Crimea, Alupka: sights and their photos

Alupka is a great place to relax, especially in the summer. There really is something to see. Lovers of any kind of rest will surprise Alupka. Crimea as a whole is rich in such places, which are both compact, but also very interesting. The one who visited the peninsula, will confirm the foregoing. Picturesque views, winding streets, excellent architecture of the castle, as well as a park, beautiful mountain tops and stunning views of the sea - all this offers Alupka. Crimea is one of the best options for recreation.


Alupka sights

Visiting Alupka possible year-round. Both in winter and in summer there are reasons for joy. In warm weather, the beaches of Alupka are especially valuable. In total there are about three dozen. Most of them, about 20, are intended for therapeutic purposes, a little less than 10 - for public use. At the same time along the coast there are many recreation centers, health resorts, as well as private facilities in which you can rent housing during your stay.The beaches of Alupka are covered with pebbles, equipped with breakwaters, as well as piers.

City descent

For those who stay in the eastern part of the city, the most convenient for visiting will be the city’s descent to the sea. The beach, located in this area, is free. Nearby there is a dressing room, shower. On site you can rent a sunbed, an umbrella, as well as enjoy a variety of entertainment. On the coast there is a bar and snack bars where you can quench your hunger and thirst. Also in this part of the city you should definitely visit the Vorontsovsk swimming pools. Vacationers with kids will love the Children's beach.

Alupka Sea

Between these two objects is a rock, named after Aivazovsky. This area is suitable for avid divers, especially the eastern edge with a height of 7 meters. Near Alupkinsky you can find dimensional boulders. Here is the expanse for photo lovers.

Cote d'Azur

Those who arrived at the bus station, can go down a bit from it and immediately get to the Cote d'Azur. It is convenient to get here from the bus station, as well as from Slobodka. Here are 3 sections, fenced off by piers.

There is fine sand and pebbles here - everyone chooses what they like best. Here you can go straight on the car and immediately leave it in the parking lot.Also, guests are offered cafe services. On the beach itself, you can rent a sunbed, an umbrella, and it is also convenient to wear a swimsuit in the changing room. In the western direction from the Cote d'Azur large stones are located, which are a favorite destination of nudists.

Sea and scenic spots

A variety of beach holidays offers the city of Alupka. The sea is clean and the whole summer is very warm. Near the sanatorium "Rainbow" is a picturesque bay. The local beach is called Black Hill. It is convenient to get here from the bus station, Cape Verde and Slobodka. Pebble coating prevails here. During a storm, the coastal strip narrows considerably. To the west of the Black Hillock is the Wild Beach. Mostly young people congregate here.

Rest in Alupka can be diversified by visiting artificially filled beaches. For example, the Frog, which is located near the sanatorium "South Coast". There is quite a large territory. From the beach you can admire the view of the mountain Cats. The name of the area - Frog - is derived from a large stone on the shore, which by its shape resembles the animal mentioned. It is convenient to get here from the new homes of Cape Verde.

how to get to Alupka

Alupka: attractions

What are the interesting places in this small town? Now we find out. It is difficult to imagine a vacation in Alupka without acquaintance with the local culture. But the Crimean Tatars have something to brag about. Special attention should be paid to gastronomic discoveries. The local cuisine has a mixture of southern and eastern flavor. Tourists are delighted with traditional meat dishes. He is also captivated by the cordiality and hospitality with which every guest is greeted here, whether he has entered a restaurant or a master’s house. Here she is, hospitable Alupka. Sights also include cellars with local wine. It is an integral part of the culture. Here they even organize sightseeing tours, during which tourists are told about historical events, wine production technologies, and also invited to tastings. For visitors, the doors of the Massandra hall are always open.

Vorontsov Palace


Those who like to travel with the whole family will certainly like Alupka. Attractions here at every turn. Architecture lovers will also find something to amuse themselves. One of the main decorations of the city is the Vorontsov Palace.Erected in the 50s of the 19th century, it amazes with its elegance and ambiguity of stylistic design. It is known for its beauty far beyond the post-Soviet space. Tourists from all over the world come here. A distinctive feature of the castle is also the fact that it repeats the outlines of a mountain called Ai-Petri. This creation was created as a residence on the Crimean lands, the owner of which was the Governor-General of the Novorossiysk Territory Count Vorontsov. The view of the castle from the mountains is amazing. From this perspective, it looks strict, which makes it similar to the classic English buildings of the time.

Alupka Crimea

These are the jewels of architecture has a small but cozy city of Alupka.

Sights are also available in the palace itself. For example, a winter garden. In his living room, made in blue tones, collected sculptures of the entire numerous family Vorontsov. The rest of the rooms are decorated with artworks by famous masters of France, England, and Italy.


The monument to Amet-Khan Sultan also found its place of honor among other exhibits that adorn the Vorontsov Palace.Around the building is a magnificent and spacious park, along the paths of which you can take a walk and dive into the era of past years.

rest in Alupka


Those who are keen on art will be interested in visiting the Kuinji Museum, named after one of the famous Ukrainian painters. The exposition is located directly in the apartment of the master. Here they tried to fully preserve the whole atmosphere that best conveys the atmosphere of the past. Also useful will be the Museum of the Crimean Tatar culture. Here you can learn more about local traditions and customs.

Since 1993, the Amet Khan Sultan Museum has been operating in Alupka. You can visit it every day. You can see the permanent exhibition, which is dedicated to the life of a famous pilot. It also presents the memories of his colleagues, colleagues, photos, archives and much more.

For lovers of historical places, the estate Sofiyivka will become an interesting object. Once the building was the property of the Naryshkins family. The interiors there are very nicely decorated.

How to get to a place of rest?

Alupka beaches

Having planned a vacation in this picturesque and wonderful town, as well as its not less wonderful surroundings, you should, of course, get acquainted with the route.How to get to Alupka? The main transport communication is carried out through the city of Simferopol. Therefore, initially it is necessary to pave the way through it. From here you can reach Alupka by car. It will take a couple of hours that you can spend with benefit. After all, there really is something to see. Contemplation of local landscapes will help to pass the way. You can also get in other ways.

Once in Simferopol, you should get to the bus station, from which there are regular flights to all cities of the Crimean coast. The road will also take several hours. However, for example, if you follow in the direction of Yalta, the view outside the window will certainly impress your imagination. Then in the city you should transfer to a fixed-route taxi, which in half an hour, maximum 60 minutes, will deliver directly to Alupka. The difference between them concerns only the final point of arrival and travel time. There are direct flights or detours.

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