Car leasing?

The manager wants to buy a couple of representative cars, for example, Lexus NX, for the use of the company. I, as an accountant, see that we still do not have enough free funds to buy. Therefore, I think to convince the management to buy a car leasing. Are there any pitfalls in such a deal?
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Answered on April 11 14:04
We leased the combine, everyone was satisfied. Initially, the amount was not lifting, but in 5 years they paid off the entire cost. Therefore, I do not see any problems at all!
Answered on April 11, 14:11
Yes, buy a car now is not a cheap pleasure. Since it still needs to be registered, pay for insurance, and that’s all the costs. Therefore, the best option to take a Lexus NX in leasing, here you can find out the payment schedule, and then decide for yourself how best to buy a car.
Answered on April 11, 14:16
It is still convenient to take leasing in that monthly lease payments include insurance for the entire lease term, registration and registration payments, GPS monitoring, as well as all other mandatory payments.

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