucoma. The first symptoms of this condition should alert you and encourage you to see a doctor.
  5. Studies have shown that the drug does not affect the ability to drive vehicles, does not oblige to abandon hazardous activities that require increased attention.
  6. The medication can be combined with alcohol, it does not cause a reaction similar to disulfiram.

advantan ointment instruction for children

Reviews about the drug from consumers

About the drug "Advantan" the opinions of patients are different. One he helped to cope with a long-term disease, while others proved powerless. Many users say that the medicine does not have a very pleasant smell. But it quickly disappears. The cost of medicine can be argued endlessly. There are patients who scolded the drug for its high cost, but after treatment remained grateful to this tool. In fact, the drug effectively copes with its task. After a short time after application, itching and irritation disappear, discomfort passes, redness is eliminated. Ointment lays down gently and quickly absorbed. If we are talking about the oily ointment "Advantan", then it densely covers the skin, softening them due to the content of camphor oil. The medication restores water-fat metabolism in the tissues of the dermis, improving its structure.

There are consumers who speak out about the drug is not in the best of terms. They say that the use of the medicine did not bring any positive results. In fact, many patients use medication on their own. In doing so, they incorrectly determine the disease. People use the cream when biting insects. In such situations, he is powerless. Also, improper use (use of too large or small doses) can not bring any results or cause negative reactions. Some new mothers said that they had used the medicine during pregnancy. However, they did not have any negative consequences of therapy.

Advantan cream or ointment which is better

To sum up

From the article you were able to learn about an effective anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory corticosteroid with the trade name "Advantan". Ointment reviews have positive, but there are also negative opinions forming about it. Despite all the good qualities of the drug, you should not buy it without medical advice. Be sure to consult your doctor for the correct diagnosis. Some patients are additionally assigned steroid agents for internal use. Make sure that the treatment has been prescribed correctly. Then the positive effect will not keep you waiting. Before applying any formulation, pay attention to its expiration date. All the best to you, get well!

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