Casein: what is it? Why is casein protein not recommended?

Athletes who get more exercise should consume more nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. The main part of the person gets with food, but with intensive training this amount may not be enough. Casein protein provides additional protein intake, which the body uses for weight gain and weight loss. The article will give a rating of the best supplements and describe the method of administration.

Many have heard of casein, try to figure out what it is. Casein is a complex protein, the foundation of cow's milk, serves as the main material for producing cottage cheese and cheese. From the Latin caseus - cheese. 70-90% of protein milk composition is casein, whey protein accounts for no more than 2-5%.casein what is it

In human stomachs, casein behaves just like gluten. Both form clots that connect the contents, complicating the digestion of food.Previously, these substances were part of the technical glue.

Slow Protein

Protein casein is the basis of all proteins in bodybuilding, it appears as a result of spreading milk with the help of enzymes. It is digested in the human body in time longer than all other types of protein. Casein protein tends to dampen the appetite. Compared with other whey proteins, casein almost does not have an anabolic effect, but its advantages in long-term nutrition of muscles with amino acids.

The main emphasis in all advertisements of sports nutrition is that it is necessary to consume large doses of protein during the day, and take casein at night. Protein casein is absorbed 2 times slower than normal protein, thereby protecting the muscles from decay.

20 years ago, a study was conducted that proved the low rate of its absorption. 16 people participated in the experiment. They were divided into two groups, each of which received completely different types of milk protein, without eating before the test for 10 hours. Every thirty minutes an amino acid level in the blood was recorded.

When consumed with normal whey protein, the concentration of amino acids in the human bodyleucine at the beginning of the reception increased, reaching a maximum in the range of 30-60 minutes, then gradually fell. When using casein (what it is, we now know), the level of leucine reached 65% of the level of whey milk protein, but decreased much more slowly.protein casein

And the use at night to prevent the "breakdown of muscles" and slow down the processes of digestion has never been tested. This is a purely personal statement by major manufacturers of all tested sports nutrition.

When gaining weight

If there is a need to gain muscle mass, casein will be less effective compared to other proteins, so this type should be acquired if you have enough protein for weight gain. With such a goal, casein is taken at night, and in the afternoon - whey protein.

How to use casein protein for weight loss

Casein protein eliminates hunger. Drying is an excellent way to preserve muscle. To reduce subcutaneous fat, it is recommended to take casein protein 4 times a day, before morning exercise, after meals instead of snacks and an hour before bedtime. Casein is also indispensable for athletes who are allergic to eggs and milk, as well as to other types of proteins.

What it is - casein, interests many.casein protein

Protein dosage

Usually take 30-40 g at a time, dissolved in a liquid. Standard casein has a cottage cheese flavor, if it doesn’t like or bothers, you can change it by adding fruit, cocoa.

Only well-known manufacturers value their reputation and are responsible for quality, so it’s best to buy from them. There are also mixtures of protein proteins, it is more profitable to buy casein separately.

It is forbidden to take more than 40 g of casein at a time. More than this value causes an upset stomach. You also need to check yourself for casein allergy, it can be the beginning of vomiting, diarrhea, problems with the gastrointestinal tract. If it is found, you should switch to other proteins. What is the best casein? About it further.casein reviews

Can I take at night?

Research in this area was not conducted. All subjects took casein on an empty stomach, therefore, it is not known how protein works in combination with food during sleep.

A large number of complex carbohydrates in the human stomach (in particular, fiber), as well as fat, slows down the absorption of whey protein. It is not known exactly how casein affects this slowdown.

Casein and Gluten: Pros and Cons

The public does not cease to discuss the harm of gluten, and every year this tendency is becoming more and more intimidating. This substance is considered the main enemy, associating with it the acquisition of excess weight, reduced immunity and the development of gastrointestinal diseases. To some extent, this is confirmed by scientific research.

But, casein is a twin gluten. Both are hardly digestible proteins, gluing the contents of the stomach, especially complex carbohydrates.casein best

Protein Casein: Benefit or Harm

This type of protein increases strength, helps to increase muscle mass. In extremely rare cases, this protein can cause allergies. Casein is indispensable for weight loss, suppressing appetite and at the same time helping to maintain muscle in its original volume during drying. It is often the basis of the diet, because it is easily digested and absorbed. It does not have only one amino acid - glycol, which is perfectly synthesized by the body itself, otherwise this protein has a full range of amino acids.

Often there is poor-quality casein, since the manufacturing process is very simple and inexpensive.Many companies are trying to produce large profits at its production, neglecting quality. You should buy only from companies with many years of reputation. Of course, there is no harm from casein protein, but indigestion can be caused by a poor-quality product. Also, if you do not follow the recommendations for use, there is a risk to ruin your health - liver and kidneys will suffer from an excess of protein. A normal natural athlete consumes 1-2 grams of protein per 1 kg of weight, athletes taking additional pharmacology, 3-5 grams of protein per 1 kg of weight.

Below is the casein rating.casein composition

Best Casein Proteins

In the first place is Gold Standard 100% Casein. Manufacturer Optimum Nutrition, USA. The mixture contains 35 grams of protein, 24 of which are casein. It is one of the best manufacturers and products in the sports nutrition market. It is an excellent source of protein to stimulate muscle growth.

Second place was taken by Elite Casein from the American manufacturer Dymatize, which, like protein, contains 24 g of protein in one stick. Serves to increase the desired amount of muscle mass, and is also an excellent source of amino acids.

Casein from MusclePharm ranked third, in a portion of 80% casein protein, which allows you to quickly gain muscle mass. This complex is very effective in combating muscle breakdown at night. The mixture includes a complex of probiotics that help to better assimilate the product.

In fourth place in the ranking is Casein Pro from Universal Nutrition, the advantages of this supplement are that it is sold with three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and biscuit-cream. A serving also contains 24 grams of protein. Designed to preserve the anabolic environment in the body.

Fifth place goes to the MRM micellar casein 100%. The main objective of the complex is to provide anti-catabolic effects. It also includes dietary supplements that allow the body to absorb amino acids very well and quickly.casein rating

Casein Reviews

Reviews of this protein are only positive. The main thing is to follow the instructions and use it correctly.

Fully influence on the health of this protein has not been studied, so you should be wary of this protein. Casein forms food clots in the stomach, helps to slow down the processes of digestion, which helps to satisfy appetite.

According to reviews, this protein protein rarely causes allergies. But it is better to buy it from proven manufacturers. Cheaper to buy whey protein and casein separately.

What it is? Casein is the main protein of cow's milk, from which cheese and curd are made. As stated in the ad, this is the only useful source of slow protein, but this information is a bit exaggerated by manufacturing companies. If you sit on the dryer, but it is necessary to preserve the gained mass, casein is simply irreplaceable in this case. Drink at a time can be no more than 30-40 grams, overdose can lead to nausea, indigestion, headaches.

Casein is a good way to lose weight and maintain muscle mass, if used according to the recommendations of the manufacturer of sports nutrition.

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