Delicious gooseberry wine

A few words about the drink

Wine is one of the oldest and most popular alcoholic beverages. What only it does not do! There is even evidence that the Japanese began to produce this drink from sea kale. Undoubtedly, a glass of good wine can bring a lot of pleasure to our taste buds and cheer up.

Which berry is better

gooseberry wineToday we will talk about how to make this drink yourself. Homemade gooseberry wine in its features in no way inferior to the traditional, from grapes. There are a lot of varieties of this berry, but all of them, without exception, are suitable for preparing this drink from them. It is better to take a little unripe. The fact is that overripe berries quickly lose their properties - aroma and taste. After collection, they must be recycled immediately. It is first necessary to select all spoiled and rotten. Next is best to proceed as follows. Grinding the berries, squeeze the juice out of them as much as you can. In any case, do not throw out pomace. Fill them with water, add the yeast of pure culture.As a result of the fermentation of the cells of the berries will be destroyed, and it will be easy to squeeze their contents.


gooseberry wine at homeAt the next stage, they make a “harvesting” for gooseberry wine. It is not necessary to dilute the juice heavily with liquid, because it can then be subjected to all sorts of diseases, acquire an unpleasant odor, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to mix with water in proportion not more than 1: 1.

Recipe. Cooking

So, having understood the theoretical part, we proceed to practice. Now let's talk directly about how to prepare gooseberry wine at home. The above recipe is quite simple. You will need gooseberry (1.5 kg), water (one and a half liters) and sugar (1 kg). So, mash the berries with a spoon, then put the resulting mass in a cylinder of glass. Prepare syrup from water and sugar and add it to the gooseberries you have processed. The resulting mixture should be thoroughly stirred andgooseberry homemade wineKeep the week at a temperature slightly below room temperature (16-18 degrees). In order for your juice during fermentation not to overflow, at least 20% of the volume of the bottle in which it is located must remain empty. In order to avoid mold, stir the wort several times a day with a wooden spoon.Separate the juice from the fruit mass in exactly one week. Then pour the future gooseberry wine into other containers. Fermentation will continue there, but not so violently. Bottles cork stoppers made of natural material. In each of them, make a hole, thrust there a rubber tube so that it was very tightly fixed. Put its end in a jar of water. Thus, on the one hand, gases formed during fermentation will escape, on the other hand, undesirable microorganisms will not enter the tank from the environment. After another five to six weeks, the bottom of the bottles of drink should be covered with sediment. Then pour the wine from the gooseberry into other containers, close them tightly. Hold the drink for another two months. The wine that you get, will have a fortress from 16 to 18 degrees. It should be stored at a temperature of 8 to 12 ° C. This gooseberry wine should be consumed throughout the year. Longer it can not be stored, it can deteriorate.

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