Children's sports suits: a review, models, manufacturers and reviews

A children's tracksuit, like a suit foradults, recently ceased to be just a form for sports. People began to appreciate the comfort so much that the most popular and relevant today is the sports chic style. In the clothes, sustained in this style, you can confidently go to shopping in shopping and entertainment centers, for a walk in the park, in a cafe.

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Why sports?

For small fidgets there is nothing moreSuitable than a children's tracksuit for a boy or a girl. It is so easy to wash and do not need ironing. A soft belt, cuffs, and throat do not cause discomfort. In the heat save special inserts from the mesh fabric, which allow the body to breathe. In the cold, multilayered jackets and pants are good with the use of modern fabrics that retain heat, are windproof and waterproof and at the same time breathable.

The fact that most people choose sports suits is a fact, but what to choose and what to do when choosing is a difficult task.

sports suits for boys and girls

Attention! Brand

There is not a single person who does not know the meaningthis disturbing consciousness of the word - "brand". There are far fewer people who understand that this is not just a fashion or a beautiful tag, but above all a quality through which a thing serves for years and even decades. And for what, if not for children's clothing, a high degree of wear resistance will come in handy? In addition, children's sports suits are more often than other things subjected to excessive use and washing at high temperatures and rpm.

Design is no less important in the issues ofjustification for such a high price for the "brand" thing. The renowned designers of the international level are working on the creation of unique models, each detail of which is thought out and carries an important functional and stylish zest.

summer tracksuit


This is a world-famous brand of sportswear. It is unlikely that there will be a person who has not heard of him even once. The company produces clothes for both adults and children.

As an original product of this brandIt is not necessary to doubt. All fabrics and accessories undergo rigorous certification, tests for durability and safety for health. The production of children's sports suits "Adidas" is controlled at all its stages. By purchasing one of these, you can be sure that it does not shed, does not sit down, it will be fine to keep in shape, despite frequent washing, lightning will work properly, the seams will be smooth and reliable, the details and applications will be located symmetrically. Designers and cutters pay special attention to patterns. Sitting the outfit will be flawless, and during physical activity nothing will hold down the movements.

Directions and models

Technologists in tandem with designers step in step with the times, combining modern technological materials with fashion trends and trends. A huge selection of models for every taste is amazing.

There are several areas of children's sports suits "Adidas":

  1. For Sport.
  2. For home.
  3. For walks.

If you want to save money, then you should visit the discount center, where you offer a discounted product.

Product Reviews Adidas the most positive.

children's tracksuit Nike


No less popular and clothing company Nike. This brand is not inferior to the previous one in quality. Especially I want to mention children's sports suits "Nike" for boys. They are in great demand. Perhaps, because the trademark of this brand is minimalism and adherence to the classics. And many parents love to dress their boys in an adult way. The kid in the dress does not look very touching!


So called consumer goods of low and medium price, which are produced for the most numerous audience and are distinguished by mediocre quality.

Children's tracksuit, which is differentcheap, not always a good buy. As a rule, such a long time will not last. Good materials, professional workers, talented designers for their creation are unprofitable to use. On comfortable toe, style, durability can not be counted.

When studying reviews for a similar product, this fact is only confirmed.

Children's tracksuit

Composition matters

Before buying, you need to consider thisan important fact. A children's tracksuit made of pure cotton is hygroscopic, pleasant to the body, "breathes", but the panties will very quickly eradicate in the region of the knees. The cuffs and throat will stretch and will also become unusable first. It is better to pay attention to mixed fabrics, a combination with details from polyester in problem areas. Wool in its pure form is also fragile and unstable to intensive exploitation. But the mixture with acrylic will be very handy. Elastane and microfiber in the composition will add strength and elasticity.

In general, recently artificialmaterials created through new technologies and inventions meet all the requirements. They are used in the manufacture of luxury, branded clothes for active living. Fliter, fleece, velor are now irreplaceable fabrics in tailoring.

children's tracksuit in gray

For boys

When choosing a children's sports suit forboys in the first place it is important to consider the opinion of the mod. Otherwise, the child will be sad every time he has to put on an unloved thing. The purchase can be considered unsuccessful. And on the contrary, if he took the initiative in finding the right one, then this will start the development of such important qualities in the future man as self-confidence and independence.

Few of the boys do not care about imagessuperheroes and characters from your favorite cartoons. This is a problem for parents, because they want their children to look respectable. No problem! Manufacturers seemed to have conspired and provided a large selection of worthy suits with such ornaments.

Little gentlemen and ladies will be satisfied with the models of children's sports suits "Nike". Monochrome style is now in vogue!

For fans of bright and colorful in general there is nono boundaries. Fashionable combinations of several colors found their fans. Such as gray melange with orange or other bright colors have become relevant and do not come off the shelves from season to season.

In the off-season, sets of membrane tissue will be protected from the wind, and in the rain the child will not get wet.

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For girls

It's much easier with girls. Pink bears, hearts, princesses ... In a variety of models for girls, there is a favorite for every taste. Judging by the reviews, now at the peak of fashion identical in color and style, a children's tracksuit for a girl and a tracksuit for her mother.

Now, in a time of high competition and struggle forthe buyer, when the assortment is so great, it is not easy to decide the choice. For your children, you always want only the best. But, having studied the market, armed with valuable advice, such a task can be made decisive, and most importantly, pleasant.

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