Chubupel: what is it? Learning to cook mini chebureks!

Of the modern culinary innovations, not many delicacies win the respect of the general public. These dishes can be attributed chebupeli with confidence. What it is? Delicious product! And it represents a kind of hybrid at once of two beloved by the people, hearty and mouth-watering products - pasties and dumplings. Meat mugs can be bought at the supermarket today, but you can cook them yourself. We get just an amazing homemade treat! You can fry the chebupels in a frying pan, but even an experienced housewife will need time and patience: the dish is incredibly tasty, but the process of cooking is rather laborious. But if you have a sufficient number of free minutes, then proceed!what is it

Chubupel. What is it - big dumplings or small pasties?

To make food at home, you first need to knead the dough, as is done for ordinary dumplings.Dumplings, perhaps the most unsophisticated, the simplest variety of this product. The classic dough is made from flour and water with the addition of salt and eggs. Undoubtedly, there are some other species, but we will not dwell on them in detail today. It is better to pay attention to the issue under the subtitle of this section. Most likely, the second option would be a better answer, because the blanks are most often not boiled, namely, fried in boiling oil, but more on that later. Now we dare to assure you: both dumplings, and cheburel, and pasties are extremely tasty! However, we swore, gentlemen! Welcome to the kitchen!

At first it was ... dough

To knead dumplings dough, you need to take: white flour (top grade) - half a kilo, two raw eggs (you will need white and yolk), lean oil - a spoon, a glass of water, salt to taste.

The practical part:

  1. Pour the flour on the table (can be a hill), make a small depression there.
  2. We split 2 eggs into the recess, pour in water, add vegetable oil (the last component will make our dough tender).
  3. All ingredients are gently mixed.The result is a soft and very convenient dough for further work.

chebureli dumplings

Some tips

  • To dumplings dough was white, for its preparation you need to use flour of the highest grades (there is a high content of gluten). This will give our chebukhel the necessary color scheme and will save from cooking, as gluten is an excellent “bonding” element.
  • When cooking chebupel it is important to consider the thickness of the dough To roll out easily, do not make the product too steep, full. On the contrary, the base should be pliable in your hands. Which will allow you to roll out the sheets as thin as possible, and in the end, the chebupels will turn out tasty, with the optimum content of the filling.
  • When kneading dough, you need to do this long enough, taking from the edges to the middle, so that it absorbs as much flour as possible.

Stuffing - an important element

Well, the dough is kneaded, let's leave it for a while to “rest”. It's time to do the preparation of the filling. Here everything looks simple enough, especially for those housewives who have already had experience in cooking dumplings. We take onion, a little garlic and minced meat (it is better to make it yourself to be sure of the quality and that it is without any unnecessary additions).Onions for minced meat grate coarsely, and it is better to crush garlic (if there is no special manual machine for crushing, then you can use a knife blade - flat - or an ordinary fork). To the onions and garlic in a bowl we add the minced meat itself, cooked with our own hands (but at worst, if there’s really little time or you don’t want to bother, you can take it in the shop, just see the composition). Add a pinch of pepper and salt, a bit of mineral water. All thoroughly knead.

meat chebupli

Dough preparation and molding

Many housewives, hearing from a spouse or children a request to stick homemade ravioli, fall into melancholy. And no wonder, because they do not even suspect that there exists such a hybrid of dumplings and pasties - chebupels. What is it - half a day messing around with small ravioli, so that later the household would eat everything in half an hour, there is probably no need to explain. But we all know how to simplify your life! So back to the kitchen. And the next step in the preparation of the original and tasty dish will be rolling out the dough. This must be done carefully. After all, dumplings or the same thin-skinned chebulets are much tastier than with thick ones.Sprinkle the table with flour and begin to roll out the layer with a rolling pin (1-2 mm thick). After that, we take a suitable glass or a small saucer and begin to carefully cut out circles from it (about 5 cm in diameter).

Each of the resulting circles additionally roll out into small cakes. Inside, we put as much stuffing prepared in advance as we can then fix, enveloping the dough (the shape should make a miniature cheburek or too large a dumpling). We put folded chebuels on a table or board, floured - separately from each other.pancakes in a pan


Cooking in large enough quantities of well-heated vegetable oil. Before putting the blanks on the pan (preferably cast iron), each of them “slams” on the palms. We fry mini-chebureks on both sides and constantly watch this process - the crusts should not burn! If everything is correct, after the pan is covered with a lid, the blanks should be blown up with “balls” - this will indicate that the product is already ready.

Now you can cook chebupels. What it is? Yes, just mini pasties, combining some of the properties of two of our favorite dishes: dumplings and pasties. Enjoy your meal!

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