"Amitriptyline Nycomed": instructions for use, reviews, indications, composition, analogues

Recently, cases of diagnosing various diseases associated with the mental state of a person have become more frequent. Not the last place on the prevalence of depressive disorders. For the treatment of this group of diseases in the past century, a special group of drugs, antidepressants, was invented. Nowadays, the words “depression”, “antidepressants” are used very widely, people began to forget what they really mean by themselves. It is customary to think that depression is a bad mood, and antidepressants are such magic pills that return a smile that is extinct due to bad weather or a broken nail. But what are antidepressants for real? Let us examine the example of the antidepressant “Amitriptyline Nicomed” widely used in medical practice.

amitriptyline nikomed application instructions reviews

What does this look like?

“Amitriptyline Nycomed” has an antidepressant effect; it is commercially available in coated tablets. Usually packaged in tinted glass containers packed in a cardboard box. In one box - one bottle, in it - 50 tablets. Each of them is white, convex on both sides, ideally round.

As the name implies, the composition of "Amitriptyline Nycomed" begins with amitriptyline - the so-called active substance that affects the human body. There are two possible dosages, the package must contain a reference to what kind of release inside: 10, 25 mg. Also in the tablet there are additional components that improve the absorption of the active substance, simplify the administration of the drug, making it more effective. Pay attention to the composition of the drug "Amitriptyline Nycomed" is necessary first of all for people suffering from intolerance to any medical substance: if it is present in the composition even in the minimum dose, it is probably impossible to use these tablets, you will have to look for a replacement. The following compounds are present as auxiliary ones:

  • starch;
  • cellulose;
  • talc;
  • gelatin;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • lactose in monohydrate form;
  • carmellose;
  • polyvidone.

How it works?

Usually choose "Amitriptyline Nycomed" for depression, neuropathy, and a number of other similar health disorders. Before choosing a drug, it is necessary to make a diagnosis of the human condition, including to check the hormonal background. The drug belongs to the group of tricyclic antidepressants. When the active ingredient enters the body, it affects the monoamines, since the agent does not selectively inhibit the reuptake process.

anxiety disorder

What pills "Amitriptyline Nycomed"? Well, certainly not from a bad mood! This tool has a pronounced sedative effect, however, has a thymoanaleptic effect. Under his influence in the body increases the concentration of serotonin, norepinephrine. This affects the work of the central nervous system, since the concentration varies in the synaptic cleft. Since the reverse capture of compounds is blocked, their number increases with time.

Medical features

The efficacy of the drug in anxiety disorders, depressive states, as well as in neuropathy is explained by effective blocking of alpha-1, H1, M1-, M2-muscarinic receptors.To explain the effectiveness of the reception, a monoamine hypothesis was formulated, from which it follows that the action of neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft is associated with the emotional state of a person. At the same time, it is noted that there is no accurate, clinically confirmed information about the sustained effect of taking the drug and its connection with the concentration of the active component in the plasma. It was suggested that the greatest positive result can be observed when amitriptyline in the blood varies in the range of 100-260 μg / l.

Reviews, instructions for use "Amitriptyline Nycomed" confirm that a tangible result from taking the drug can be observed about a month after the start of treatment. In rare cases, the tool is effective within two weeks, sometimes the first results have to wait a month and a half. These terms show that the tangible difference “before / after” can be noticed not at the moment when the concentration of the active substance in the blood reaches the specified limit, but somewhat later. "Amitriptyline Nycomed" 25 mg, 10 mg affects the heart's innervation. The effect is reminiscent of quinidna.

Features of assimilation

The active ingredient, once in the body, is rapidly absorbed without residue. Perception occurs through the digestive tract. The highest level of concentration is observed in the blood several hours after administration (usually the period varies from two hours to six). The concentration of plasma in different patients varies quite strongly.

The bioavailability of both 10 mg and 25 mg of Amitriptyline Nycomed is about 50%, while most of the active substance (up to 95%) can react with blood proteins. The highest level of concentration is achieved within four hours from the moment of intake of the drug. To achieve an equilibrium concentration requires regular medication for at least seven days. The product is distributed in a volume of about 1085 l / kg. The active substance can penetrate the placenta, it is found in breast milk. Processing is done by the liver, up to half of the entire drug is processed in the first cycle. The active substance is also exposed to cytochrome P450, which leads to the emergence of nortriptyline. Both the parent compound and the product of metabolism are hydroxylated when passing through the liver.Derivatives are active, they are characterized by conjugation with glucuronic acid with the production of inactive components.

What happens next?

Why do users so often note the positive effect of taking the drug in their reviews? Instructions for use "Amitriptyline Nycomed" explains this through the mechanisms that are activated in the human body by the active ingredient; it takes into account that the concentration in the blood reaches a therapeutic value (however, renal clearance is achieved) due to the rate of hydroxylation. There are documented cases of prescribing a course of the drug in patients with delayed hydroxylation due to genetic causes. The effectiveness of the reception in this case becomes doubtful.

Amitriptyline Nycomed 25 mg

If the patient’s history contains a reference to liver dysfunction or insufficient functioning of this organ, the period of elimination of half the concentration of the active component and its derivatives from the body is increased. The half-life should be expected in the interval from 9 to 46 hours, the active product of the metabolism of nortriptilin is derived for 18-95 hours.Most products leave the body through the kidneys, intestinal tract. A very small percentage of the ingested substance is excreted by the kidneys unchanged. If they function with impairments, the mechanism of metabolism and the active component, and its metabolites, changes, at the same time, the period of excretion of substances increases. It is not possible to remove the active ingredient from plasma, dialysis is ineffective, as the agent quickly binds to blood proteins.

When will help?

All testimony "Amitriptyline Nycomed" listed in the instructions for use of the drug. It is strictly forbidden to prescribe it to yourself because of the possible negative impact on the body (the drug is potent). Reception is valid if the medication is prescribed by a doctor with an indication of the cause (diagnosis), the choice of dose and a description of the regimen.

Typically, the drug is prescribed for depression disorders with endogenous causes, but it can also be used for other sources of severe emotional state. It is allowed to use the drug in the treatment of anxiety disorders.When choosing a drug, attention is paid not only to the specifics of the disease and the causes that provoked it, but also the general condition of the patient, especially the tests. At the same time, it is noted that if the instructions for use of Amitriptyline Nycomed are observed, the responses to the patients are generally positive, the condition is indeed getting better. The effect is most pronounced during the therapeutic course, but many stably persist even after completion of treatment. Allowed to use "Amitriptyline Nycomed" with neuropathy.

Absolutely impossible!

In some cases, the drug is prohibited. Such restrictions are faced by people in the history of which there are references to:

  • myocardial infarction (does not depend on how long ago it happened);
  • acute delirium;
  • alcohol poisoning;
  • poisoning with sleeping pills, other medicines that have analgesic effects or psychotropic;
  • arrhythmias;
  • glaucoma;
  • problems with cardiac permeability;
  • bradycardia;
  • non-standard QT duration, provoked by health problems or medications;
  • receiving funds from the IMAO group (two weeks before the start of therapy with Amitriptyline Nicomed);
  • breastfeeding;
  • increased potassium concentration;
  • prostatic hyperplasia.

amitriptyline nycomed Price

The tool can not be used in case of individual intolerance of at least one of the components that make up the drug. Restrictions imposed including on people who do not tolerate lactose. Do not use Amitriptyline Nycomed in the treatment of juveniles, although this is permitted.

It is possible, but very carefully!

Some patients can be used by carefully following the instructions for use, "Amitriptyline Nycomed" (reviews show that people from such "dangerous" groups have been successfully treated), but the use of the drug is subject to some restrictions. Such special groups of patients include people suffering from urinary retention, as well as in diagnosing intraocular pressure above the norm. It is very possible to resort to the remedy in old age, during therapy in pregnant women.

You can face the side effects of "Amitriptyline Nycomed", undergoing therapy, if there is a history of:

  • bipolar disorder;
  • insufficient functioning of the liver, kidneys;
  • alcohol addiction;
  • use of sleeping pills, antipsychotic medications;
  • some features of the structure of the eye chamber;
  • diseases of the heart, blood vessels.

Amitriptyline Nicomed Analogues

Special attention from the doctor requires the passage of treatment with the use of "Amitriptyline Nycomed" by persons diagnosed with schizophrenia, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism.

How to apply?

In the sale of funds are presented in two variants of release: 10 and 25 mg of the active ingredient in one tablet. The specific option is chosen by the doctor, focusing on the patient's condition. The pill must be taken after a meal without chewing. Dosage "Amitriptyline Nicomed" adults:

  • at the beginning of 25-50 mg (used for two times);
  • incremental increase allowed;
  • maximum per day - 200 mg.

Usually the course of treatment is from six months and more. It is recommended to continue treatment with the medication to prevent a possible relapse.

Special case

If it was decided to use “Amitriptyline Nycomed” for the treatment of an elderly patient, then the remedy at the beginning is taken in the evening, before bedtime, the entire dose - at a time. Allowed to use 25-30 mg per day. If the doctor fixes the need to increase the dose, in a day you can get to the border of 50-100 mg. Before prescribing a second course of treatment, it is necessary to make a complete examination of the patient's body.

amitriptyline tablets nicomede from what

If it was decided to treat the patient suffering from insufficient functioning of the liver or kidneys by using “Amitriptyline Nicomed”, then reduced doses are chosen. To prevent the withdrawal symptom, the treatment is stopped gradually. “Amitriptyline Nycomed” is not addictive, but the withdrawal syndrome usually manifests itself with headaches, problems with sleep and well-being, some patients become irritable.

Side Effects: Why Be Ready?

All side effects of taking the drug "Amitriptyline Nycomed" can be divided into:

  • provoked by depression;
  • provoked by taking the medication.

The first group usually comes to naught gradually, along with the cure of depressive disorder. Patients usually complain of tremor, may have a headache, disturbed stool, decreased sexual activity. The ability to concentrate may suffer. Up to half of all undergoing treatment with Amitriptilin Nicomed complained of at least one of the listed points.

amitriptyline nycomed side effects

The second group of side effects is typical of Amitriptyline Nicomed to the same extent as other antidepressants from the tricyclic category.Some reactions are possible, others are very rare. Patients complain of decreased visual acuity and mydriasis, the fact that there is a noise in the ears, pressure increases. In rare cases, allergic reactions are diagnosed, usually a rash or hives. A number of patients have urinary retention. Many when taking the medication complain of lethargy, they say that pulls into sleep, dizzy. Some people have a decrease in taste sensitivity, an arrhythmia. In old age, the risk of confused consciousness increases, a person may lose the ability to navigate in space, sleep is disturbed, the patient becomes restless. Rarely, but there are cases of nightmares. In diagnosed schizophrenia, the use of Amitriptyline Nicomed can cause hallucinations. About all possible side effects that threaten in each case, usually warns the doctor, prescribing "Amitriptyline Nycomed."

Finishing therapy: features of discontinuation

If you end up taking "Amitriptyline Nycomed" abruptly, the probability is high:

  • headaches;
  • general malaise;
  • vomiting.

Doctors recommend abolishing the drug gradually. At the same time there is also the possibility of negative reactions from the body. As a rule, they accompany the first two weeks of cancellation, when the dose of the active ingredient entering the body is gradually reduced. Patients are irritable, sleep may be disturbed, others become too agitated. Manic state is very rarely recorded, there is a risk of hypomania. This is only possible after a very long course.

amitriptyline nycomed with depression

"Amitriptyline Nycomed": overdose

The reaction to the excess of the active component in the body is exclusively individual, depending on the characteristics of the patient, his state of health. The first signs of an overabundance in adult patients can be observed when the daily dose of 500 mg is exceeded. Excess of this volume in half can cause a lethal outcome.

Overdose manifests itself either gradually or suddenly: depends on the patient's body. Often, the first two hours from the moment of ingestion of an oversupply of medication a person behaves excitedly, although a backlash is possible - drowsiness.Probably the appearance of hallucinations, symptoms may occur due to anticholinergic effects (tachycardia, seizures, mydriasis). Often the temperature rises. In the absence of adequate treatment, there is a likelihood of respiratory failure, consciousness is disturbed, CA is inhibited, the condition progresses, possibly falling into a coma. From the side of the heart, arrhythmia, prolongation of the PR interval, changes in other parameters detected during ECG removal are observed. The total effect on the heart can cause it to stop.

What to do?

In case of drug overdose, it is necessary to conduct therapy, focusing on the symptoms and maintaining the patient's condition stable. At the same time, the treatment with the described preparation is stopped, and the stomach is washed. Benefit will show the reception of activated carbon.

Careful monitoring of the patient’s condition is necessary. Even if the symptoms show that no complications are foreseen, it is important to constantly monitor the dynamics of indicators and human behavior. Special attention is chained work of the heart, respiratory system, consciousness.Regularly necessary to check the quality of blood. Usually the patient needs mechanical ventilation. The ECG should be taken regularly for the next five days from the moment of poisoning. To relieve seizures, you can use drugs with diazepam. In metabolic acidosis, the therapy is normal. Dialysis efficiency does not show due to the low concentration of the active ingredient in the blood.


The price for Amitriptyline Nycomed is low, one package costs about 45-50 rubles and contains 50 tablets. And yet, in some cases, patients to whom the drug was prescribed are interested in what can be replaced with it. Usually this is due to either the intolerance of additional components, or the desire to choose a tool that provokes less negative effects during prolonged use.

The most common analogues of "Amitriptyline Nycomed":

  • Amitriptyline;
  • "Saroten retard";
  • "Amitriptyline Zentiva".

The replacement must be agreed with your doctor. Independently change the drug to any other antidepressant is strictly prohibited.

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