Beach Riviera in Sochi. Description, reviews of tourists

Tourists who have planned to spend their holidays in the southern countries are looking for the best options for spending time. When choosing a vacation spot, it is important to turn your attention to the famous Riviera beach. It is located in the city of Sochi and is incredibly popular with tourists. Rest on the sunny resort is preferred by many travelers. During the season it is quite crowded here, but the Riviera beach is still worth a visit. Let's take a closer look at what kind of place it is.

What are some of the reasons why Riviera Beach has become so popular?

This beach is located in the very center of the city of Sochi; therefore, it is quite simple to get to it, even public transport can be used for these purposes. In addition, the Riviera beach in Sochi is located near all the attractions, so you can quickly explore the interesting places of the city. Just before the entrance to the beach, you can see a wonderful mosaic stela, on which a portrait of Lenin was created.Across the road is a park where you can have fun. Nearby is a seaport where you can make a wonderful walk. If you walk along the street, you can see the singing fountain and other equally interesting sights. Reviews of the beach Riviera confirm its good location.

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The second reason to visit this beach is a gentle entrance to the sea. So, on the beach of the seaport you can even break your leg by going into the water. After all, there is a steep descent, at the bottom of which is clay. Therefore, you can swim only on the beach Riviera. Another good news for tourists is that the beach is perfectly equipped with everything necessary. There are wonderful changing rooms, a shower, where you can rinse after the sand, equipped with small fountains with drinking water. In addition, on the beach there is a dining room and several fast foods where you can always have a quick and tasty snack. In order for the rest to be remembered for a long time, on its territory are located attractions, wonderful slides and trampolines, there are horizontal bars and even a volleyball court.

A nice bonus was the fact that lifeguards are constantly working on the beach, so visitors can not worry about their lives and the lives of native people.
Well, the "rosette on the cake" is that dolphins swim to the shore, which is very interesting to watch. Small flocks of dolphin babies can even frolic alongside bathing people, especially they love small children.

Sochi Riviera Beach

What is covered beach?

Quite often storms form on the beach in the evenings, sand is mixed with small pebbles. Despite this, the beach is quite smooth, walking around it is comfortable even for children. Log into the sea flat and comfortable, even kids can frolic in their pleasure.

Providing free sun beds

Beach guests are provided with free sun beds in case of any promotions. For example, such a campaign was conducted by a tobacco company. For several seasons she rented a beach, held all sorts of contests and entertained guests, and also advertised her products to guests. Due to this, it was possible to occupy sun loungers, where the advertising zone was rented. Another example of such a promotion was the company Lays, which provided guests with free sun beds and umbrellas, as well as access to the Internet. But in order to use these services, it was necessary to have a yellow item of clothing with you.

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Beach Riviera in Sochi is replete with all sorts of entertainment. Here you can always find something to do. Thus, guests are offered a range of interesting and exciting entertainment. For example, you can ride a parachute, a banana and even water scooters. For those who are worried about their sporty appearance, special simulators are equipped on the beach, there are horizontal bars and a wall bars. In addition, you can play volleyball.

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Eating for a quick snack

Whatever it was, food is sold on the beach, the merchants continue to wear it, but absolutely no one is responsible for the quality of the products. In order for guests to be calm, there is a dining room on the beach where you can have a tasty and inexpensive snack. If you don’t want to eat in this place, then you can find cafes and fast food on the beach. Here, not a single guest will be left hungry, and the snack will be budget.

Products that are offered on the beach

On the beach there is a shop where you can buy everything you need for a wonderful holiday. For example, a variety of creams, inflatable circles for children, pareos and swimsuits, pillows and towels, inflatable mattresses and much more.In addition, you can find excellent souvenirs to present to friends on arrival.

What actions are prohibited on the beach?

The city of Sochi declared free from smoking. Therefore, smoking on the beach is strictly prohibited. In addition, the use of any alcoholic beverages is prohibited. This process is closely monitored by the police. The parking zone is paid, but it is better to pay than to buy the car from the penalty area.

beach riviera sochi reviews

Tourist comments

Reviews of Riviera Beach in Sochi indicate that this is one of the best coastal areas of the resort. The beach has a very convenient location and is incredibly functionally equipped. On its territory there is everything you need for a perfect holiday. Also on the beach there are several establishments for a tasty snack. There are rides and simulators. Rest will be remembered for a long time, and here you will definitely want to return. Many guests are very satisfied with this place of rest and from different angles make a photo of the Riviera beach to keep the days spent here in memory for long.

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