Alexander Tsygankov, poet: biography, photo, creativity

A poet is a person who is always interesting and unusual. Very bright, very active, very peculiar. Such a person is a talented artist and poet Alexander Tsygankov. His biography includes cities, people, events and constant creativity. About it you can say in the words of the famous song of authorship of Konstantin Nikolsky: "My friend is an artist and a poet ...".

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The future poet was born Alexander Tsygankov 12August 1959 in the east of the then-existing Soviet Union, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. This city is the second largest in the Khabarovsk Territory, which borders on China along the Amur River. Childhood of a small Sasha passed already in the south of Western Siberia, in the city of Kemerovo. There he graduated from high school.

In 1978-1980 Alexander went through an urgentservice in the army, and again his fate "threw" almost to the other end of the USSR - to the Far North, to be exact - to the city of Norilsk. Protected the military airport "Alykel" from possible American or Chinese saboteurs.

Returning to Kemerovo, he studied in KemerovoArt school. In one of the interviews the poet says that "first there were colored pencils, then brushes and canvases, but poetry is later." After graduating from college, he did not stay long in Kemerovo - he worked, wrote pictures, was carried away by poetry.

It was in the city of Kemerovo that the firsta wide audience of his works poet Alexander Tsygankov. There was it in 1991 when in the Kemerovo book publishing house the first book of poems under the name "Ladder" has left. And in the same 1991 in the Kemerovo House of Artists Alexander opens his solo exhibition of paintings called "The Second Heaven". In one of the interviews, the author will note later that both events have become fateful and decisive for him. For them, he is very grateful to all those who sent him.

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Moving to Tomsk

In 1991, in the autumn, several paintings from the exhibitionwas noticed by a delegation of artists from Tomsk. These paintings were transported to the team of the art gallery of Tomsk Akademgorodok. A year later, the artist, the poet Alexander Tsygankov, moved to Tomsk, no longer as an outsider of random exhibitions, but as an artist who had risen to his feet. In a new city, Alexander Konstantinovich becomes a constant participant in urban and regional art exhibitions, literary readings, meetings of writers and poets. It is printed and published, arranges its own exhibitions of paintings.

Poems and prose

As critics say: "The poet Alexander Tsygankov is distinguished by a very careful attitude to his native speech, to the Russian language." As Alexander himself said, the beginning of his creative career coincided with a very difficult, but at the same time, very bright period for our country. The impending changes, the "restructuring", the "scrapping" of the course, spontaneously emerging social and political movements - all this could not go unnoticed and naturally affected the young poet.

According to Tsygankov, the first attempts at versification were, like many, in his youth. After the army, things went better, poetry interested in earnest.

In addition to individual publications in literarynewspapers and magazines, the first collection was published in 1991. From that moment it can be said that Tsygankov declared himself as a poet. In Tomsk, he was already traveling with "luggage" from the published book and fame, even if only in the literary circles of Siberia.

To date, Alexander Konstantinovichfour books of poems were published. It is published in many literary journals, for example, such as: "New Youth", "Ural", "Children of Ra", "Banner" and many other authoritative publications in Russia.

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Is the poet in the asset and publication in a foreignperiodicals, such as: "New Journal" (New York) and "Coast" (Philadelphia). There was also an interview with the author and his photo. The poet Alexander Tsygankov became known to foreign Russian-speaking lovers of poetry.

He also writes "small prose": stories and novels. Publications can be found on any Internet resource, which is devoted to Russian literature.

The artist and his paintings

Despite the fact that Alexander Tsygankov spokeonce that his formation as a poet and artist occurred at the same time, he graduated still Art School. Therefore, let's talk about the hero of our article, as an artist.

Experts say that Gypsy canto work qualitatively in several styles, not fixating on one thing. He has many landscapes, which were written in different parts of our country. There are portraits, among which are depictions of historical figures. A lot of works are done in the spirit of symbolism.

Alexander Gypsy poet from the energy of his biography

By the way, all the illustrations that are found in the books of Alexander Tsygankov, are made by the author.

From the first person

For all time, the poet Alexander Tsygankov gave a significant amount of interviews to various publications. The most interesting thoughts will be given below.

For example, when asked about the appearance of poems "to the light," the poet always answers that all this is one big mystery. And even those who write, can not solve, and even more so explain it.

On the impact on him of someone the answer is always brief: all. According to Tsygankov, everything that has ever been created by man, from the Homeric Iliad to the songs of Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky, influenced his work. Rock paintings Alexander calls "the vanguard of the primitive era."

One of the main themes of his work is Tsygankovcalls "freedom." By the way, the poet explains, it is not necessary to call everything by their names - freedom can live among flowers, love, spring, winter, it does not matter. The main thing is that without freedom there is no creativity.

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On the question of which genre, in addition to literature and fine arts, Tsygankov would like to try himself, always followed the answer: to come up with something new and try.

Among the main problems of modern culture calls such things as "bad writers and inattentive readers." The first - they write badly and falsely, and the second does not have the intelligence to say this first.


Undoubtedly, Tsygankov's active creative activity was not left without attention and evaluations on the part of specialists and critics. In 2006 he became a laureate of the award of the literary magazine "Youth".

He is a member of the Tomsk branch of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia - joined in 2004. In 2010 he was invited to the Writers' Union of Russia.

During the time that Tsygankov dedicated poetry, four books were published:

  1. "The Staircase" (1991).
  2. "Reed flute" (1995, 2005).
  3. "Wind over the shore" (2005).
  4. "The literal world" (2012).

Exhibitions, entirely consisting of paintings by Alexander Tsygankov:

  1. In Kemerovo: "Source" (1989, 1990) and "The Second Heaven" in 1991.
  2. In Tomsk: in 1991, in the House of Scientists of Tomsk Akademgorodok, the "Mountain Trail" in 1997, "Beginning of the City" in 2007, "February" in 2008, an exhibition called "Pythia" in 2012.

The artist is a regular participant of seminars and art events devoted to the arts throughout Russia.

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Activity now

Alexander Konstantinovich, in addition to publicspeeches, very actively manifests itself on the Internet. On various sites devoted to domestic contemporary literature, one can find his works. The poet Alexander Tsygankov has pages in social networks "Odnoklassniki" and "Facebook", where new poems appear regularly.

A new collection is being prepared for publication. Already announced a new large personal art exhibition.

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It is interesting

In the world of art, several people, besides Alexander Konstantinovich, have such initials. Let's talk about each a little more.

Alexander Tsygankov is a poet from Energodar. His biography is not as well known as the biography of the poet presented above. On the book of his poems written several interesting reviews - including reviews of representatives of the Orthodox Church. Poetry poetry have a patriotic and religious context and are widely represented on the Internet. The poet and songwriter Alexander Tsygankov is a frequent "guest" on such channels as YouTube, where he performs his works on camera.

Another "namesake", only with a middle nameAndreevich is a very famous Soviet and Russian musician-dombra player. By the way, also a Siberian, only from Omsk. He is the author of many works for dombra, he is a member of many commissions and a jury at various musical competitions of all-Russian scale.

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