Autonomous sewerage by one's own hands

Landscaping a country house or cottage, it is worthbe sure to have engineering communications. For this, it is not necessary to resort to the services of specialized companies and pay a considerable amount for their work. Autonomous sewerage with their own hands allows you to significantly reduce the cost of building and repair work. As a result, investing a minimum of funds, you get a comfortable and cozy country house, suitable for year-round living.

Autonomous sewerage by one's own hands can beis arranged in various ways. In all cases, waste water flows out of the house, pass through a local treatment plant, where it is cleaned to the required level. Then they are dumped in a ditch or in the nearest pond.

The most difficult thing is to install the wastewater treatment plant. It should be noted that it can be of two types:

  • the simplest are septic tanks;
  • more complex - installations of deep biological cleaning.

In septic mud separates from the liquid underthe action of gravity and settles down. After that the formed sediment starts to rot in conditions of absence of oxygen. Such devices are quite simple and cheap. They work without additional energy. They can be used when a sewage system is set up in the country. However, with their help, it is difficult to achieve a high degree of purification. They require a large amount of preparatory work. The location of their location largely determines the level of groundwater. You will have to familiarize yourself with a significant amount of information in order to do everything the way it should. In addition, it is required to periodically replace the filtering load and carry out treatment measures.

Installations of deep biological cleaning canhave a different design, which is largely determined by the manufacturer. They can consist of a different number of sections, but the degree of sewage treatment in any case will be quite high. Such an autonomous sewer for the home will be the best option. It allows not only mechanical sewage treatment, as in the previous version, but also biological disinfection. But in order to choose one or another model, we must initially at least approximately imagine how much water this installation will have to clean. As a rule, many sellers recommend starting from the number of people living in the house.

Such devices most often occupy a smallspace, and therefore you do not have to look for a special place for installing a treatment plant. Pay for this equipment will have a little more than in the first case. It also requires an electric current for its operation. But such an autonomous sewer system will be installed with less effort. And for the subsequent cleaning in its design a special pump is provided, which will be enough to use just a few times a year. The resulting waste will be an excellent fertilizer for plants grown on the adjacent site.

The self-contained sewer system is installed as follows:

  • First, a hole is pitched in which a cleaning device will be installed and sewer pipes will be installed. And this is done at a depth below the freezing level of the soil in winter;
  • then shuttering is carried out, in order to concrete the walls of the pit, the corresponding work is carried out;
  • a cleaning device is installed;
  • Mounted cover, similar in type to the suspended ceiling from the metal corner and slate panels;
  • the frame of the hatch is installed and the brick is laid;
  • clay and clay are filled;
  • a hatch and waterproofing is arranged.

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