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Antoine Fuqua is a talented director who began his journey to fame with the production of commercials. Now he has already had several great films. "Training Day", "Shooter", "The Great Equalizer" - pictures, thanks to which the master appeared fans in different parts of the world. What is the story of a star?

Antoine Fuqua: the beginning of the journey

The hero of this article was born in the state of Pennsylvania, and more precisely in Pittsburgh. It happened in January 1966. Antoine Fuqua was born into a simple family, unrelated to the world of dramatic art. The first years of his life were spent in a disadvantaged area. Once a child was even forced to witness a crime. Remembering this Fukua unpleasant now.

Antoine Fuqua

As a child, Antoine believed that he would become a famous athlete. The boy was really into basketball. He achieved great success in this area, so he received a grant to study at the University of West Virginia. Dreams of a sports career are in the past.For a while, Antoine was going to become an engineer, but left this idea.

First successes

Antoine Fuqua never graduated from university. Once he realized that learning him was boring. A young man dropped out of college and went to conquer New York. Antoine began by working on music videos and commercials. He quickly made a name for himself, got clients.

Among those who turned to Fuqua, there were stars. For example, in different years, he collaborated with Stevie Wonder, Prince, Asher. Once Antoine had the opportunity to fulfill the order of the famous brand "Armani".

Directorial debut

Gradually, Antoine Fuqua realized that he wanted to make a movie. His first major achievement was the painting "Killers for the replacement." The director’s debut film was presented to the public in 1998.

Antoine Fuqua on set

The killer "Killers for replacement" tells the story of a hapless killer ". Representatives of mafia structures ordered him to kill a policeman, but he failed to fulfill this assignment. As a result, the leaders of the criminal group decide to get rid of the dangerous witness - the killer himself. A brutal hunt is under way for an assassin.He is forced to hide not only from the mafia, but also from law enforcement.

From obscurity to glory

In 2001, the film of Antoine Fuqua was replenished with the film “Training Day”. This crime drama is worth seeing already for the sake of one great cast. The main roles were played by Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Scott Glenn, Tom Berenger.

film "Training Day" by Antoine Fuqua

"Training Day" tells the story of a young and inexperienced police officer Jake. On his very first working day, the hero finds himself in the thick of things. He is forced to engage in the struggle that law enforcement officers are waging with drug dealers. It is up to the old policeman Alonzo to look after the recruit. Mentor uses such methods of work with which Jake is not easy to come to terms.

Denzel Washington received the Oscar for his leading role in this film. The film "Training Day" earned a large amount at the box office. Needless to say that its creator suddenly turned into a world-wide star. Of course, Fukua didn’t stop there.

Interesting movies

Thanks to the film “Training Day,” films by Antoine Fuqua have become very popular with viewers. In 2003, a talented director released the movie "Tears of the Sun".The key roles in this film were brilliantly played by Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci. The military team has a difficult mission to accomplish in Nigeria. The participants in the operation should rescue the captured doctor and help him return to his home country. As a result, the detachment is forced to rescue 70 refugees, as their goal refuses to leave Nigeria without them.

In 2004, the world saw the new picture of Fukua - the militant King Arthur. The main roles in this film were played by Keira Knightley and Clive Owen. As it is easy to guess from the name, the tape is dedicated to the legendary King Arthur and his knights. The film allows viewers to witness the events that followed the collapse of the Roman Empire. Initially, the producers of the film were supposed to entrust its creation to director Michael Bey. However, he refused, as he was not satisfied with the size of the budget.

Main achievement

"Shooter" - the film by Antoine Fuqua, which is currently considered his main achievement. A crime drama with elements of thriller was presented to the court of viewers in 2007. The audience’s attention is focused on the story of Bob Lee, a professional sniper who accidentally becomes a participant in a dangerous plot against the president. The hero understands that he will be charged with murder.To find and neutralize a real criminal is the only way out that he sees before him. Otherwise, the conspirators will be able to substitute him and "surrender" to the authorities.

Antoine Fuqua film "Shooter"

In the action movie "Shooter" lit many talented actors. The leading roles were brilliantly performed by Danny Glover, Mark Wahlberg, Michael Peña, Kate Mara and Elias Koteas. Charges surpassed the wildest expectations of the creators of the picture, and Fukua entrenched the status of a star.

"The great leveler"

The above are not all fascinating films directed by Antoine Fuqua. In 2014, the light saw the thriller "The Great Equalizer". A good advertisement for the film was the fact that the main role in it was played by Denzel Washington.

photo by director Antoine Fuqua

The protagonist of the film is a commando who dreams of changing his life. This person is retired from work and is going to never again take up arms. Unfortunately, the fulfillment of a promise given to himself does not allow him. First, the commando is taken to rescue a girl who is abducted by mafia structures. Then he attacks the trail of the Russian mafia. Hero awaits dangerous adventures, from which he will not get out alive without a weapon in his hands.

The film "The Great Equalizer" was an extraordinary success with the audience. Is it any wonder that the creators of the picture are thinking about the continuation of the story, beloved by many people. In 2018 came the second part. The main role was played again by Denzel Washington, and Pedro Pascal made him company, which gained popularity thanks to the TV series "Game of Thrones" and "Pushers". The second part made the same strong impression on the audience as the first film. Therefore, we can assume that this is not the end.

Love family

Of course, fans are not only interested in the creative achievements of director Antoine Fuqua, but also in his personal life. In 1998, Maitre made an offer to actress Lele Rochon. About a year later, the wedding of a beautiful couple took place. Lela was remembered by the viewers on the tapes “Waiting to Exhale”, “Fuse”, “Camera”, “Why Fools Fall in Love”, “Criminal Connections”.

Antoine Fuqua and his wife

Shortly after the wedding, a daughter was born in the family. Happy parents have chosen for the girl an unusual name Asia. Two years later, Fuqua again became a father. Lela gave her husband a son, who was named Brando. It should also be mentioned that Antoine has a son, Zachary, from a previous relationship.He educates him himself. There is a high probability that the boy will follow in his father's footsteps and connect his life with the world of dramatic art. Zachary Fuqua has already managed to light up in the militants "Lefty" and "Brooklyn police".

Antoine does not like to talk about his family with reporters. In his interviews, he prefers to talk only about creative activity. However, it is known that the director turned out to be a wonderful husband and father.

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