Is it possible to get pregnant with a spiral? Which spiral is more reliable

One of the frequently asked questions among women who are going to choose contraception in the form of a spiral - is it possible to get pregnant with it? The choice of a method of protection is a difficult and responsible matter. Absolute protection against unwanted pregnancy can not give any method of contraception. Unless you completely give up sex, while you have a reproductive age. Naturally, this option is not possible for most women. As for all other methods of protection, no matter how reliable they are, whatever the advertisement promises, and no matter what money they cost, there is a probability of “error”. One of the more popular is the helix. Reviews of this method of protection are different, someone is completely satisfied, and someone wants to quickly remove it.can you get pregnant with a helix

Therefore, the question of whether you can get pregnant with a spiral, the answer will be positive.Although he has established himself among millions of women. As the statistics show, out of a hundred cases of protection by spiral, two end with pregnancy. Of course, the results are not so scary and big, but everyone who uses this method has the opportunity to become pregnant.

Why this happens will be discussed in this article.

Spiral. What is it

Let's talk about the fixture “intrauterine device”, what it is and how it works.

The IUD is a means of contraception, which is a device of small size that does not allow pregnancy to develop due to its properties. The material of which it consists is metal and plastic.

The spiral for the uterus is a foreign body in the cavity that traumatizes it. Therefore, after the egg is fertilized, it cannot be implanted. As a result, pregnancy does not occur. Also, the Navy makes uterine contractions stronger, which leads to the "expulsion" of the ovum in the earliest terms. Therefore, it cannot even mature in order to implant.intrauterine helix

The intrauterine helix also prevents sperm from moving through the fallopian tubes.This, in turn, does not give the possibility of conception.

In addition, the copper in the composition of the Navy destroys sperm. All this gives her the opportunity to perfectly protect a woman from pregnancy. But still, we remember that the answer to the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant with a spiral, was positive.

Types of intrauterine devices

Nowadays there are two types of IUDs:

  • containing copper;
  • containing hormone.

The first type is composed of copper and silver. This spiral "expels" the fertilized egg. Mechanical action, and therefore the probability of pregnancy is higher. Since an egg that has been fertilized can still bypass the contraceptive. The probability of pregnancy with such a spiral is about 2%.

The second type allocates a special hormone, that it prevents the onset of pregnancy. It is fixed in the form of a capsule and constantly in small quantities enters the uterus. Can I get pregnant with a spiral containing a hormone? Yes you can, but they are considered more reliable. The probability of pregnancy is about 0.5%.

In addition, the size of the spiral is different. Therefore, only a doctor should pick it up.helix reviews

Which spiral to choose

The navy with the hormone progesterone is safer and its actions are milder. It prevents the onset of pregnancy, and does not interrupt her. This method has become the most popular in recent years.probability of getting pregnant with the helix

Why came pregnancy with a spiral

Obviously, if a woman became pregnant, then the spiral did not cope with its task. The reasons for this are few. The probability of becoming pregnant with a helix, though small, is possible. As a rule, pregnancy occurs due to the loss of a spiral.

It often happens that women who decide to use the helix as a contraceptive do not even know that it fell out or shifted. Since the contraceptive is put for a period of 5 years or more. Many people think that after the Navy is installed, they don’t need to worry about anything. It's a delusion. Check the status of the spiral is necessary, as well as constantly visit the gynecologist.

The second thing that can lead to pregnancy with a spiral is its displacement. The Navy goes beyond the uterus. This can cause not only pregnancy, but also inflammation. The consequences can be disastrous.

Third - the period for which the spiral was set has expired.The fact is that after the elapsed time has passed, the Navy loses its properties.Has become pregnant with a spiral. Is it possible to give birth

How to know if you are pregnant if you have a spiral

There is nothing difficult here. As a rule, signs of pregnancy with an IUD are no different from normal. This is still the same menstruation delay, lingering pain in the abdomen. Additionally, there may be bloody discharge. Therefore, at the first symptoms you should immediately consult a doctor.

Has become pregnant with a spiral. Is it possible to give birth

It happens that a woman, who suddenly became pregnant with a spiral, decides to leave the child. What to do in this case? After the appearance of the first signs of pregnancy, an urgent need to contact the antenatal clinic. The gynecologist must remove the spiral from the hanging threads. After that, you can have a baby. If this is not done, then the probability of miscarriage is high.

If the doctor cannot detect the helix, a miscarriage may also occur, and the woman will most likely be recommended an interruption.which spiral is more reliable

What you need to know when using the Navy

• The spiral does not protect you from being infected with sexually transmitted infections.

• It does not protect against ectopic pregnancy.It often happens that with a spiral it occurs more often than without it. The fact is that a fertilized egg, having met an obstacle in its path, finds another place for itself to gain a foothold.

• After the deadline has passed, the helix ceases to protect against pregnancy. She simply loses its properties. If a woman wants to continue protection in this way, then she should consult a gynecologist in order to extract the old spiral and install a new one.

• It is not recommended to use the spiral for women who have not yet given birth to a child, but plan to do so in the future. IUDs can cause complications.

• Before installing the helix, you must undergo a medical examination, as there are diseases for which this contraceptive agent cannot be used.

Women must understand that the spiral, which is based on copper and silver, does not protect against pregnancy, but interrupts it. The actions of the spiral are in the nature of abortion. If it happens that the fertilized egg is attached outside the uterus, the pregnancy may begin to develop or an ectopic pregnancy will occur.

Another important point is that only a specialist should put on a contraceptive device. And the question of which spiral is more reliable is better to ask directly to him.spiral dimensions

Can there be consequences from the spiral for the child?

A few years ago, all women who became pregnant with a spiral, doctors endured one verdict - an abortion. Times have changed, and now many give birth to completely healthy children, despite the Navy.

The threat is that an unrecovered coil can lead to infection and inflammation. There is also a risk of injury to the walls of the uterus, which will cause its reduction. The result is a miscarriage.

Therefore, a contraceptive must be removed, if the doctor does not do it, you must regularly go for a checkup. There is a possibility that as the baby grows, she will fall out herself.

After how long you can conceive a child after the helix is ​​removed

If you decide to become a mother, then there are no obstacles to this. This contraceptive has no effect on productivity. How long does it take to plan a baby? Opinions of experts here diverge. Someone says that it is possible immediately after the extraction of the spiral to get ready to become a mother. Others advise to wait.

In practice, a third of women become registered for pregnancy in the first month, 60% in 3-6 months. Doctors recommend waiting a little to restore the mucous.

So we answered the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant with a spiral, what to do in this case, whether it is worth being afraid of. In fact, there is nothing terrible in this, the main thing is to make a pregnancy test in time and go to a gynecologist to take measures either to save the baby, or alternatively leave a spiral. Reviews are different. It all depends on how a woman is set up and what plans she has for the future. And it is worth contacting experienced specialists who have a great work experience and practice in such cases.

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