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Pita bread is thin white bread. Using it, you can cook different dishes. are made both in the pan and in the oven. For the filling use a variety of products (carrots, cheese, meat, etc.).

Pita dishes: recipes

pita dishes

Now we will tell how to make a pie with meat. It takes no more than thirty minutes to prepare it. For cooking you will need:

• four pieces of pita;
• one egg;
• one and a half cup of kefir;
• various greens;
• one onion;
• one small carrot;
• four hundred grams of minced meat;
• two hundred grams of durum cheese.


1. Ready minced meat is taken. Or preparing yourself. You can take 100 grams of pork and 300 grams of beef. Rinse the meat and cut into pieces. After it fry no more than ten minutes with onions and carrots in a pan, then scroll in a meat grinder. In any case, after chopping the meat (if you made the stuffing yourself) salt, pepper, spices, a spoon of tomato are added. Everything is twisted on a food processor or in a meat grinder.After mixed with taken greens and grated raw.

2. Parchment paper is laid out on a baking sheet, lightly oiled with sunflower oil, you need to put pita bread on it, which you can buy at any store or cook yourself. He laid out so that the edges of the form were closed half. A piece of minced meat is placed on it.

3. Then a wide bowl is taken, kefir and a slightly beaten egg are poured in. The second, third flat cake is torn to pieces and dipped in kefir mixture. The moistened pieces are gently crushed several times and, without smoothing, spread up the meat dish. As if closing it. So four layers are made of flat bread and meat.

4. Top lay out the remaining stuffing and close the whole pita.

5. We grease preparation with the remaining kefir. On top fit three slices of butter.

6. After that, the meat pie is sent to the oven heated to 240 degrees for twenty minutes.

Having considered how to make a cake, let's describe in more detail how you can make other dishes from lavash.

"A unique snack"

For cooking you will need a set of products:

• two hundred grams of mayonnaise;
• three cloves of garlic;
• one hundred grams of salad greens;
• two tomatoes;
• one hundred and sixty grams of canned tuna;
• two eggs;
• twenty grams of various greens (can be dry);
• four pieces of processed cheese;
• three thin pita;
• salt;
• pepper to taste.

pita dishes recipe

Cooking process

1. Take three cloves of garlic and skip them through the garlic press. Mix with finely chopped greens and pepper.

2. Lettuce, tomatoes, greens, rinse and finely chop and chop.

3. Tuna knead with a fork.

4. Prepare a sheet of foil in the size of thirty centimeters. It is laid out cake, smeared with a mixture of cooked mayonnaise, garlic and herbs.

5. After layered layers of lettuce, tomatoes. Then cover it with the next sheet of pita and press down.

6. Over again smear with mayonnaise and put a uniform layer of tuna on it. Sprinkle with finely chopped greens and cover with a third sheet of pita. Smear the surface with mayonnaise, sprinkle with finely grated boiled egg.

7. Melted cheese is cut into plastics and placed in the center of the dish.

pita dish in the oven

8. After taking the edges of the foil gently and slowly twisting the product into a roll. Then it is sent for thirty minutes in the refrigerator for impregnation.Over time, the roll is cut with a sharp knife and served to the table as a cold snack.

A dish of pita. Cheese Recipe

pita cheese

For cooking you will need:

• six sheets of Armenian lavash;
• five hundred grams of hard cheese;
• three tomatoes;
• thirty grams of parsley, dill, basil;
• three spoons of mayonnaise.

Cooking method

1. Cut the cheese into cubes.

2. Then it is necessary to wash the tomatoes, remove the core and cut into small squares. Rinse greens, chop finely. The above products are mixed with mayonnaise. If possible, remove excess juice, otherwise the pita will soften.

3. Each cake is cut in half. On one part stack the filling and fold, bending the edges. Do this with all halves of pita. Then the product is placed on the grid.

4. You can cook the oven or on the grill with a small fire. Often turn the product until golden brown.

We reviewed the salty dishes of pita. Now it's time to think about the dessert. Now we offer you to prepare a sweet dish, which can be consumed while drinking tea.

A dish of pita. Recipe with apples and jam

For cooking you will need:

• one sheet of pita;
• two green apples;
• two spoons of apricot jam;
• three spoons of sugar;
• one egg;
• seventy grams of butter;
• half a cup of walnuts;
• powdered sugar.

pita dish in the oven


1. Apples are cleared of seeds. Cut into slices.

2. Roasted sugar to create caramel. Jam is added and stewed for five minutes. Beat the egg and add one spoon of sugar.

3. Butter rubbed on a fine grater.

4. In a mortar, warm the walnuts.

5. Then it is worth spreading pita bread on a flat table. Brush with an egg. Put the stuffing on it. Sprinkle with walnuts. Roll pita bread into roll. Top lubricate residues of butter.

6. A pita dish is baked in the oven for no more than ten minutes. After the strudel is cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

hot dishes of pita

With cheese

Now consider how to make pita cheese. This is a rather complicated dish that requires special skills and experience in cooking. We will need:

• three thin pita cakes;
• five hundred grams of suluguni;
• one hundred and fifty grams of Gouda cheese;
• three eggs for the filling and one for lubrication;
• one hundred grams of kefir;
• three tablespoons of garlic sauce;
• salt and fresh herbs to taste.

Cooking method

1.For the filling, cheese rubs and whipped three eggs. Then kefir, garlic sauce, and also chopped greens, salt is added to the same place. Everything is mixed and added a little more kefir.

2. Take the baking dish, lubricate with oil. At the bottom you need to lay pita bread, while the edges should hang down.

3. It is necessary to lay out evenly one third of the filling. Wrap the hanging edges and coat with the egg. So do it five times. On the last layer the filling is laid out and covered with lavash.

4. The form is placed in a preheated oven. Pita bread with cheese baked for twenty minutes. Such a product is soft and gentle.


Now consider the hot dishes of pita on the example of envelopes with filling.
For cooking you will need:

• one pita;
• one hundred grams of boiled sausage;
• sixty grams of hard cheese;
• one tomato;
• two hundred grams of canned mushrooms;
• three spoons of mayonnaise;
• Pepper, salt and vegetable oil.


1. Lavash is cut into squares. Rub the cheese and fit on each.
2. The sausage is cut into thin plastics and placed on a layer of cheese.
3. Then the box is wrapped in an envelope, placed in a frying pan and fried until golden brown. Hot sandwiches should be fried on both sides for no more than fifteen minutes.

pita with carrot

With carrots

To make pita bread with carrots, you need:

• three sheets of pita;
• one hundred and fifty grams of mayonnaise;
• two carrots;
• one onion;
• pickle;
• vegetable oil;
• two boiled sausages.

Cooking process

1. Carrot rubs on a grater, onion is cut. These vegetables are fried in vegetable oil. Sausages are boiled, cooled and finely ground.

2. The cucumber is cut into cubes. Fits on cooked pita. Lubricated with mayonnaise.

3. Then carrot, onion, cucumber and sausages are laid out in layers. Pita rolls into a roll. Then served to the table.


Now you know how to make cold and hot dishes of pita. We told you the recipe, and not one, but several. We hope that you liked the dishes and you will make such dishes for your loved ones.

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