Diet for the press

If you want to pump up your press and look your best, then exercises and working with a trainer are not enough. In order for your body and muscles to develop properly, you need to eat right. There are an infinite number of different diets, including diets aimed at the development of the abdominal muscles. Today, we will examine some of them. So:

Diet for the press:

According to research by the University of Georgia in the United States, you must observe the following main rule. If you eat 300-500 calories at a meal, you should burn the fat layer. We must strive to gain muscle mass and train strength and endurance. Therefore, many sports dietetics recommend eating 6 times a day. Breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner-snack.

Here is a list of products that are necessary for the proper development of the abdominal muscles of men and women. Here he is:

  1. Almonds and other nuts;
  2. Beans and its derivatives;
  3. Spinach and other greens;
  4. Fat-free and low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese and so on;
  5. Oatmeal without sweet and seasonings;
  6. Eggs;
  7. Meat ideas and other types of dietary meat;
  8. Peanut and olive oils;
  9. Bread, cereal with bran and whole grains;
  10. Protein supplements;
  11. Berries.

Fitness club trainers and bodybuilders recommend drinking protein shakes. It is proved that these cocktails have a large number of advantages. Cocktails are the best sports diet for the press. First of all, they very quickly fill the body with protein. In addition, they are very fast in cooking. They taste like dessert, especially since you can add berries or peanut butter to a cocktail. They satisfy hunger for a long time, as they occupy a lot of space in the stomach. Cocktails are recommended to use before and after workouts, instead of one of the snacks, and for breakfast.

In order to pump up the press quickly and efficiently, it is advised to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. It is no secret that alcohol contains a large number of calories, which will prevent you from pumping the press correctly. As a liquid, which is better to use during the diet, it is advised to use plain water. 8 glasses a day is the norm. By the way, it is recommended to drink water to everyone and always. Starting a diet on a set of abdominal muscles followed exclusively with water.After a few weeks, you can replace or add to your diet drinks such as green tea or skimmed yogurt and milk.

It is also advised for lunch and dinner to eat rice with any dietary meat. This may be chicken or turkey. People who have tried this diet for the abdominal press say that they have achieved fast results in building up muscles and losing weight. The main thing to know is not how much to eat, but what exactly. Often, the amount of food does not play a decisive role in weight gain. After a workout you need to eat within 3 hours. Before training, about an hour, you should eat foods such as vegetables and fruits. It is also recommended to eat when there is a need for food. You should not torment your body with constant fasting. So you can only spoil the metabolism. Eat when you want, but something protein, then you quickly gain muscle mass and lose weight.

It must also be remembered that the methods of muscle recruitment in the abdominal area are different in men and women. It is very difficult for girls to achieve a clearly visible press, like a young man. This is due to the physiology of the female and male organisms. Both men and women love fats. Interestingly, women generally prefer fats in the form of sweets and sweets.Men love fats in the form of fried meat or potatoes. Fats should be limited to both women and men.

Remember that one diet for pumping the press will not put your press in order. Exercise and exercise are absolutely necessary. Only systematic work on your body will bring you closer to any results.

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