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I want to put a coffee machine in a bakery stall. The passage is near one of the Moscow metro stations, so they will definitely buy coffee. What will be more profitable - buying or renting?
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Answered on May 6 00:41
And you, along with the cheap rental will not be forced on the mandatory purchases of coffee from a company that provides a coffee machine for rent? If so, see the price per kilogram. From this and dance.
Answered on May 6 00:45
Watching what coffee machine you want. Based on the cost of a professional coffee machine, it is unlikely to arouse the interest of the owner of the MAF, this is not a cafe, bar or restaurant. But cheap coffee machines are also not designed for a large flow of people, they have a resource limit based on their prepared portions. It seems to me that in your case it is better to rent a coffee machine, at least in order to decide which equipment will suit you. In Moscow, prices for such a service can look here.
Answered on May 6 00:53
Will buy or rent - it does not matter. The main thing - ask to be taught how to adjust the grinding depending on the type of grain. It is very important for the taste of the drink.After all, with bad coffee, you surely will not have regular customers.

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