Apple tree Delight: description, photos, reviews

The variety of apple trees Uslada is grown on their plots by many summer residents. And its popularity is not accidental. The advantages of this apple tree has a lot. However, there are practically no drawbacks to this variety, judging by the reviews of summer residents.

Where was withdrawn

He conducted work on the variety of the apple tree Uslada, the photo of which is presented below on the page, in Soviet times, the then famous breeder Isaev, a pupil and successor of Michurin himself. The first results were obtained by this specialist in 1961. Apple trees grown by him and his assistants in the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, gave an excellent harvest of fruits with excellent taste.

In 1996, work on the variety Uslada breeders was continued. This time the apple tree was zoned for the central regions of Russia. As a result, Delight indicators such as frost resistance and scab resistance in wet years were improved. The modern version of this variety is great for growing not only in the central regions of the country, but also in the Urals or in Siberia.

apple tree delight

General description of the apple delight

Trees of this variety usually grow not too high - up to 3-4 meters. Crohn's delights at a young age rounded. As it grows, however, it becomes widespread. One of the drawbacks of this apple is the thickening of the crown. To prune this variety should be required. Otherwise, “variegated”, not very neat fruits will ripen on the tree in the future. In addition, in the absence of timely pruning, it is likely that the resistance of the apple to scab will also decrease.

Stands at the grade Uslada strong and smooth. The color of the bark covering it is dark gray. Oblique-vertical branches of this variety have the same shade. Apple shoots Delight dark brown, thin, slightly pubescent. Their internodes are short. The leaves of this variety are large, sharp, usually directed upwards. Their lower surface is pubescent.

Biological features

The advantages of this variety gardeners, among other things, include high yields. Fruits Delight ripen around the end of August. That is, the variety belongs to the early autumn. Apples Delights have fairly thick petioles, well attached to the branches.Therefore, they almost never crumble. This, of course, can also be attributed to the unconditional advantages of these trees.

Unfortunately, the variety Uslada does not belong to the early crop. For the first time, apples on a tree planted in the garden ripen only for the 4th-5th year. Sometimes it happens even in the 7th year.

delight apple tree description

Apple fruits

This variety got its name, of course, for good reason. Apples on Uslada grows really very sweet and fragrant. The main color of the skin of fruits of this variety is green, and the coverslip is red (with blurred stripes). The flesh of ripe apples Delight is mostly yellow-green. Only in some places it may have a pink tint. In any case, the pulp of the fruit of this variety is quite dense and at the same time very juicy.

In addition to the excellent taste qualities, Delight apples are also characterized by the fact that they contain a very large amount of vitamins. Therefore, they are recommended including for children, and diet. For example, vitamin C in the fruits of this variety contains almost 2 times more than in the famous Antonovka. The taste of apples of this variety is sweet, with a sour and raspberry flavor.

Usage Uslada can be used both for fresh consumption and for canning. Compotes, jams and jams from them are very tasty.However, the fruits of this variety, unfortunately, have not been stored for too long. It is recommended to eat them in a maximum within a month after harvesting.

apple tree delight reviews

Above, the reader can see a close-up of the fruit of the apple tree Delight in the photo. The description given to these apples above in the article, as well as reviews of summer residents, make them very tasty. However, the fruits of this variety have another important advantage. Apples Apples, among other things, also look very attractive. Therefore, the variety is considered to be commercial. You can also use the fruits of this apple for sale. Moreover, their transportability is relatively good.

The chemical composition of apples

Thus, the excellent taste of the fruit is something for which, among other things, the good apple-tree of Uslada has earned feedback from the gardeners. From the photo, you can also judge that they grow quite large, neat and very beautiful. If we talk about the chemical composition, the fruits of this variety contain:

  • sugars - 10.7%;

  • tannins - 53 mg;

  • ascorbic acid - 2.8 mg / 100 grams;

  • P-active substances - 0.12 mg / 100 grams;

  • pectin - 7.5% per dry weight.

apple tree delight photo

Choosing a landing site

To plant an apple tree Delight should be on the place of the garden where the level of groundwater is not too high. The soil in the selected area should be quite fertile. The more nutrients an apple tree receives, the larger its fruits will grow. On poor and medium soils, the weight of apples of this variety ranges from 110-130 grams. On nutrient soils, this figure can reach 170 grams.

Experienced gardeners are not advised to plant this variety on too mineralized soils. That is, wetlands, dry sands or very dense clays are not suitable for him. Best of all, the apple variety will delight on light loamy or soddy-carbonate soils. Also for these trees is to choose the most lit place.

How to plant

The pit under the apple tree of Delight should be prepared about a week and a half before planting. Since this variety refers to semi-dwarf, it is not necessary to make it too big. It will be enough to 50 cm in depth and diameter. However, this size is suitable mainly only for fertile soils. On poor soil, the pit should be made bigger - about 70 cm deep and 100 cm in diameter.

To fill the seedlings will need to prepare a nutrient mixture:

All these components should be mixed with topsoil removed from the pit. About 1/3 of the pit is filled with the obtained nutrient soil. Next, install the seedling itself and tie it to a stake. The latter must be inserted in the middle of the pit. The roots of the tree should be distributed as evenly as possible. Then the seedling should be sprinkled with the prepared mixture to the top. At the final stage around the tree equip the hole and fill it with water.

apple tree delight photo description

Crown formation

So, we found out that, in fact, is the apple tree of Uslada (description, photo, reviews are given in the article), and also figured out how to plant this variety on the plot. But as already mentioned, the crown of these trees needs periodic pruning. The procedure for its formation should begin in the second year after planting apples.

In order to avoid the thickening of the crown, before starting sap flow, branches that appear in the trunk zone on the apple tree should be removed. You also need to shorten last year's growth of about 1/3. In this case, the apple tree will start to grow to the sides and will not reach up. And therefore, it will be much easier to care for her.

In subsequent years, when pruning, you need to remove part of last year’s branches, cut off vertical and frostbitten shoots. Properly formed apple Delight should have 3-4 tiers with almost horizontally growing branches. In each tier of them should be 3-4 pieces.

apple tree delight photo description reviews


Young apple trees Delight should be watered in the warm season about once a month. In this case, for each tree you need to spend 2-3 buckets of water. Adult apple trees of this variety are watered abundantly at least 4 times per season.

Of course, delight should be from time to time and feed. In spring, this variety is usually fertilized with ready-made nitrogen compounds or manure. The second time the apple tree is fed during flowering. This time also manure or diluted chicken slurry is used.

In the summer spend foliar feeding. At the same time, apple trees are sprayed with solutions of nitrogen and potash fertilizers. You can also feed Delight at this time and at the root. In this case, it is desirable to use nitrophoska (1 kg) and dry sodium humate (20 g) as a fertilizer. These substances should be dissolved in 200 liters of water. For each tree you need to use 3 buckets of 10 liters.


Apple trees too high. Delight does not grow. Therefore, it is usually very easy to harvest from them. Determining that the fruits of Delight have ripened is easy. Their skin becomes bright red, and the seeds - brown. Padalica in this variety, as already mentioned, is usually not too much. But if such apples are still there, they can be used for making jam or drying. Fruits removed from a tree are allowed to be stored for a while in a cool place. For bookmarks, it is worth picking slightly unripe apples.

apple tree delight reviews photos

Views of summer residents about the variety

Oblada has deserved just great reviews not only from Russian but also from Ukrainian and Belarusian gardeners. The summer residents include the advantages of this variety, of course, first and foremost, and simply the excellent taste of the fruit. With regard to demanding care, this apple tree also earned good reviews from the owners of country plots. According to the majority of summer residents, not only an experienced gardener, but also a novice will easily be able to grow Delight and get great harvests from it.

This variety is not only praised by gardeners who grow apples for themselves and their families.Excellent reviews about it are available from farmers. For the commercial cultivation of Delight, in their opinion, fits just fine.

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