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I want to buy some crypts. Tell me, in which cryptocurrency is now better to invest, where can I buy it and how best to track the course?
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Answered on June 9, 14:26
Husband once invested in bitcoins and earned good money on it. True, it was almost not immediately after the appearance of this currency, and he predicted its growth. True, not at all as huge as it happened, so that he himself was in a pleasant shock from such a profitable investment.
Answered on June 9 17:18
So it seems to me that it is worth considering that cryptocurrency, which is not yet very well known - it has more chances in the future to soar in price. But it is also difficult to advise something in this regard - it means taking responsibility for other people's investments. You can read a blog about different cryptocurrencies for yourself, I just saved a link to an article in this blog about where to buy Stellar
Answered on June 9 17:36
And I do not trust cryptocurrency. This is something incomprehensible to me and very much like a soap bubble.How can a currency appear due to working video cards?
Answered 10 June 10:00
The author, the rate of cryptocurrency to the ruble in real time, you can track here on this resource. And in the table you can see the dynamics of the rate for each type of cryptocurrency. As for me, this is very convenient, especially for those who have a lot of species in their cryptocurrency portfolio and constantly buy and sell.

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