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Biography of Alexander Udodova

Alexander Evgenievich Udodov is a successful entrepreneur and developer, since 2015 he has been a member of the management board of ETK (Eurasian Pipeline Consortium), one of the largest traders in the supply of pipes and metal products in the Russian market.

Early years and education

From 1989 - 1991 Alexander served in the ranks of the armed forces of the Soviet army. After the service, he worked as a manager of the transport department of the Ukrenergomontazh company engaged in energy and industrial construction. Alexander graduated from Kiev University of Law, has a law degree.
In 1997, Alexander Udodov headed the Moscow representative office of the Latvian company J & P Corporation, which provides international transportation and logistics services. From 2010 to 2014, Alexander was engaged in the development of non-core assets and strategic real estate investments, being the vice-president of the large oil and gas company Itera Group.

Career Alexander Udodova in business

Alexander Udodov has a lot of experience working with large development projects, including residential properties, hotels and shopping centers. Today he is the owner of the Aforra Group, which specializes in the design, management and technical maintenance of residential and public real estate.
The company owns Moscow luxury galleries - “Hymen”, a legendary building on ul. Bolshaya Yakimanka, 22, where the famous wedding salon was located in Soviet times, and Yakimanka, 26, Udodov bought this object from AFK Sistema in January 2015. And such shopping and entertainment centers as Atlas in Obninsk, Dubki in Odintsovo and At River in Moscow.

Import-substituting projects

Since 2016, Alexander has been diversifying investments. In 2016, construction began on a world-class spa resort in the Belorechensky district of the Krasnodar Territory. The agreement on the construction project of the health resort was signed at the international investment forum "Sochi-2016" between the administration of the Belorechensk district, Krasnodar region and the investor. The driver of the project is treatment with thermal bromine-iodine waters with high salinity from local sources.
In September 2018, it is planned to open a balneological clinic.The new recreation and rehabilitation center was built according to international standards, and 5,000 people will be able to undergo restorative treatment annually.
In July 2017, an agro-industrial complex for the production of mushrooms on its own compost under the brand "Mushroom Rainbow" was opened in the Kursk region. Alexander Udodov owns 75% of the shares of the company “Mushroom Rainbow”. By 2019, the company plans to become the market leader in the industrial production of champignons. Against the background of the success of the “Mushroom Rainbow”, the production of mushrooms was identified as a priority in the regional plan for import substitution until 2020 in the Kursk region.
Alexander Udodov funded the restoration of the Paleostrovsky Nativity Monastery of the Petrozavodsk and Karelian Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, located on the island of Paley in the northern part of Lake Onega in the Republic of Karelia, destroyed during the Soviet era. This is one of the oldest Russian monasteries in Karelia, founded in the late 14th century. Alexander shares with the press the future prospects of the Mushroom Rainbow. He plans to increase the design capacity to 17 thousand.tons of mushrooms per year and take 20% of the market.

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