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Considering the filmography of one of the most promising young British actors, who at one time almost preferred football to mummery, it remains only to breathe a sigh of relief. Bradley James - a loss for football, a godsend for fans of television films. In “Lewis” he is comically beautiful, in “Merlin” and “Damien” - in his place. Therefore, now all the fans of the young actor, with their fingers crossed, are awaiting the release of two projects with his participation: “Headhunters” and “Medici: Lords of Florence”.

Between football and acting

Bradley James was born on October 11, 1983 in the main city of the English county of Devonshire - Exeter. He has two sisters. The eldest is Natalie and the younger is Stephanie. When James was still a boy at the age of nine, his family moved to the United States, a town called Jacksonville. Bradley graduated from elementary school there. He went to high school in England. Throughout his life, James was always warm to football, he even wanted to seriously connect his life with this sport.However, in addition to the love of sport, he was also not indifferent to the art of acting. As a result, one passion outweighed another, and the young man made a choice in favor of the career of an actor. Acting, he studied at the London Center for Drama. One of the areas of personal life of Bradley James is devoted to football. From time to time he takes part in various non-professional competitions and not only. The actor often plays in charity matches, the proceeds of which go to non-commercial funds of different directions.

Bradley james movies

The beginning of a creative way

As an actor, Bradley first appeared on screen in 2008. He starred in one of the episodes of the series "Lewis", which is the spin-off of the television series "Inspector Morse." But the main breakthrough of James in his acting career, undoubtedly, was the role of Arthur Pendragon - the young prince who was destined to become a great king. In the fantasy series "Merlin" Bradley was able to show all the facets of talent and skill. In his interviews, Bradley James repeatedly mentioned the impression that the role played played on him. The actor was delighted with the castle in which the shooting took place, and the battles on swords, which were enough in the series, gave him great pleasure and made him feel like a boy.After this role, the actor has an impressive fan base consisting of both teenage girls and more mature viewers, who enjoy admiring Bradley James in the image of Arthur Pendragon.

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Career development

After such a successful series, James starred in several films, where he got secondary roles: in the sports film “Fast Girls” and in the melodrama “Portobello 196”. Soon the list of films with Bradley James was added to the Rodina series, which is quite popular in America, a thriller series. The next "cult" role of Bradley was the role of a good zombie in the American television series "I'm a zombie." There he played the guy of the main character, who was killed during the development of the action. The project is based on a comic book series published by DC Comics Vertigo. For his zombie role, the actor won the audience award in 2015. TV viewers even asked producers to return Bradley James to the TV show, they liked it so much how he played in this series.

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Not stopping there

However, many critics believe that one of the best roles of James was the image of Damien Thorn in the mystical series “Damien”.Telekartina is an alternative continuation of the old film “Omen” and tells about the life of a photographer who, after many years, forgot about his “mystical” past and lives a normal life. On the big screen, the actor can be seen in one of the parts of the fantastic vampire saga “Underworld: Blood Wars”, where the vampire and werewolf standoff continues. There he played the vampire Vargu. Movies with Bradley James in quantitative composition did not exceed a dozen, and the performer does not intend to stop there.

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Enviable bachelor

At thirty-four, Bradley James is still not married. When the actor just came to star in his most successful TV series “Merlin”, he almost immediately met with the performer of the role of Princess Elena - actress Georgia King. James met her for only a few months, after which both realized that they had no future. For a while, James Bradley did not advertise his personal life. But later Bradley again began a relationship with a work colleague, but on the other - with the performer of the role of Guinevere, actress Angel Colby. It is worth noting that, according to the “Merlin” script, their characters are also in love with each other.Anyway, with this British actress in James after the shooting in the cult series, the relationship is also not set. Although James Bradley and enjoys an enviable popularity among the fair sex, a lady who would win his heart, has not yet been found, so today Bradley is an enviable bridegroom and makes his fans around the world crazy.

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