The drug "Calcium Gluconate": broad-spectrum injections

general description

Trace elements that are actively involved in the formation of the structure of bone tissue, stimulate the functioning of the hemostasis system, improve blood clotting and contraction of the heart muscles during their degeneration, contains an injection of calcium gluconate. The injections "deliver" calcium to the human body, which is an essential component. This trace element supports stable cardiovascular activity. It also stimulates various processes associated with the transmission of nerve impulses, injection of calcium gluconate. Injections with intravenous infusion cause excitation of the sympathetic nervous system and increased adrenaline secretion by the adrenal glands, and also produce a moderate diuretic effect.

Calcium gluconate injections

pharmachologic effect

The preparation "Calcium Gluconate", which contains active substances (calcium salts of gluconic acid), stimulates the normal functioning of the myocardium,contraction of smooth muscles and skeletal muscles. Many different pathologies are accompanied by a decrease in the level of calcium ions in the blood plasma. For example, with pronounced hypocalcemia, there is a state of tetany, characterized by convulsive syndromes and increased muscular-nervous excitability as a result of a decrease in the concentration of ionized calcium in the blood. It will help in this situation, the introduction of the drug "Gluconate calcium." Injections (reviews irrefutably prove this fact) perfectly eliminate all manifestations of tetanic syndrome and reduce the permeability of the walls of blood vessels. In addition, this tool has an excellent hemostatic effect and a strong antiallergic effect.

Calcium Gluconate Composition


A wide range of application of calcium gluconate injection solution, which doctors make injections with insufficient functionality of the biological mechanism of the thyroid glands, includes cases of increased excretion of this trace element from the body, for example, during dehydration. Also, this drug is often prescribed as an adjuvant for various anaphylactic pathologies.and in case of allergic complications caused by drug therapy with other medicinal substances. In addition, the injection of calcium gluconate, which is injected in the case of parenchymal hepatitis, with toxic liver damage, eclampsia, paroxysmal myoplegia (especially its hyperkalemic form) and nephritis, demonstrates high efficiency. Also, this drug, which has a hemostatic effect, is often used for various dermatological diseases. It is quite effective as an antidote for poisoning of varying severity with magnesium salts, varieties of oxalic acid, its soluble salts and fluoric acid.

Calcium gluconate injections reviews

Contraindications and side effects

Among the side effects of the drug "Calcium Gluconate" emit possible nausea, retching, fever, bradycardia. When administered intramuscularly, tissue necrosis was observed in some cases. Manifestations of irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach are also likely, which can provoke constipation. As for contraindications, then this drug is strictly not recommended for people who have a tendency to form blood clots, as well as suffering from atherosclerosis and increased blood clotting.In addition, this injection solution is contraindicated in severe hypercalciuria, renal failure, calcium nephurourolithiasis, sarcoidosis. It is necessary to observe extreme caution with the use of the drug for electrolyte disturbances, dehydration and melabsorption syndrome.

Drug compatibility and interaction

The drug "Calcium Gluconate" can reduce the hypotensive effect of "Verapamil" without affecting its arrhythmic effect. A decrease in calcium absorption from the gastrointestinal tract under the influence of the drug Kolestiramin was also detected. In parallel with the reception "Hiradin" is not excluded the effect of slowing intraventricular conduction.

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