Best floor air conditioners: reviews how to install

To date, many people are interested in purchasing a floor version of the air conditioner. First of all it should be noted its mobility. Thus, the device is not tied to one place, and you can easily make a permutation in the apartment. Many models work on freon, and their types exist various. In some floor air conditioning compressors installed a few.

The parameter of the cooling capacity of devices on average varies around 11 thousand BTUs per hour of operation. If we consider the indicator of heat productivity, it is 4 thousand BTUs per hour. In terms of noise, air conditioners are quite different, much in this case depends on the fans and the power of the device. If we consider a model with one compressor, then it will cost about 15 thousand rubles.

floor air conditioners reviews how to install

Models of "Carier"

Company "Carier" floor air conditioners have good reviews.Many buyers choose the floor conditioners of this brand for high power. Freon in this case is used a series of P22. The average cooling capacity of devices is 10 Btu per hour of operation. In terms of noise, floor air conditioners of the company are quite different. Their electricity consumption is insignificant, and this should be taken into account before purchasing.

Functions conditioners "Carier"

Carier companies get air conditioners for an air-free home with good reviews for having a variety of functions that will allow the user to adjust the desired room temperature. Among them, in particular, we can distinguish the auto-restart mode. You can also use the "swing" to quickly heat the room. The installation models are quite simple, and a wizard is not required for this. The legs in all floor air conditioners are rubberized, the flooring never spoil. There is an average conditioner of the presented brand in the region of 14 thousand rubles.

mobile air conditioners floor air conditioners reviews

Reviews of conditioner "Honeywell CO2"

These mobile air conditioners floor air conditioners reviews deserve only good.Buyers, as a rule, prefer the presented model precisely because of its high cooling capacity at 11 Btu per hour of continuous operation. In this case, the device also produces heat rather quickly. In general, the model manufacturers turned out very compact. Due to this, it is possible to rearrange it to another place without much physical effort.

air conditioners floor customer reviews

Of the functional features, many customers celebrate the flow mode. The power of this unit is at around 3 kW. Also, the above-mentioned floor air conditioners reviews (how to install “Honeywell CO2”, shown below) are positive for low power consumption. In an hour of continuous operation, approximately 4 V is consumed. In this case, the mass of the refrigerant is 0.4 kg.

Maintenance of the model "Honeywell CO2"

Filters at the floor-standing conditioner "Honeywell CO2" can be cleaned on their own, it is not necessary to call the master. To do this, simply remove the protective panel and move the clips to the sides. After washing, the filters must be dried, and then they can be re-installed in the air conditioner for further work.There is a floor air conditioner on the shelves of 14,500 rubles.

Review of the model "Honeywell CO5"

These floor conditioners reviews have a wide variety. Some buyers have appreciated the presented model for high performance. The power of this floor air conditioner is at around 3 kW. At the same time, the device can warm up the room with a total area of ​​up to 30 sq.m. The unit heat output parameter is at the level of 4 thousand BTU per hour of continuous operation.

In total, there are three filters in the Floorwell air conditioner "Honeywell CO5". You can install the model only after connecting the rubber racks to it. They do not damage the floor covering, and it is possible to move the Honeywell CO2 air conditioner around the apartment without risk. This model is on the market exactly 15 thousand rubles.

top floor air conditioners reviews

Devices brand "Electrolux"

The company "Electrolux" floor air conditioners reviews deserve positive. Brand models are distinguished by a reliable filtration system. The parameter of cooling capacity on average fluctuates around 11 thousand BTUs per hour of operation. On management floor air conditioners of the presented company are very comfortable.Additionally, customers are positive about the quality of compressors. In some models, they have two units.

Filters coarse in the devices provided by the manufacturer. If necessary, you can clean them yourself. It is possible to choose the temperature in the room remotely. In this case, the control of the console is provided quite simple. Separately, it should be noted the presence of auto restart.

Also, the Electrolux company air conditioners have floor reviews that customers get are good for being equipped with convenient displays so that the user can monitor the device settings. The timer in many models is set. From the design features can distinguish the presence of corrugations through which the removal of hot air. There is an average floor air conditioner of this company in the region of 14,600 rubles.

floor air conditioners for homes without duct reviews

What they say about the model "Electrolux AFM 15"?

These air conditioners without duct reviews (photo "Electrolux AFM 15" below) have different. The specified model among other devices differs in convenient installation. Any tools for this from users is not required.If we consider the parameters of the unit, the power of the floor air conditioner is at around 3 kW. In this case, the device is capable of serving up to 125 square meters. The parameter of cooling capacity is at the level of 3 thousand BTUs per hour. Work "Electrolux AFM 15" is capable of in automatic mode and with manual settings. The "Swing" function in this case is provided by the manufacturer. Thus, the user has the ability to quickly warm up the room.

floor air conditioners without duct reviews photos

Of the shortcomings should be noted the need for frequent maintenance. This is best done by the masters. In particular, it is necessary to blow the grate every six months. The user is able to rinse the filters by himself at home, using warm running water. The main thing after that is to let them dry out, and only then install them back. The price of this outdoor air conditioner varies around 14,800 rubles.

Differences model "Electrolux AFM 20"

This model differs from other devices in that it works very quietly. The noise level in this case is 40 dB. Due to this, it is very comfortable to be in the room next to the floor air conditioner.If we talk about the parameters of the device, then the power of the Electrolux AFM 20 model is 3 kW. In turn, the heat output parameter is 10 thousand BTU per minute of operation. Freon in this case, the manufacturer charged the P22 series. In the setup presented floor air conditioning is quite simple. You can remotely set it up, and the remote control is included in the standard kit.

If we talk about heating the apartment, the heat output is at around 4 BTU per minute. Corrugation in this case is quite voluminous. Due to this, the removal of warm air occurs very quickly. Among other things, many buyers love the presented model for an interesting design. In terms of compactness, this floor-mounted air conditioner is no different from others and weighs 30 kg assembled. It is installed on special rubberized legs. There are four of them in the standard set. There is a copy on the shelves of about 14300 rubles.

Air conditioners company "Zanussi"

Firms "Zanussi" floor air conditioners reviews are mostly good, and many models today are very popular. This is primarily due to the high quality of the compressors.They pump air rather quickly, and the room is cooled due to this in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the best floor air conditioners get positive reviews for a reliable filtration system.

floor air conditioners reviews

Timers in all models are provided. Also, the manufacturer offers many compact models for small spaces. Their average power is 2 kW, and they are able to warm up the area of ​​not more than 10 square meters. m. Displays to configure devices installed in almost all models. Manufacturers also apply remote controls to them for remote temperature control. The cooling capacity parameter leaves an average of about 9 thousand BTUs per minute. In automatic mode, many models can work.

Features of the model "Zanussi MP09"

Many consumers today are interested in the question of what feedback these air conditioners have. The air at the outlet is regulated at their expense of the valve, and in general this model, among other devices, is distinguished by a rather powerful compressor. The noise level of the presented floor air conditioner is 45 dB. Of the functional features can distinguish the presence of the regime "flow".

The heat output of the presented unit is 3 BET per minute of operation. Display in this case, unfortunately, the manufacturer is not provided. Manual adjustment at the floor air conditioner can be done. The corrugation of the "Zanussi MP09" is located in the front part and the air is pumped out fairly quickly. In total, there are two filters provided by the manufacturer.

Clean them with ordinary running water. Freon in this model uses a series of PP20 and the refrigerant mass in the device is equal to 0.3 kg. The presented conditioner only 25 kg weighs in assembled form. It is installed in the apartment on small wheels, and if necessary it can be easily moved. On the market for it today asking about 15,100 rubles.

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