I urgently need to sell a car, because I want to buy a house at a very reasonable price. Tell me how in Tver you can make a quick deal at an affordable price?
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Sergey Fetisov
Sergey Fetisov
Answered on February 16 23:29
In my opinion, when the word is urgently immediately lost 10 percent, so people are used to. You can try to put the car on some free bulletin boards, but it is possible that they will not buy immediately. Well, or find a company that buys cars. Here, in Tver, for example, one of these companies that makes the purchase of cars
Answered on February 16, 23:35
You can try to pass the car to the pawnshop, I think this is the fastest and most profitable option, if you need money here and now.
Answered on February 16, 23:43
Just place your car on a free bulletin board like Avito or auto ru and at the same time put the price at about 10-15 thousand lower, I think they will immediately notice and buy, at least for resale, who have nothing to hurry.

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