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We are planning to give calendars and cups with the logo of our company to customers next year. We have already found a company that will print on the cups. But the printing house yet. So far, none have found crossbars for calendars. Maybe, who knows where they can be bought in Moscow at a normal price?
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Answered on April 21 19:24
We, too, are already starting to plan corporate gifts for the Pharmacist's Day, which will be in September and for the New Year. True, we decided to order handmade glycerin soap with water-soluble paper inside, which will be our logo. And, probably, we will also order chocolates in a package with our logo.
Answered on April 21, 19:47
Racer, look at this site, here you can buy bolts in different colors small wholesale from 100 pieces. There, by the way, is described in sufficient detail for which calendars one or another bolt will fit. True, the cost of courier delivery will cost you more than a hundred bolts, but you can pick it up at the China-Town or Partizanskaya stations.
Answered on April 21 19:57
And what is the cost of printing calendars? Maybe we, too, in addition to the main gifts to order these? We ourselves use the calendars that suppliers give us, so it will be a useful gift.
Natalia Kozachok
Natalia Kozachok
Answered on August 12 09:49
We will also have a corporate event soon on the occasion of the company's anniversary, we need to prepare gifts for employees and business partners.

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