Beautiful summer manicure: the best ideas

Those who care about updating their image in the warm season should think about what will be a manicure. Summer design assumes that it is juicy, bright and beautiful and consistent with the atmosphere. Together with the sun, every girl wants to make herself dazzling.

During this period, a variety of areas are relevant, so that women of fashion will have to choose from a suitable summer manicure suitable for any occasion. Below are all the latest trends and trends, realizing that, girls will boldly keep pace with the times.

summer manicure

Colorless manicure

Its main idea is that a large area of ​​the nail plate is left without color, and only different elements are added to the rest, such as stripes, crescent and others.

The unpainted part is covered with colorless varnish. This design looks original and at the same time very gentle.


Many girls have already managed to fall in love with this option, and therefore it continues to be relevant.In it all naturalness of a nail, both the form, and its colors should remain. Shades are chosen natural, to create the impression that the nails are not covered with varnish.

Gel polish

This coating is a hybrid of nail polish and gel. It hardens only under ultraviolet rays. Therefore, this procedure is carried out in beauty salons. Summer manicure gel varnish is more expensive, but in some cases it is justified, because in addition to the advantageous second setting, its shades appear more rich and bright than the usual varnish.

Fashionable summer manicure


Geometric patterns in the form of stripes, interlacing lines and zigzags are also fashionable. They are used to create squares, triangles, rhombuses, circles and ovals. All patterns stand out in bright colors, contrasts look beautiful, especially those that somehow resonate with clothes.

bright summer manicure


The impression of a damaged lacquer coating is another trend. If you take one look, it may seem that the manicure is spoiled, but looking closer, you notice that this effect is not accidental, but is special to attract attention.

3d manicure

The summer season gives warmth and brightness, therefore, this is the very time that every possible nail art appears on the nails. You can safely use straziki, sequins, beads, beads, pearls - in a word, everything that imagination is capable of.


To get a stylish and original image, sometimes they make a vertical or horizontal strip. It should be contrast in comparison with the main color and go a thin straight line. The classic variant here is a black stripe on a white background. It is worth looking at this very spectacular combination.

Silver color looks very interesting on the tip of the nails. At the same time, it will look quite original and unobtrusive on the whole plate, as well as the gold-plated versions.

summer manicure gel varnish

Red and coral

All sorts of shades of this color are still at the peak of fashion. Various combinations with him will appeal to many and will be very appropriate.

Coral can safely cover the entire nail or use as a pattern on the natural color.


Not only bright shades are fashionable. Classic white, especially with a golden or silver tip, as well as a contrasting strip is also trendy. Flowers or other patterns will be superfluous.

Cosmic tones

Bold women can not be afraid to change their entire image, and manicure. The summer season is a field for experimentation. Cosmic expanses in the form of deep tones of purple and blue with gold and silver elements will complement the bright and unique image.

Matte and glossy

Fashionable combination is on the nail one shade of matte and glossy varnish. Such a fashionable summer manicure will look really chic. You can try to experiment with different shades. Nobility and brilliance create a truly incredibly stylish texture.


An interesting option is a coating that changes shade depending on temperature. The intensity increases with increasing heat. It is the trend of summer manicure, striving for uniqueness, in this form in full force realize themselves.


The idea in this case is a smooth transition from one color to another. Such a manicure is already firmly in vogue and is not going to give up their positions, but only more and more gaining popularity.

summer manicure for short nails


Habitual classics are nonetheless ordinary and boring.French summer manicure on short nails or long makes its owner extremely well-groomed, feminine and refined. At the same time, a varied texture and range of shades is fashionable.

In addition to pastel and transparent tones, it is not forbidden to use flashy, bright colors.


Some women of fashion will love this interesting solution. It involves covering the nails with small beads, which will create a completely unusual volume and structure. You can try using beads of different sizes and colors. This option will be extremely effective, bright, summer.


Any season, office or place of rest - the girl always and everywhere should be with beautiful manicured nails. After all, we can say that they are her calling card, on which they evaluate the whole image. In order for the nails to have a well-groomed and neat appearance, it is not necessary to constantly visit beauty salons and contact specialists. On the contrary, any self-respecting girl should be able to independently do this procedure at home. Sometimes, of course, you can pamper yourself with a salon procedure, for example, make a summer manicure with gel varnish.

For home procedures do not need to have a lot of devices.It will be enough to get a standard manicure set.

How to do a manicure

When performing the procedure, the correct sequence is important, because otherwise it will lead to various negative consequences. For example, the nail structure can be broken.

On the other hand, a great and bright summer manicure will be executed flawlessly with care and accuracy of its implementation.

Before embarking on it, remove the old coating on the nail with a special tool. The best of them are those that do not contain acetone.

The next step is to give the desired shape, which is performed on dry nails. In this case, the nail file should be moved from the edge to the center.

Glitter will give nails nail files, polishing with different degrees of roughness.

When processing the cuticle, it is first pushed aside and then carefully removed. This should be done carefully, so as not to injure the softened cuticle.

Then comes the turn of the burr, which are removed with the help of special nippers. If some of the areas are rough, pumice or a sander should be used. Scissors are better not to use here.

At the end, the skin of the hands is moistened, after which you can proceed to staining.

summer manicure trends

The form

The classic is the rounded oval shape of the nail. But angular or square looks no less interesting. Here girls are guided by personal preferences.

But in addition to taste, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the fingers and fingers, as well as the length of the nails.

So, the square shape will look more interesting on thin phalanges and long fingers.

But for plump handles summer manicure for short nails is better to do with an oval shape.

A rectangular or pointed one already depends on the structure of the nails themselves.

Only when the marigold care work is done completely, the varnish coating, regardless of the choice, will look beautiful and harmonious, while the decorative elements will allow you to express your own style.

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