Bobket Goldthwaite and his character Zed ("Police Academy")

In the spring of 1984, a picture of Police Academy appeared on the screens. It was so popular with viewers that in the following years its numerous sequels appeared regularly.

In the second picture of the franchise: "Police Academy 2: Their first assignment" first a character named Zed, who later became one of the favorite heroes of the movie cycle.

"Police Academy"

This epic consists of 7 films. The most successful are the first 4 parts taken by the directors Hugh Wilson and Jerry Paris. It was in these pictures that the classic heroes of the Police Academy took part: Mahoney, Hooks, Hightower, Tuckleberry, Harris, Callahan and the inimitable Eric Lassard.

And in the second and next tapes of the franchise, in the story there are additional characters: Svitchak, Bud, Kirkland, Nogata, Proctor and Zed.

"Police Academy", starting with the fifth film,for unexplained reasons, "lost" many bright characters, replacing them with others. Perhaps, that's why viewers gradually lost interest in the project, and in the late nineties it was closed.

The main antagonist of the second part of the Police Academy is Zed

"Police Academy" actually revealed to the world the comic talent of American Bobkata Goldthwaite. He played Zed in three parts of the epic.police academy 2 their first assignment

For the first time this hero appears as a villain in"Police Academy 2". He is the leader of a gang of scumbags, terrorizing the whole city. It is with Zed and his accomplices that the brave graduates of the police academy have to fight.

The character of Bobcat Goldwate is an unusual criminal. On the one hand, he is a scoundrel who keeps the entire district in awe; and on the other - an infantile and naive man who loves watching children's movies about love.

By his behavior, this hero causes both hatred and pity. Because of this duality Zed fell in love with the audience and was returned to the screenwriters in the next two films.

Zed in the film "Police Academy 3: Retraining"

In the third part of the epic, ex-cadetsbecome teachers in their own educational institution. Since the law that allows everyone to enter the police academy is still in force, the former zed Zed can become the guardian of order.police academy zed actor

Despite the fact that he has changed and dreams of becominggood policeman, his strange habits have not gone anywhere. If most of the characters simply do not react to the oddity of the cadet, then his roommate Svitchak (previously kept the store and suffered from raids by the Zed gang), the hero's habits lead to insanity.

The fact is that although the re-educated offenderlong ago forgot about all past grievances, but the former shopkeeper - no and continues to treat him with distrust. Only in the face of the common misfortune begin to work as the team Switchak and Zed.

The Police Academy, though changedthe world outlook of the former zek, but the hero retained his punk style. As in the last part, he wears long hair, an earring in his ear, a leather jacket with numerous metal ornaments, ragged T-shirts and jeans.

Despite the seeming inadequacy toservice in the police, in a decisive situation Zed shows himself a very worthy minister of the law and helps Lassard to neutralize the criminals and save the academy.

"Police Academy 4: Citizens in the Watch"

This film is the last in the franchise, inwhich appears Zed. This time the police academy participates in the CPC project. Its purpose is to recruit and train volunteers from among ordinary citizens who will help the police. Among those officers who undertake to train volunteers, there appears to be Zed.

At the beginning of the film, he is instructed to give a lecture on the CPA. There he comes in his traditional punk dress, as he believes that the police uniform will strain the listeners.

His lecture begins with incredibleemotional reading of rather specific poems. Listeners perceive Zed's poetry without enthusiasm, but his behavior manages to win the favor, and afterwards the heart of the romantic Laura.zed police academyThe girl becomes a participant in the program and approaches a former prisoner.

In the fourth part, the hero demonstrates the ability to play the guitar and the harmonica (this tool is regarded by Americans as an attribute of prisoners).

A lot of time in this tape is given to the interaction between Zed and Svitchak. The latter, despite everything, continues to treat his partner with caution and tries to strangle him in the finals.

Unfortunately, after this part, the Zed character disappears from the "Police Academy" project without explanation.

Zed - actor Bobcat Goldthwaite

This hero was embodied on the screen by American comedian Robert Francis Goldthwaite, acting under the pseudonym of Bobcat.police academy zed actor

Unfortunately, the domestic viewer of his work is little known, because Goldtheway is known for his comedic performances and television shows not broadcast in the CIS.

But the fans of the rock group Twisted Sister his face is familiar. In 1985, Bobcat played one of the roles in their film Come Out and Play, and also starred in several clips of the band.

Cinema epic "Police Academy" was able tolast for a decade and a half. Many viewers explained the decline of such a popular project by the fact that the writers gradually removed from the plot the most interesting characters, among which was Zed. Fortunately, Bobcat Goldthwaite, who played this hero, managed to succeed in his profession after retiring from the Police Academy.

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Bobket Goldthwaite and his character Zed (Police Academy) Bobket Goldthwaite and his character Zed (Police Academy) Bobket Goldthwaite and his character Zed (Police Academy) Bobket Goldthwaite and his character Zed (Police Academy) Bobket Goldthwaite and his character Zed (Police Academy) Bobket Goldthwaite and his character Zed (Police Academy) Bobket Goldthwaite and his character Zed (Police Academy) Bobket Goldthwaite and his character Zed (Police Academy) Bobket Goldthwaite and his character Zed (Police Academy) Bobket Goldthwaite and his character Zed (Police Academy)