Carella Seat: characteristics, dignity

Currently, the market is represented byA wide variety of devices to ensure the safety of the child while traveling by car. In the presented article we will consider one of the most accessible, popular options, namely the child car seat Capella. The production of this brand for several years remains a real hit of sales. And there are several reasons for this. What makes parents choose a car seat Capella SPS?

Level of reliability

car seat for capellaIncreased reliability - the determining quality,which highlights the Capella car seat from the general range of products presented in the domestic market. The case of this brand is made of impact-resistant, extremely hard and at the same time non-toxic plastic.

A special demand today is the car seatCapella Isofix, in the design of which special metal inserts are provided, which ensure the preservation of the shape of the product even at the most significant overloads. The presence of inserts also contributes to the instant reliable securing of the seat in the car, thanks to its connection to the special fasteners. Carella Capella Isofix SPS conveniently snaps into the area of ​​the rear seat until a characteristic click occurs. To remove the structure, just pressing a few buttons is enough.

In the range of the manufacturer there are budget models of car seats. The latter are fixed in a standard way with the help of standard belts.


autoarmchair capella spsAny car seat Capella is completedfive-point seat belts. Such adaptations are conveniently adjusted, proceeding from a complexion of the child. In the back of the products of the presented brand there are slits that allow changing the length of the straps as the baby grows.

In the shoulder area there are elastic inserts thatprotect the child's skin from rubbing. Lining of a similar material is installed in the area of ​​the plastic latch, which fixes the straps on the baby's chest. Each car seat Capella is equipped with a wide headrest, which protects the head of the user on the sides.

Comes with these seats is an additionalanchor belt. The latter is connected to a special bracket in the car trunk. Its second end passes through the top of the chair. In the event of an emergency, the anchor safety belt reduces the load that is exerted on the cervical spine of the child and at the same time tightly holds the structure in a static position. In the event of an accident, the collision impulse practically does not move the chair in the front direction, excluding the impact of the body on the rear surface of the front seat of the car.

The backs of the car seats of Capella are set at fiveseparate provisions. Therefore, parents are able to move the support for the back of the child in both a vertical and horizontal position, which becomes an indispensable quality if the crumb needs to be laid to sleep on the way. To adjust the position of the chair, it is sufficient to pull the special lever located under the seat until a click appears, which indicates the fixation of the backrest.


autoarmchair capella isofix

Carella Capella s12312i, as well as other modelsarmchairs of the specified mark, are calculated not only on maintenance of absolute safety of the user. When making devices of this category, materials are also used that guarantee the maximum possible service of the product.

As a covering of car seats, a strong and at the same time extremely flexible soft textile is used here. In the composition of the external cladding material, only natural fibers are present.

In case of severe contamination,stains can easily be removed from the chair and washed in a typewriter. The inner part of the skin contains a label, which indicates the instructions for the care of the material.


autoarmchair capella isofix spsCarella seats Capella are designed for children aged 9 months to 5 years. In other words, they can easily be used to transport babies weighing up to 25 kg.

Such car seats are not onlyThe roomy, but also comfortable designs. The seats here are wide and ergonomic. Thoughtful form, the use of soft fillers and pleasant to the touch of the skin - all this allows the child to feel full comfort during long trips.

Complete with the majority of seats of the presented manufacturer comes a soft lining, which fits on the seat and back. In the future, it can be abandoned as the child grows.


Capella car seats are available with platingseveral shades. In the used color palettes the main emphasis is on the neutral gamut. Thus, consumers are available chairs, decorated in strict black and beige color, devices decorated with materials that combine the gray and pastel shades. Thanks to the implementation of the above color solutions, the chairs of this brand are equally suitable for both girls and boys.


car seat for capella s12312iApparently, the child car seats Capella are differenta whole host of advantages, such as the presence of strong locks for fixing the child in a static position, adjustable seat belts, a functional backrest, a wide headrest, and an anchor belt. In the domestic market it is quite difficult to find other budget products that could boast of such an impressive list of advantages. Therefore, the car seat of this brand really deserve the attention of the consumer.

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