Amazing Switzerland. Lugano - a diamond on a country map

One of the most popular holiday destinations is Switzerland. Lugano is a beautiful city that is characterized by modern comfort and charm of antiquity. If you are resting on the alpine slopes, then by all means take a look and here. The time spent on exploring the city, will give a lot of pleasant moments and memories.Switzerland Lugano

A bit about the country

Why are tours to Switzerland so popular? This is a country that enchants with amazing landscapes, first-class ski resorts in the Alps, which receive tourists both in winter and summer, with the cleanest air ... And also - a mild climate, thermal springs, picturesque lakes, unique hotels, original cuisine and hospitable people. tours to switzerland

Tours to Switzerland are chosen not only by lovers of skiing and mountain summer holidays. They are popular among those who are interested in history and culture, among people of creative professions.Among the main attractions of the country worth a visit:

  • the oldest city of Chur;
  • clock museums in La Chaux-de-Fonds and Bile;
  • Disentis with a unique monastery of the eighth century;
  • Afolterne, where the noisy cheese fairs are held;
  • Romon, where the glass painting museum is located;
  • Also of interest is Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel.

Unbeatable Lugano

It is worth the attention of any traveler Switzerland! Lugano is a small town, but very popular among tourists. The capital of the canton of Ticino is a place of hills and slopes, so the funicular is the favorite transport of locals and guests. In addition, it facilitates movement around the city, it gives the opportunity to admire its beauty.

The city of Lugano is located on the shore of the very beautiful lake of the same name, at the foot of two mountain peaks. Travelers who have seen many different cities call Lugano the diamond of Italian Switzerland. And absolutely not in vain. hotels lugano switzerland

Why come here?

The abundance of natural and man-made attractions - this is not all the charm of the town. Here is a very comfortable climate: warm, but not hot in summer, and fresh, but not cold in winter.In the warmest months of the year, the water in local water bodies warms up to +24 degrees. In addition to swimming and sunbathing in the summer, you can practice absolutely any kind of water sports: windsurfing, water skiing, sailing boats. And horseback riding, mountain biking, walking.

Popular Switzerland, Lugano in particular, among shopaholics and fashionistas. The city is not far from Italy, so the masterpieces of famous designers from Appenin can be bought here at lower prices than in Milan. Boutiques "Armani", "Versace", "Cartier" and other legendary brands can be found on Via Nassa. Very big discounts are available in Fox Town Factory Outlet (Mendrisio). In addition to fashionable footwear, clothing and accessories, in Lugano you can profitably buy antiques, watches and jewelry.

It is easy to get here by air, from the local airport every day there are flights to Geneva, Zurich and other cities of the mountainous country.


The reader already knows what remarkable Switzerland is. Lugano is a city that is hard not to fall in love. The old quarters can only be walked on: narrow streets, typically Italian buildings, magnificent temples - the church of St. Anthony and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo - still keep the spirit of history.The latter building is the hallmark of the capital city of Ticino. It was built in the Gothic style, and inside it is richly decorated with bas-reliefs and frescoes of the Renaissance, the Baroque paintings of the Torricelli brothers, and sculptures in the graceful rococo style. In the Old Town there is another miracle - Villa Castagnola, distinguished by sophisticated architectural lines and the largest collection of paintings. But true gourmets can not miss the museum of chocolate. Children will love the park "Switzerland in miniature".Lugano city

Where to stay?

All travelers are invited hotels in Lugano (Switzerland). Restaurants here are very different, and their total number exceeds a hundred. The tourist city is rich in fashionable hotels of any star level, budget hotels, luxury apartments and villas, cozy hostels, chalets. The cost of living, of course, is different, and it depends on the institution and its location on the map of Lugano, the comfort of the room, additional services. People who visited this Swiss paradise, note that the service is excellent everywhere.

In addition to the hotel business in the capital of the canton of Ticino, the restaurant business is also well developed.Numerous catering establishments are famous for exquisite cuisine, rich menu, romantic atmosphere and absolutely fantastic interiors. In any store you can buy gastronomic delights of this country - cheese and chocolate. The market is to purchase meat products from local farmers.switzerland reviews

What else do people say?

It attracts tourists to Switzerland. Reviews of experienced travelers - a direct confirmation of this. If you believe them (and we have no reason to doubt their words), then the rest in Lugano is always possible for glory. People like a pond with a picturesque landscape, panoramas of the city from observation platforms and the funicular, they are happy to walk through the old quarters and climb to the top of the mountains. Kids are delighted with the miniatures park. True, tourists recommend to come here for a day or two, not more - this is enough to get acquainted with the pearl of the country. So pack your bags and go to a fairy tale named Switzerland. This trip will give you a lot of pleasure and vivid impressions. Returning home, do not forget about souvenirs.

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