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Angelina Sergeeva has become a real discovery of the last decade in the world of cinema and pop art. Thanks to her extraordinary vocal, appearance, which the most famous models of catwalks, and perseverance would envy, by the age of 29 she was able to conquer such peaks, which some 40 and 50 years are not able to do. Long before coming to Moscow, Angelina became the star of her native city Samara.

Music and theater: childhood and the family of Angelina Sergeeva Angelina Sergeeva

Angelina was born in a simple family of workers. The grandmother, Elena Aleksandrovna, was engaged in upbringing the future star. She loves to remember how Gel, being a three-year-old girl, asked to help her sit down at the piano and teach her to play it. By the age of seven, having entered the Samara Children's Music School, the young talent not only played the piano freely, but also struck the teachers with her own compositions.Her musical works already at this age were distinguished by integrity and originality.
Singer Angelina Sergeeva - the star of the show VoiceSinger Angelina Sergeeva - the star of the show Voice
Simultaneously with the elementary classes of music education, Angelina mastered the basics of cinema art - from 7 to 10 years old she attended the Children's Fine Film Studio called “The School of the Cat Leopold”. Another important milestone in the development of a successful actress is the Children's Musical Theater “Idea”, where the girl also showed herself as a screenwriter.
She presented a full-fledged theatrical play of fairy tales to the court of venerable teachers, wrote music and lyrics to it, and described all the key episodes in detail. Together with the studio team, Angelina has been touring cities of Russia and the CIS countries since 5 years ago. Teachers and mentors, who were lucky enough to witness the first steps of Angelina Sergeeva, remember her as a hardworking and persistent student, endowed with a rare talent, not transcending lies and foul language. However, now it remains the same stubborn and persistent.

Youth - the first steps of Angelina Sergeeva on the big stage

After graduating from the basic and music school, Angelina did not stop there, and entered the vocal-jazz department of the Academy of Culture and Arts of the city of Samara.Very soon she becomes a soloist of the jazz group, under the direction of Pavel Plaksin, “Face Control”, who successfully participates in various competitions and wins victories, thanks in large part to her talents Geli. Studying at the Academy Sergeev combines with teaching at the School of Art.
Voice 2 - Angelina Sergeeva - "Padam ... Padam ..."
After seeing the commercial about the casting in the program "People's Artist", Angelina realized that this was her chance to show herself far beyond her hometown. It was the qualifying rounds of this project, according to Geli, that gave her the opportunity to understand that singing well is not all. At the “People's Artist” competition she learned how to convey the meaning of the work and how she feels it to the viewer. As a result, the girl received not only the diploma of the finalist, but also the opportunity to work with the master of music, Maxim Dunayevsky.

Confident success steps, films with Angelina Sergeeva, the show “Voice-2”

Simultaneously with the vocal career, Angelina is actively involved in acting. In 2008, she acted in episodic roles in the television films Vorotyla, Hour Volkov and Advocate.
The ability to collaborate with leading Russian screen actors, such as Andrei Sokolov, Nikolai Chindyaykin and Mikhail Efremov, according to Angelina,it will be for her not only an important experience, but also another step in the ladder to success, will give confidence in her strength.
Vote. Angelina Sergeeva. 09/06/2013 - “You dream of me”
Singing career, nevertheless, interests Gelia more than an acting one. Having worked in successful bands in the group of back-vocals and solo, she decides to try herself in the main competition of the country and comes to the Golos-2 project. At a blind audition, Alexander Gradsky was the first who turned to her later.
Leonid Agutin, seeing Angelina, was just confused, because it was him he sang for three years, was one of the best back-vocalists of his team. The composition “You dream of me” performed by Angelina impressed all four mentors of the project. But the performer chose the most venerable of them - Alexander Gradsky and successfully passed almost to the final of the competition.

Career and personal life of Angelina Sergeeva

Angelina Sergeeva has not arranged a personal lifeAngelina Sergeeva has not arranged a personal life
The fact that they failed to win the Golos-2 project did not bother Angelina and did not negatively affect her future work.Now she successfully performs on the main stages of the capital, collaborates with several leading musical groups and is engaged in the development of her solo career.
The girl admits that her main dream is a big family and a cozy home. But this does not mean at all, as Gelya claims, that as soon as she marries, a cross will be put on the music. The ability to combine work and personal life is another talent of Sergeeva. And this is not surprising, because having such personal qualities as the ability to perceive criticism, listen and hear a mentor, persevere to the intended goal, always lead to success.
Moving to Moscow, undoubtedly, made me give up a lot, but close people are always with her and support her. The young man, for example, accompanied Angelina on all her performances, supported and helped.

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