Daria Dmitrieva: gymnast, mom and just a beautiful woman

Manufacture of champions in artisticgymnastics in Russia is put on stream. After the departure of one leader, a new soldier immediately stands in his place. The competition in the national team is so tough that even a world champion can not get into the team and not go to the Olympics.

Daria Dmitrieva can serve as an example of this. The gymnast was a part of the Olympic team almost at the very last moment, replacing her injured girlfriend. Successful performance in London in 2012 became the crowning of the career of a talented gymnast.

"Golden" girl

Irkutsk is home to many famousathletes. Among them is Daria Dmitrieva. The gymnast was born in 1993. From childhood she was an ambitious and ambitious girl. However, she was not particularly fanatical about sport. She loved music, she liked to dance. Hence the choice of sport in favor of rhythmic gymnastics. She began to engage in rather late - at eight years old.

darya Dmitrieva gymnast

The first coach for Daria was Olga Buyanova. Having seen Dmitriyeva as the future sports star, she becomes practically her personal mentor. When the time comes to grow further and move to Moscow, Olga Buyanova will not leave the girl alone and go with her to the training center in Novogorsk.

The period of adaptation was not easy. Daria used to be the first in her area, here she had to start from scratch. Buyanova continues to be Darya's personal trainer, and Irina Wiener exercises overall leadership and directs her colleague.

Great career

The World Cup among clubs in 2008 was the firstThe big tournament, where Daria Dmitrieva appeared. Gymnast at these competitions received a gold medal along with Eugenia Kanayeva and Alexandra Solovieva.

All the strongest "artists" of the planet are gathered under thewing of the great Irina Viner, and outside the training base in Novogorsk no one in the world can get close to them. Therefore, the championship of Russia in its essence is comparable with the world championship. The more valuable the awards, which Anna Dmitrieva took at the national championship of 2009.

The home world championship was also successful,held in Moscow in 2010. Together with her teammates she took gold medals in the team competition. Speaking individually, she added gold for exercises with ribbon and silver for the wonderful number with the ball to this award. In the next season Daria strengthens her reputation by collecting awards at the Universiade, European Championships.

Dmitriyeva darya andreevna

Nevertheless, the main tournament for the athleteare precisely the Olympic Games. The strict regulation of the competition in rhythmic gymnastics does not allow to declare from one country more than two athletes. The position of the first issue was given to Eugenia Kanayeva in advance. And until the last moment it was not clear if Darya Dmitrieva would go to London. The gymnast competed for the second trip from Russia with Alexandra Merkulova. But the injury received by Alexandra, finally determined the choice in favor of Dmitrieva.

Daria at the Olympic Games did everything possible,to prove the validity of this solution. Without mistakes having performed all the numbers of all-around, she lost only to the unattainable Evgeniya Kanayeva. The title of vice-champion of the Olympics became a well-deserved award to the athlete.

Life after the competition

Very fine, but short gymnast. With age, flexibility is lost, and you need to leave in time to give way to a new generation. The insulting ankle injury, received by Daria in 2013, broke her entire schedule of the competitive season. In order not to risk health, the sportswoman announces completion of her career in the autumn of this year. Having finished with the performances, Daria for a while reflects on what to do next. But the love for his work takes its toll, and Dmitrieva returns to artistic gymnastics as a coach. Now she already has her own school, where she deals with adults and children.

Daria Dmitrieva and Alexander Radulov

Having finished with an active sports career,the sportswoman reflected on her personal life. In 2013, Dmitrieva Darya Andreyevna met with the famous hockey player Alexander Radulov. He gave her serious support at a time when she began to have problems with injuries and forthcoming operations.

darya Dmitrieva and alexander radulov

The period of friendship did not last long. They officially registered the relationship in 2015. In the same year they had a son, Makar. They did not hurry up to play a wedding. The solemn celebration took place only in 2016.

Medals, titles, titles - not only for this lovers of rhythmic gymnastics appreciate Anna Dmitriev. Each of her performances turned into a small spectacle, unique and unique.

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Daria Dmitrieva: gymnast, mom and just a beautiful woman Daria Dmitrieva: gymnast, mom and just a beautiful woman Daria Dmitrieva: gymnast, mom and just a beautiful woman Daria Dmitrieva: gymnast, mom and just a beautiful woman Daria Dmitrieva: gymnast, mom and just a beautiful woman Daria Dmitrieva: gymnast, mom and just a beautiful woman Daria Dmitrieva: gymnast, mom and just a beautiful woman Daria Dmitrieva: gymnast, mom and just a beautiful woman Daria Dmitrieva: gymnast, mom and just a beautiful woman