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More recently, wicker furniture in the interiorwas considered a relic of the past and even to some extent antiques. To date, these products are again very popular, and special recognition of consumers received furniture from artificial and natural rattan. A special kind of vine, which has the most optimal qualities for creating by hand and hardware weaving items, reliably took its place in the market of the corresponding products. Products from it are valued for their attractiveness, longevity, ease of care and relative availability in the acquisition.

The main characteristics and differences of artificial and natural rattan

dinner set

It is believed that everything that has a naturalthe origin is necessarily many times better than the created analogs. However, in the case of artificial and natural rattan, everything is quite the reverse. Significant advantages, in comparison with its natural analogue, has a synthetic product. First of all it is:

  • resistance to sunlight and other aggressive environmental factors;
  • no need for special care;
  • resistance to harmful bacteria and fungi;
  • durability;
  • ecological compatibility;
  • a variety of colors and shades.

The most common products from rattan

dining sets

From a vine derived from rattan orcreated by artificial way, weave a wide variety of products. It can be caskets, floor lamps, lamps, but furniture is most popular, first of all, lunch sets. Apparent simplicity of armchairs and tables is capable of any interior, regardless of the size of the room and the style in which it is sustained, to give the necessary zest, to emphasize the prestige of the owner, his sense of style.

Dining kits from rattan are not easyare attractive. Created manually, they are individual. Buying a chair, an armchair, a table or the entire kit as a whole, you can be absolutely sure that there is no such thing. Products can be similar, have the same shape and dimensions or belong to the same collection, but each of them will definitely differ, because, by braiding the finished construction by hand, each master introduces something to each creation.

dining sets of rattan

Furniture for kitchen

Choosing kitchen sets and other furniturekits in the most frequented by all family members of the house at home, where food is cooked and taken, homeowners first of all think not only of attractiveness, but also of practicality. Even at the most accurate mistress the greatest quantity of pollution occurs in the kitchen. Here they simply can not be avoided.

Dining kits for the kitchen should be attractive, comfortable, durable and ergonomic, but they should not require special care and any special cleaning.

Benefits of rattan dining sets

Rattan furniture meets all these requirements. Absolutely not exposed to the influence of vapors and moisture, the dining set can be placed in any convenient place of the kitchen in accordance with the wishes of the owner. Even if it is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, the color for a long time will remain the same as on the first day of purchase. Also important is the resistance to ignition and the complete absence of toxic substances in the composition, which, when released, could negatively affect family members.

Any contamination is removed with a damp cloth orIf the weaving is shallow, using a vacuum cleaner. Dining sets of rattan, despite its seeming fragility and lightness, are able to withstand the impact on them of very heavy weights. A special, distinguishing this type of furniture, the ability to depreciation makes it possible for a person, regardless of build and weight, to feel very comfortable and comfortable. Slightly sprung when pressed on them, the slots take the shape of the human body in a matter of seconds.

Rattan products as an opportunity to emphasize your style and personality

Lately to have houses made of rattan furniture,for example, a dinner set, has become not only convenient, but also prestigious. Despite the low cost, if it comes to products made of synthetic material, the duration of operation is guaranteed. May change the wallpaper, the color of the walls and even the layout of the apartment or a private house, but such an acquisition will continue to be an integral part of the interior. Consider, for example, a dinner set in the photo below.

dining kits for kitchen

It is perfect for use in everyday life,and for restaurants and summer cafes. The table, despite its apparent lightness and fragility, is very durable, and the special shape gives it even more stability. The unique melange pattern of the weave and the table top made of tempered glass are admirably combined with each other.

Comfortable form of chairs allows you to relax andenjoy every moment of communication with close friends and relatives. The steel frame of the structure is very reliable, and special rubberized attachments on the legs of the chairs and the table add stability and do not damage the floor surface.

Universal acquisition

The rattan dining set will be excellentpurchase for your family or as a gift to close people. Its special advantages are in the ability to buy pieces of furniture in turns. Even the difference in several years between purchases will not affect their external differences among themselves, and no one will guess that the lunch set was purchased gradually.

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