Andrey Devyatov: biography, books and articles

In the USSR, social sciences developed in order toservicing of state needs. So, developing the traditions of oriental studies, we were able to achieve successes, but not so significant, as in the post-Soviet period. Whatever it was, a thorough study of all aspects of science continues to this day.

Andrey Devyatov: biography

Moscow, 1952 - Andrei Petrovich was born.Devyatov is a famous Sinologist and colonel of Soviet intelligence. Personality is bright and extraordinary. He studied at the Military Institute of Foreign Languages, graduated with honors. While still a student, he took part in hostilities, in the Arab-Israeli conflict, after which he was admitted to the GRU. The biography of Andrei Petrovich Devyatov is just as interesting as he is. For 25 years, Andrey Devyatov has visited China three times under diplomatic cover. Conducted reconnaissance in the rocket and space and nuclear fields. He retired in the rank of colonel of the GRU of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR.

Andrey Devyatov

What to do with the former scout?

After retirement in the rank of colonel of the reserveNine left to live in China as a private person. He started construction business, opened a hotel on the shore of the Yellow Sea, in the province of Baidaihe. After returning to Russia, he wrote the first book, "Chinese Specificity, as I understood it in intelligence and business," Andrei Devyatov.
In total Andrei Petrovich wrote several hundredbooks and articles. Among them we can distinguish: "Chinese: writing, language, thinking, practice," "Red Dragon. China and Russia in the 21st century. " Talented and perceptive author Andrey Devyatov. His books are always carried away, they make you think.


Andrey Devyatov books

Russian Orientalist Devyatov is a member ofInternational Academy for Future Research, creator and founder of the Russian Academy of Neo-Politics, a new term, meaning the military-political doctrine of time and spirit. His knowledge of Chinese psychology, ethics, worldview, symbolism makes the work deep, meaningful. They can not be called superficial. The book "Nebolitik. For those who make decisions "was translated and published by the Academy of Sciences of the PRC.
In addition to lectures, articles, books, there are alsoInternet projects, authored by Andrey Devyatov, "Octopus" (blog-journal) covers global problems not only on the Russian scale, but the world as a whole. The author not only expresses his point of view, but also allows others to convey their opinions to people.

Andrey Devyatov: lecture about China

In his lectures Andrei Petrovich showed himselfa deeply penetrating and sane person. What the politicians and economists are fighting over the world, he set forth clearly and intelligibly. It is impossible to develop the economy and external relations only bilaterally, when everyone pulls the blanket over. We need a union of peoples, cooperation and mutual assistance. Successful relations require a shared economy, only then will the fruitful cooperation of the world powers be possible.

Signs and symbols

Andrey Devyatov biography

In the article "On the establishment of order in the signs andsymbols-4 "Devyatov compares the symbols of the Soviet era and the Russian one. The red flag replaced the Masonic tricolor, on the arms instead of the sun appeared a two-headed eagle - a symbol of Paleologues. The symbolism of our state strongly admires the West, there is nothing left of the symbols of Holy Russia. The military symbolism of the RF Armed Forces also strongly resembles the US military symbols. And the new black and gold banners with white crosses are completely similar to the standards of the Nazis. Red color - the color of the spirit - was replaced by blue (the color of liberalism) - the color of the flag of the European Union and NATO. It is obvious that this props of symbols and signs of New Russia must be brought to a certain order. But what sort of a new order is he? On the big seal of the USA there is the motto "NOVUSORDOSECLORUM", which implies globalization, its center is the United States, and the financial capital of the world is New York. From there, the propaganda of new symbols, successfully introduced throughout the world, also began.

Red dragon and Russian bear

"Dragon and Bear, or What is the" Mandate of Heaven "an article timed to the meeting of the leaders of China and Russia in the capital of Bashkortostan, Ufa. It talks about the crisis in relations between China and Russia, despite the fact that many political scientists, official leaders, the media claim the opposite. In the 50 years of the twentieth century, relations between Russia and China were much stronger. They were supported by a military-political alliance built on Marxist-Leninist ideology. The strength of this alliance is confirmed by the war with Korea. The war was led by Chinese volunteers, and the material and technical and aviation support was rendered by the USSR. On the 70th anniversary of IV. Stalin Mao Zedong was the main foreign guest, which was a symbol of the spiritual recognition of the dynasty. In honor of this in art, even a new direction appeared - posters of the series "Friendship of Peoples". However, Stalin's promise to provide China with the secret of nuclear weapons was justified only after his death.

Andrey Devyatov the octopus

The Renaissance of the Nation

In 2012, China once again talked about the revivalgreatness of the nation. And in 2014, and Russia woke up from hibernation, resolutely declaring itself to the world. But still, for complete harmony, a third force is needed. Andrey Devyatov assumes that Kazakhstan can become such a force, which will play the role of an intermediary. Kazakhstan will become a link for the peoples of Eastern civilization. For Russia, this will be a kind of cover in the confrontation with the West, and Russia will be given the Mandate of Heaven by China, a kind of recognition of its power. It should be shown to the whole world that not only economic relations, arms trade and pragmatic interests bind China and Russia, but there are other intangible values ​​between our countries that are related to the spirit of the people and incomprehensible to Western civilizations.
Andrey Devyatov lecture about China

"The War of Drums ..."

In the article "Drums of War, War of Drums, or Aboutwhom the bell tolls. The Third World War in the Foreshortening of Neopolitics "of November 14, 2015, Andrey Devyatov talks about the sophisticated and thoughtful moves of terrorists. Their actions are aimed at suppressing the will and intimidating the enemy. The real goal is not to be physically destroyed, but to prepare the authorities for the position of forced defense at the expense of the excitement raised in the media, and encourage them to act profitable for terrorists.

Without weapons

Bombings of aircraft, terrorist attacks in the subway and on the streets,the explosion in the stadium is not just the horrific actions of the barbarians, but a certain strategy of war, where the initiative is in the hands of terrorists, they force us to resort to retaliatory actions. Our liberal-democratic state has placed itself in the trap of being unable to win the war without using weapons. According to the law, it is impossible to negotiate with terrorists and interfere in internal affairs. But at the same time acts of terrorism compel us to take retaliatory measures. The so-called "war of the drums" with a clear advantage is won by the terrorists.

Whom does the bell ring?

On putting things in order in signs and symbols 4

Russia has already exhausted the facilities that can beto strike with the help of aerospace forces, and we can not provide aviation support to the army of the Syrian army, because they do not have Russian air commanders. The prohibition of the flights of civil aircraft to the territory of Egypt and the export of our tourists speaks eloquently of the preparation of a ground operation. The terrorist attacks in Paris suggest that the response operations will be carried out not by Russia alone. Thus, there is an increasing involvement in the conflict of different civilizations. It is worthwhile to be ready for the offensive of terrorists in Central Asia. This offensive is likely to start through Afghanistan to Turkmenistan, since it does not enter into one of the coalitions, so it will be difficult to organize a timely and powerful screen. Having got into the expanses of Turkmenistan, the terrorists will be able to develop an offensive towards the Fergana Valley to their co-religionists. It remains only to hope that the ruling elite of Russia will in time understand the processes of global transformation and choose the right political path.

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Andrey Devyatov: biography, books and articles Andrey Devyatov: biography, books and articles Andrey Devyatov: biography, books and articles Andrey Devyatov: biography, books and articles Andrey Devyatov: biography, books and articles Andrey Devyatov: biography, books and articles Andrey Devyatov: biography, books and articles