French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said that the conditions for the transfer of the Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia “did not work out,” since the situation in Ukraine is still unstable.
Recall yesterday that the first of two helicopter carriers ordered from France, Vladivostok, will be handed over to the Russian side on November 14. The company STX, engaged in the construction of the vessel, said that the work on the ship is fully completed and it is ready for transfer.

One of the French "Mistral"One of the French "Mistral"
At the same time, the French Ministry of Defense stated that the contract for the supply of ships is in limbo. However, the agreement was not canceled. The case is complicated by the fact that Russia has already transferred to France the payment for the first helicopter carrier in full.

Confusion around the Mistral

In the past two months, various rumors have been circulating around the Mistral contract, and it is unclear what information is reliable.So, on October 28, French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced that the final decision on the contract will be made in November. At the same time, according to a source in the French delegation at the Euronaval 2014 saloon, the first helicopter carrier should be handed over to Russia on November 15 or 20, while the trade union of shipyards in Saint-Nazaire earlier called November 14 the approximate date for the transfer of Vladivostok.
In September, French President Francois Hollande moved the deadline for the transfer of the first Russian ship to 1 November. The French leader said that the decision on the transfer of ships to Russia is in no way connected with sanctions, but his government will accept it on the basis of how the situation is developing in Ukraine.
Russia, in turn, has repeatedly stated that if France breaks the contract, it will have to pay compensation. At the same time, the US authorities pressed France to refuse to transfer ships to Russia as a sanction measure.
Launched "Mistral" "Vladivostok"Launched "Mistral" "Vladivostok"
The editors of remind that the contract for the supply of two helicopter carriers to Russia was concluded with France in 2011.In the spring of 2014, there were fears that France might refuse to transfer the Mistrals to Russia.

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