Can I wear worn items?

Olga Reznik
Olga Reznik
August 2, 2012
Can I wear worn items?

From time to time, any of us wondered if we could carry worn items. Differently, this question may sound like this: is it possible to wear other people's things? It is difficult to answer it clearly. Someone thinks that it is quite permissible to buy an interesting thing in the same second-hand or to accept as a gift a thing that belonged to a friend before, and to wear it and even get pleasure from it. And someone believes that alien energy is being put on things. What if their former owner was an unhappy or sick person? Does this mean that you can draw on its negative?

If you are plagued by such doubts, then you shouldn’t get used items Our fears tend to come true. After all, no wonder they say that everything (and any disease including) originates first in the head.

What pessimists think about wearing other people's things, we have already figured out. But optimists believe that a thing brought, for example, from a second-hand, is instantly “painted” by the energy of its new owner. In addition, before you wear, it is washed.And water washes away any negative information. Feng shui experts, by the way, advise you to add a pinch of salt to the water, where things that you have not worn before are erased. From the negative energy of the previous owner will not remain a trace.

Is it possible to wear the things of the dead

Another thing - the things of the deceased person. There are people who are afraid of wearing them, believe that it is dangerous. Is it fair? Is it possible to wear things who have done? Any believer will tell you that there is nothing dangerous about it. After 40 days, it is even customary to distribute the things of the deceased so that they are carried in memory of him. And there is nothing to fear. After all, we are not talking about things in which a person left this mortal world. Such things are taken to burn. And those who have come to you in memory of the deceased will sometimes even raise your spirits, reminding you of a wonderful person with whom you once communicated.

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