Can girls use tampons?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
December 6, 2012

Young girls in the modern world have a wealth of information. And they are not afraid at all when changes occur in their body. And they are not interested by their mother about what is happening to them, but whether girls can use tampons.

Of course, tampons can avoid many of the problems associated with menstruation. They do not release discharge from the vagina, which means you can swim with them, wear tight fitting clothes and even light colors. But what about the laws of anatomy? They claim that many harmful substances are released from the blood during the menstruation, which, when using tampons, do not remove everything.

It turns out that a tampon does not cause any harm, and it removes all that it needs. The only problem is that all the girls are different. The amount of moisture inside someone more, and someone less. And if it is not enough, the tampon can be injected with difficulty and rub inside. If this happens, you need to ask the gynecologist, what you can lubricate the skin, or just go to the pads. They are no worse!

The second very important question is whether girls can use tampons, i.e. virgins. Doctors clearly say that you can. The hymen has its physiological holes. And it is in them that the tampon will pass. The main thing is to choose them with a "mini" icon. They are thin and even in the swollen form will easily come back. The main thing - to insert it correctly, until it stops and not to make sudden movements when removing a tampon. If, however, when using it, there is a sharp pain, then you should go to the doctor.

A very important role in the acquaintance of the girl with the means of hygiene belongs to her mother. She has to explain everything to her and show how to use both a tampon and a pad. And the young lady by a method of tests itself will decide what it is better to use.

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