Appetizing spaghetti with chicken

Before cooking spaghetti with chicken,you need to learn how to choose these pasta. For starters, it is worth giving a description of this product. Spaghetti is a kind of macaroni, the length of which is 15 cm and more, and the thickness - no more than 5 mm, usually 2 mm. There are two types of spaghetti: thin and thick. Preference in favor of one or the other kind should be done, based on personal considerations or sympathies. When choosing a spaghetti, the important criterion is what kind of flour they are made from. Macaroni products from durum wheat are the most successful variant. First, such pasta will not stick together during cooking. And, secondly, they are less caloric than others. How to determine what kind of flour is produced from spaghetti? First, you should look at the composition of the product. If the pasta is sold by weight or for some reason the composition is not indicated on the package, then pay attention to the price tag. Macaroni products of Russian production from durum wheat are designated by category A, Italian - are called "semola di grano duro". Also inspect the surface of the spaghetti, it should be smooth and with a golden tinge. If macaroni have unnaturally bright colors, then, most likely, the dyes worked over them. In this case, judge for yourself whether you want to eat unnatural ingredients. But if there are dots of white or black on pasta, you should not be frightened, because it is the residual phenomena from the shell of grain.

So, we have learned how to choose the right spaghetti, now you can start cooking them. This time we will present you a recipe of spaghetti with chicken.

To prepare this amazing dishes we will need:

- 400 g of spaghetti

- 2 small chicken breasts

- 2 Bulgarian peppers (red and green)

- white pepper

- 2 tomatoes

- greens (preferably parsley)

- several cloves of garlic

- 1 red onion

- 150 ml chicken broth

- 200 ml of creamy cream

- olive oil (can be replaced with ordinary vegetable)

- some white wine

- butter

- salt and spices.

Preparing spaghetti with chicken is beststart with slicing vegetables. For this, we take white, green and red peppers and remove them from the core with seeds. Pepper is cut into half rings. Then we take the bulb and also cut it into half rings. Next, "cut" the tomatoes in the form of cubes, for this, the mode of them first along, and then across. Turn came to the garlic, finely chop it. We put the vegetables aside for a while.

We will engage in a bird. Defreeze the chicken (if necessary) and cut it into cubes of medium size. Spread copiously with chicken cubes with spices, which you can choose to your taste. The ideal option is a combination of paprika and cinnamon. Paprika will give the necessary sharpness to the dish, and the cinnamon will fill it with attracting aroma. We will fry the chicken in a deep frying pan in butter. To begin with, it is necessary to warm the pan thoroughly, melt some butter in it, and then place about half of the chicken in it. Fry the chicken pieces until a piquant golden hue, without stirring, but only occasionally turning them from one side to the other. By the end of the chicken, salt it and place it in a separate container. Repeat with the remaining half of the chicken pieces.

Fry vegetables. In the same frying pan, in which the chicken is fried, add a little cream and olive oil. After completely dissolving the oil, we place in the pan a chopped onion, garlic and pepper, season them with spices and salt. Fry the vegetables for a minute on a fairly strong fire. We add tomatoes to the fried vegetables, we mix them in the total mass. The contents of the frying pan are covered with a lid and simmer with minimal fire for about half an hour. Transfer the cooked vegetables into a separate container.

Take a deep saucepan and pour water into it, bring it to a boil. Then boil the salt water and put spaghetti into it, cook them for 10 minutes. Throw the pasta in a colander.

Next, we need the same frying pan, inwhich now we pour a little white wine and chicken broth. Alcohol in combination with the broth will give a beautiful brownish hue and mysterious taste. Add the cream to the mixture and reduce the heat. Periodically stirring the liquid with a whisk or a wooden spatula, bring it to a thickening. Immediately after the thickening of the sauce, add the ready-made chicken and vegetables to it. This composition is literally a few minutes.

Now it comes to macaroni, which weplace in our already become a "native" frying pan. Thoroughly mix spaghetti with chicken, vegetables and sauce. We put it in a smart dish and sprinkle with small-cut greens. Spaghetti with chicken ready, you can serve this very appetizing dish to your household. Before serving, if desired, the pasta can be sprinkled with grated cheese.

Spaghetti with chicken is quite simple incooking dish, it does not require any special ingredients and a significant waste of money to buy the necessary components. If you liked this "culinary greetings from Italy", then the next time as a variety, prepare spaghetti with meatballs for a similar recipe.

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