Appendicitis in 7-year-old child: symptoms, causes

Diseases of children always cause troubleparents. Especially such pathologies as appendicitis. In fact, despite the fact that this disease is known to almost everyone, some of its symptoms can be misleading. For example, if the baby complains of abdominal pain and nausea, it is often associated with poisoning and do not rush to seek help. Therefore, it is very important for every parent to know the symptoms of appendicitis in children 6-7 years of age. At an early age, it is almost impossible to understand exactly what is bothering the baby. But when the child becomes conscious and answers the questions on his own, parents should know how to check the symptoms of this disease. This will help in time to orient in case of development of pathology and consult a doctor.

appendicitis in a child 7 years of age symptoms

What is appendicitis in children?

Appendicitis refers to one of the mostcommon surgical diseases occurring in childhood. Most often it appears from 5 years and older. This is associated with a change in the nature of the baby's nutrition. The most common appendicitis in a child is 7 years old. Symptoms of this pathology can be masked for signs of other diseases. Among them - gastritis, cholecystitis, food poisoning, etc.

By appendicitis is meant the inflammation of partthe cecum - the appendix. It is located in the hypogastric area on the right side. Nevertheless, his soreness is rarely the first sign from which appendicitis begins in a child of 7 years. Symptoms of pathology develop gradually. Therefore, it is necessary to know the correct sequence of the clinical picture.

In addition, manifestations of this pathology in childrenmay differ. It depends on the individual anatomical features. Despite the fact that in most cases the appendix is ​​located in the right ileal region, it may have other localization. Because of this, the signs that characterize appendicitis differ. Symptoms in children 7 years old are similar to the clinical picture that develops in adults. Nevertheless, there are some differences.

appendicitis in children symptoms of 5-7 years

Causes and development of appendicitis

Despite the fact that appendicitis is widelythe widespread disease, the reasons for its development are not known to the end. It is believed that under the influence of provoking factors, stretching and gradual traumatization of the vermiform appendix occurs. This leads to the fact that bacterial or viral inflammation develops in the internal surface of the organ. In rare cases, it is chronic. More often - the inflammatory reaction rapidly progresses, leading to purulent and necrotic lesions of the appendix.

The main factor leading to the development ofdisease, is malnutrition. In most cases, it is it that causes appendicitis in children. Symptoms 5-7 year old child can already clearly explain, and parents should react properly. Usually, the disease manifests itself in children eating seeds or nuts with husks, crackers, chips and fast food. The development of this surgical pathology can be rapid or last for several days. On average, severe clinical manifestations occur approximately 5-10 hours from the onset of the inflammatory process.

appendicitis in children 7 years old

The starting phase of the disease is the introductioninfectious agents in the lumen of the appendix. They can get there from the cecum, which communicates with the appendix. After this, the lymphoid tissue of the appendix is ​​associated with microbes. This triggers an inflammatory process. As a result, appendicitis develops in a child of 7 years. Symptoms of pathology depend on the nature of the inflammation (serous, purulent, necrotic). By these criteria, the disease is divided into stages and severity.

Appendicitis in children: symptoms (5-7 years)

5-7 years is the age at which children canexplain what and where it hurts. The first sign of the disease is the child's refusal to eat. Loss of appetite occurs even before the appearance of painful sensations. After that, nausea joins. Despite this, vomiting is not always observed. In some cases, it occurs 1-2 times. Regardless of the location of the appendix, pain sensations are first observed in the upper part of the abdomen (epigastrium). Therefore, parents often think that the baby developed gastritis, and not appendicitis.

Symptoms in children 7 years old can be confused withexacerbation of cholecystitis. Especially if this disease has already been observed in a child earlier. Only after a few hours the pain moves down the abdomen. With the "classical" location of the appendix, it arises in the right iliac region. If he is in another place, the pain can be observed in the groin, left or in the lower back. It has a cramping character and grows with time. There is also an increase in temperature, in some cases - stool (constipation or diarrhea).

appendicitis symptoms in children 7 years old leukocytes

Appendicitis: Symptoms in children 7 years old - leukocytes and other indicators

An accurate diagnosis can only be made by a doctor. Since appendicitis refers to surgical pathologies, if a child is suspected of this disease, it is necessary to be hospitalized. Laboratory diagnostics of blood and urine are carried out to diagnose inflammation of the appendix. If there is an increase in the level of leukocytes in the UAC, the doctor confirms the diagnosis of "appendicitis" in a child of 7 years. Symptoms are already pronounced.

High leukocytosis indicates a purulent inflammation. Also this indicator is observed in the general analysis of urine. In rare cases, instrumental diagnostics are performed. It includes ultrasound of the abdominal cavity or X-ray contrast study. This is necessary only if the diagnosis is unspecified, when the doctor is not sure that the vermicular appendix is ​​inflamed. Nevertheless, the child is hospitalized anyway, and is monitored for 24 hours.

appendicitis in children 7 years old doctor mosquito

Stages of appendicitis in children

The stage of appendicitis can be identified only aftermorphological research, that is, during the operation. First, there is a catarrhal inflammation of the appendix. It corresponds to the initial stage of pathology. However, the pain is not significant, the temperature is less than 37.5aboutC. In the analysis of blood, minor leukocytosis (10-11 * 10⁹).

The next stage is a purulent inflammation of the appendix. It manifests itself in a detailed clinical picture: cramping pain in the iliac region, an increase in body temperature to 38.0aboutFROM. Most often, the disease is diagnosed at this stage. In the absence of surgical treatment, phlegmonous inflammation occurs at this stage. It is characterized by a deterioration in the child's condition. The appendix is ​​completely covered with pus. The final stage is gangrenous appendicitis. It is dangerous for the rupture of the appendix and the transition of inflammation to the peritoneum - peritonitis.

symptoms of appendicitis in children 7 years of age at home

What symptoms can I check at home?

In most cases, you can check the symptomsappendicitis in children 7 years old at home. To do this, put the baby on his back and bend his knees. If, when pressing on the right iliac region and releasing the thumb, pain occurs, the appendicitis has already passed into the second or third stage. Thus, the symptom of Shchetkin-Blumberg is checked. In addition, you can press your fingers on the left iliac region, with the pain will be observed on the right. So the symptom of the Rovsing is checked. If these signs are positive, you should immediately call an ambulance.

symptoms of appendicitis in children 6 7 years

How to treat appendicitis in children?

The only way to cure acute appendicitis -this is an operation. It can be performed by an open method or laparoscopically. An inflamed appendix is ​​removed, and his stump is sewn to the caecum. Remember that untimely started treatment can lead to the development of peritonitis.

The advice of Dr. Komarovsky with appendicitis

To prevent the development of complications,it is necessary to diagnose appendicitis in time. Symptoms in children 7 years old doctor Komarovsky notes the following: a change in stool, loss of appetite, nausea and abdominal pain. However, he advises parents not to give the child any drugs and do not apply cold (wet towel) to the ileum. These measures will only "erase" the clinical picture, while the inflammation will progress.

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