Chimney repair

Who faced with the repair of chimneys in private homes in St. Petersburg? Installers who block the roof recommend replacing the chimney. At the moment, there is a brick pipe, maybe you should not touch it?
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Answered on August 13, 16:20
If the brick pipe for many years, it is better to replace. The material wears out over the years, as a result, a violation of thrust can go. Because of this, the smoke will go into the house, and not into the chimney.
We in the country, once had problems with the pipe. Flooded the fireplace, and black smoke filled the room. Repair was very time consuming. Plus, everything else in the room had to be redecorated.
Answered on August 13, 16:26, to Arkhip |
Answered on August 13, 21:36
If you find funds to replace the roof, then do not save on the pipe. I tell you this as a builder. Firstly, it will be beautiful, and secondly it will be reliable. Take a closer look at the stainless steel chimney. In St. Petersburg you can find various options for chimneys for the house, for example, here I think that the old chimney on the new roof will be inappropriate.

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