Deprive pink giber: symptoms and treatment

One of the unexplored until the end of dermatological problems is lichen pink giber. Most often it affects people aged 10-35 years. But it can not be called common. About 0.14% of the population of the entire planet is affected by this disease.take the pink giber

Symptoms of the disease

In most cases, the lichen appears on the back, abdomen or chest. At first, a person notices one spot of pink-yellow color, and after a few days, several more appear next to him. They are usually smaller. After some time, spots can appear on different parts of the body without any pattern.

The first spot is the maternal plaque, the appearance of it indicates that you have versicolor pink Giber. It may be more than 2 centimeters in diameter. A few days before the onset of the disease, a person may feel weakness, pain in the muscles, sometimes the temperature rises slightly.

Course of the disease

The first stain that appears is peeling and scratching. It brings discomfort to the patient, but this is only the beginning of the disease.After the center of the spot peels off, it acquires a rich pink color and a bright red border. At this stage, experts call it a medallion.

A week after the appearance of the first spot, a person notices new rashes, which initially spread to the abdomen, legs, hands, and later can affect the face. They itch and cause discomfort.

Deprive pink Giber can go without treatment for 2 weeks, and can disturb the patient for up to six months. After recovery, the affected areas remain light or dark spots, which subsequently disappear without a trace.

Causes and features of the disease

Pink lichen giber treatment

Currently, scientists have not identified what causes the disease, and how does Ziber ера s pink lichen appear. The causes of its occurrence, some experts associate with a viral infection, but the pathogen itself was not able to identify. Some say that the disease is caused by type 7 herpes, they also classify this versicolor as infectious-allergic. At the end of the XIX century, it was believed that this is one of the special forms of ringworm. But now it is refuted.

Risk factors

Taking into account the fact that the causative agent of pink lichen has not been found, it is difficult for scientists to talk about how to get the disease. It was noted that most often complaints from patients about the occurrence of characteristic spots come in the offseason. But a definite connection between the state of immunity of an infected person and the appearance of lichen spots was not established. It originated in absolutely healthy people.

Separately worth noting - despite the fact that many speak about the infectious nature of the disease, contact with the patient is considered safe. The exceptions are people who have recently had a cold or who for other reasons have significantly weakened immunity.

Do not be afraid of animals. This lichen happens only in pigs, but this form is not infectious for humans.

Deprive pink giber how to treat

Children's disease

In most cases, the disease appears in children older than 10 years. Zhiber's pink lichen in infants or preschool children almost never occurs. If you notice round spots on the body of your baby, then the child should be shown as soon as possible to the doctor. Most often they are caused by an infectious disease.This can be a manifestation of chickenpox or rubella, similar to the rash and with measles.

Although there are cases that a young child is diagnosed with Ziber s lichen. Treatment in this case is not required, the child does not need isolation. He can, as before, attend kindergarten, school, various clubs.

Diagnosis of the disease

Pink lichen giber, reasonsIf you notice a red scaly stain that itches, do not immediately panic. Of course, it is necessary to go to the doctor, only a dermatologist can accurately diagnose and determine Ziber's pink lichen. The treatment in most cases is to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

But It is worth noting that sometimes even a specialist can not accurately determine which of the diseases in a person. The external manifestations of this disease are similar to those of eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, secondary syphilis, allergic reactions, ringworm and other problems. A more accurate diagnosis is made after analyzing the scraping of the affected skin area and blood tests.

Lichen giber in children


Many patients are surprised that when making a diagnosis of pink lichen, doctors in most cases do not prescribe any drugs. When complaining of severe itching, they can prescribe antihistamines or glucocorticosteroids.It is now recognized that this is the most correct tactic of action, if you have found out zyber's pink. How to treat this disease? Do not try to figure it out yourself. After all, experts do not know what causes this versicolor. And if the causative agent is unknown, then it is impossible to find a drug that will relieve the problem.

To alleviate the condition of the patient are designed special ointments, which are designed to reduce itching. For example, you can use the water-based tool "Zindol". It was also noted that when light is exposed to the skin (both natural and artificial), recovery is faster.

Some people believe that antibiotics can speed recovery. Others recommend applying Acyclovir ointment to the affected areas. It is also believed that the smudging of stains with iodine makes them disappear. But there is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of these methods.

Diet and necessary restrictions for illness

Despite the fact that special preparations for the treatment of pink lichen is not developed, to alleviate the condition of the patient is not so difficult.The main thing is to know for sure that you have exactly the pink lichen Giber. A diet designed for these patients will help reduce itching. It is not too strict and is intended to exclude possible allergens from the menu.

So, when this disease is not recommended to use any alcoholic beverages. It is necessary to refuse coffee and tea, citrus, any red fruit, chocolate, nuts, eggs and other potential allergens.

In addition to food restrictions, it is important to monitor and with what contact your skin. Synthetic clothing must be changed to natural, it is important to pay attention to your bedding. You should not use cosmetic creams without coordination with the attending dermatologist. It is also important to bathe in the shower regularly. Baths in the period of acute illness are undesirable.

Traditional methods of treatment

Pink lichen gibert dietDespite the fact that the zoster pink Zhiber is not too common a disease, alternative medicine offers its own methods of alleviating the patient’s condition and speeding up treatment. So, the most popular folk method is the use of alcohol infusion of celandine. You can buy the finished product at the pharmacy or make it yourself.It is taken both internally (10 drops, diluted in a spoonful of water) before eating, and rubbing it all the spots on the skin. This remedy is considered a good immunostimulant.

Also, many advise to lubricate the skin with an aqueous solution of zinc. It, by the way, is recommended also by doctors for removal of an itch.

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