Capricorn and Pisces. Character Compatibility

Capricorn and Pisces - the compatibility of these signs is extremely high, which can result in a long strong friendship, a passionate romance, or develop into a prosperous family life. The business relationship between these two signs is also good, because the calmness and at the same time Perseverance of Capricorns gives to any relationship a rage of monumentality and reliability that the vulnerable Rybka fits perfectly.ibex and fish compatibility

Are Capricorn and Pisces compatible? Of course!

The water sign adds to the relationship with the earthly nobility of feelings, diversity and tenderness, which sometimes lacks too serious Capricorn. Marriages created by this couple can last for many years, or even the whole life: after all, in this alliance, the functions of the partners are clearly separated. Pisces do not like routine and decision making, they fully place this responsibility on Capricorn, who will be only too happy. Of course, there are conflicts, as without them in family life? But, as a rule, they quickly subside, not having time to turn into a serious quarrel.

Capricorn and Pisces. Marriage compatibility

Are Capricorn and Fish Compatible?The distinctive features of the signs of land and water do not greatly affect the relationships of these particular representatives of the elements. The stubbornness and determination of Capricorns is successfully extinguished by the concessions of Pisces. And although the earthly sign stands firmly on its feet, perceiving the world through the prism of realism, the water element of Pisces perfectly dilutes such a world view with the superficiality of its thinking. The horoscope of compatibility "Capricorn and Pisces" often depends on the gender of a particular sign in a pair. If a man was born under the sign of the water element, and a woman was earthly, the stars predict a strong emotional connection multiplied by their sexual desire. Of course, such a relationship will bring great pleasure to both. With the opposite distribution of roles (male-Capricorn, female-Pisces), there is a danger that the husband, striving for stability and material well-being of the family, will completely forget about the moral side, leaving his wife alone. However, this alliance remains strong, thanks to the good material wealth and the deep sensuality of Pisces.

Capricorn and Pisces. Compatibility of interests

Representatives of both signs have a very similar outlook, which allows themhoroscope compatibility ibex and fishcontinually cultivate intellectually. They are worthy interlocutors, they have a lot of topics for discussion and conversations. The most important thing is that in this pair no one will “pull the blanket over” to themselves, which allows inevitably to come to a consensus. Business partners Capricorn and Pisces are also compatible in business. All their undertakings are doomed to success, they bring profit and good dividends. Unusually trusting relationships are established between colleagues, where there is no place for doubts, wiles, and especially betrayal. Practical Capricorns always direct the energy of Pisces in the right direction, which makes them excellent assistants in any undertaking. Thus, the compatibility of these two signs: water (Pisces) and earth (Capricorn) - can be traced in all spheres of life.

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