Good evening, the other day we bought a home antenna to watch digital channels, but as it turned out, a dvb t2 receiver is not built in our TV, tell me what to do?
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Answered on January 3 21:42
I would advise you to make a return at the store, if that is possible, and it has not been much time. And instead buy either an outdoor antenna, or put a satellite, everything will be set up and connected to you
Answered on January 3 21:53
And what is there to do about it. Leave it can still buy a second TV in the kitchen or in another room and there will be a built-in receiver dvb t2 and then your antenna will be useful. In the meantime, in my opinion, it is easier to connect a common house antenna and also watch for free those channels that the antenna would find
Answered on January 3 21:57
I think the problem is simpler than you think, it's okay that you do not have a built-in receiver, you can just buy a buy DVB T2 receiver and through it connect your indoor antenna to the TV. Yes, you have to spend a little more, but it will not hurt that you bought the antenna in vain.

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