Are tampons harmful?

Tatyana Ionina
Tatyana Ionina
January 9, 2013

A lot of controversy among women is associated with this topic. There are several controversial points to consider in order to determine the obvious and hidden harm from using daily tampons. So tampons are harmful?

Only natural

In the study of the market of tampons should opt for products that are whitened with peroxide. For this you need to familiarize yourself with the composition prescribed on the side of the package. The chemical substance dioxin can threaten the health of a woman. Dioxin is a poison that promotes the appearance of cancer cells. But dioxin is not found in modern tampons.

In addition to dioxin, synthetic components of tampons can be dangerous, since their exposure is likely to cause toxic shock (nausea, diarrhea, headaches). After analysis and comparison with the linkage of such a reaction of synthetic substances to women - three out of four additives became prohibited. But toxic shock can be caused not only by exposure to synthetics, but also by the penetration of bacteria.In this case, tampons are harmful? Yes, but, if you follow the necessary rules of hygiene with the introduction of a tampon - you can avoid this danger.

Blood Stasis - Myth

Many people believe that it is harmful to use tampons because of the accumulation of blood, which is possible when using this product. Rather, it is a myth than the truth. Most modern tampons have good absorbent properties; therefore, blood stagnation is impossible with regular replacement of this hygiene product. By the way, about the time of use - the tampon must be changed to a new one every four hours.

About convenience

Are tampons harmful if used correctly? It is on this and worth sharpen your attention. Not only time plays an important role in the application of this hygiene product - you need to determine for yourself the best tampons by the degree of absorption. With the right choice of tampons, there will be neither discomfort nor obvious harm to the female body.

Given the above, a thought arises: all virtual legends are largely not supported by anything, and tampons do not represent a clear danger to women's health. Tampons are comfortable and not harmful if used correctly.

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