Beans: calorie and healthy properties

The fact that legumes are useful, everyone knows. But few people like beans themselves. Although in the West they are very popular. But the beans, whose caloric content is quite low, are loved by many.
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The beans were brought to us for a long time from the countries of South and Central America, where they were grown from time immemorial. Already 5-6 thousand years ago she was able to cultivate and process in different ways. It is noteworthy that the beans were one of the favorite dishes of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Chinese chronicles say that the beans were loved in the Middle Kingdom. Now more than 200 varieties of this plant are known.

What do they like beans?

white beans calorieIts caloric content is low, and its beneficial properties more than many other vegetables. Its popularity at all times is explained by many factors. First of all, it has a pleasant taste, the ability to quickly saturate, give energy, enrich the body with vitamins. Now one more property that beans have is especially appreciated. Its calorie content is very low, so it fits well in the diet, and in the vegetarian menu.From it prepare soups, side dishes; It is ideal for home canning, in which it is able to store up to 70% of vitamins and minerals, which is simply unbelievable for a heat-treated product.

Beans: Calorie

Different varieties have different nutritional value. White beans contain 352 kcal per 100 grams; red - 292 kcal; pods - 240 kcal; frozen - 102 kcal. These numbers refer only to pure beans. However, it is often combined in dishes with other products, oils, fats. Therefore, we must bear in mind that in such cases, the caloric content increases significantly. If in the lean form (without additives) it is an excellent low-calorie diet product, then in combination with other ingredients it can be quite heavy. Red beans, whose caloric content is lower than white, are especially good for the bean calorie

Beneficial features
Thanks to the beans, salt exchanges take place better, the work of the urogenital system is improved, the nervous system calms down, the work of the gastric juice increases, the probability of the appearance of tartar decreases. Traditional medicine also uses beans. Its caloric value in this aspect does not matter.Other properties come to the fore.

Green beans: calorie, ideal for diets

Yellow and green beans in the pods are very closely related. These varieties have a similar taste and about the same amount of nutrients. It differs from other types of green beans in a special, peculiar only to it, method of preparation (whole pods). Such beans contain vitamin C, provitamin A, vitamin E and group B, fiber and minerals. Its vitamins and zinc effectively destroy free radicals and provide the skin with a young and fresh look. The combination of fiber, magnesium, potassium and folic acid reduces the risk of heart attack. This bean is not very rich in protein compared to other varieties, but contains more vitamins. It is preferable to use young pods. Over-grown cooked longer, less juicy and tough to taste. White beans, whose caloric content is higher, are less useful.

Bans on consumption

Beans are not recommended to eat when jade, acute colitis, gout, cholecystitis, ulcers, acidity, as well as the elderly.

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