Carrot fly Insect control methods

It’s not so easy to grow beautiful, juicy and tasty carrots. Ugly, tasteless and hard root vegetables - this is the result of a malicious pest - the larvae of carrot flies. The life of the fly continues all summer. Manages to grow several generations. Therefore, to deal with it is not easy.

Carrot fly and its larvae

It is a brilliant black insect (about 5 mm long) with a small down and long transparent wings. The legs and tentacles are yellow, the head is red-yellow - this is what a carrot fly looks like. Methods of dealing with it are based on the experience and observations of gardeners. Insect emerges from the soil when the earth is warm enough. Eggs are laid on carrots when two true leaves appear on a plant. Over the summer, several generations of pests have time to grow. The main damage to the crop is caused by the larva of the carrot fly. Affected plants differ from healthy violet-red leaves. Over time, they turn yellow and dry up.

Carrot fly control methods

The carrots put in storage and struck by larvae quickly rot.

Prevention measures in the cultivation of carrots

The result of the work of the larvae - bitter, often deformed root crops with a lot of rusty moves. Crops of carrots suffer the most. However, celery, root parsley, daikon also damages the carrot fly. How to get rid of the pest? The agrotechnical methods and crop rotation are important. You should not plant carrots in the same place and where other umbrella plants grew. Preseeding preparation is very important. Seeds need to soak for two hours. Then keep in the fridge for 10 days. Before planting, they are dried and mixed with sand so that the seedlings are not thickened. Carrots must not be planted on fresh manure introduced.

carrot fly how to get rid

Sow in a sunny, well-ventilated area. Be sure to remove weeds of the umbrella family, loosening the soil and thinning crops. Weeds and excess plants should not be left at the site, as the smell will attract even more insects.

The main methods of struggle

With mass reproduction, a fly can cause significant damage to the crop. Small, only emerged shoots with 2-3 leaves are particularly affected. The risk zone includes shaded areas with high humidity.The seedlings on the edges of the bed are destroyed first of all by a carrot fly. Methods of struggle, each chooses at its discretion. Insects do not like peat soils. To scare away flies, crops of carrots cover with peat chips or other bulk organic material. Often the carrot rows alternate with onions or garlic. Or planted these plants around the perimeter of the site. The fly is especially active when it is not hot - in the morning and in the evening. Egg laying lasts 1.5 months. The female lays them in a moist soil near the root collar. At this time, you need to carefully loosen the soil. Under the hot sun dies half of all eggs laid. Over time, the larvae gnaw through the roots of carrot shoots. As the root grows, they penetrate inside. Eating rootlets, they make moves in them, which causes vegetables to become unsuitable. Over the summer, a few generations can give a carrot fly. How to get rid of an insect in other ways?

Carrot fly than process

Chemical exposure methods

Agrotechnical and preventive measures do not always provide the desired result. Chemical methods of exposure give more confidence that the carrot fly will be destroyed.What to handle planting to get a good harvest and not to harm health? You can process the seeds before planting with growth stimulant and biologics. Plant carrots as early as possible so that the crops have time to get stronger before the flies come out. Spraying with insecticides should be carried out during the mass appearance of flies and laying eggs. The most commonly used drugs are Vanteks, Fitoverm, Decis, Aktar, and Arrivo. When working with chemicals you need to follow safety rules and prepare solutions according to the instructions. Root vegetables can be eaten 20 days after processing.

Carrot fly larva

How to grow and maintain a good harvest?

There are quite a few folk remedies that the carrot fly is afraid of. Methods of struggle are mainly designed to scare insects from the beds. Crops can be sprinkled with one of the strongly smelling substances. It is ground pepper (red and black), mustard powder or tobacco dust. Here you can add ashes or hydrated lime. Pests do not like the smell of garlic and onions. These plants are planted next to carrots or make extracts, infusions, decoctions.

Flush away the infusion of wormwood. A bucket of crushed plants wormwood pour boiling water.Insist to cool. Diluted solution watered beds. The remaining grass can be decomposed between carrot plants.

Good carrot fly remedy-an infusion of stems and leaves of tomatoes. On a bucket of water you need to take 4 kg of raw materials. Boil for 5 hours, leave to cool, then strain and add soap for better adhesion. Concentrate to part in a ratio of 1: 3.

Remedy for carrot fly

The experience of gardeners

In the fight against the carrot fly, the main goal is to create inappropriate conditions for the life of insects on the site. Some gardeners during the mass laying of eggs sprinkled with mothballs with the addition of sand (1:10) between the rows of plants. Within two weeks, plants can not be used as food.

Planting carrots and other umbrella can be protected by covering them with a special non-woven fabric or mesh. Insects fly rather low above the ground. The beds are fenced with a fine-meshed mesh. The height of the structure is 50 cm. A carrot fly cannot overcome such a barrier.

The methods of struggle will surely give a positive result, if you apply diligence and do not let things take their course.

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